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  • [AAR] Mechanized MOUT Mayhem

    Rogue elements of an independent faction are moving into urban areas and capturing local leaders. They are holding them ransom to build an arsenal and threaten to cause the conflict to lengthen and get far more complicated.

    We are sending a mechanized group to rescue these civilian leaders and solidify our support from the populace.

    What Was Supposed To Happen:
    Two Mechanized Elements (Alpha/Bravo) were to expedite movement along predetermined route via way points toward Objective. Once at Obj, Alpha was to dismount and pull 360 security for Bravo while they conducted a "block party" in search for HVT 1 (mayor). Once located, HVT 1 was to be secured and moved back to Blue Force AO for debriefing.

    What Really Happened:
    Two Mechanized Elements (Alpha/Bravo) expedited movement along predetermined route via way points toward Objective. Once at Obj, Alpha dismounted and pulled 360 security for Bravo while they conducted a "block party" in search for HVT 1 (mayor). Heavy resistance from a professional force was encountered at the dismount site, and a cluster ensued as the chaos reigned. As casualties mounted, several buildings were cleared of enemy personnel Until an entire black was cleared before HVT 1 was located in a building adjacent to the dismount point that was apparently overlooked in the beginning.

    More casualties were had, as enemy reinforcements rolled into the area via a transport truck from our unsecured rear, and hit us as we attempted to figure out how to get the HVT into the vehicle for extraction. Operation meat shield then commenced, as both Alpha and Bravo were ordered to protect the transport at all costs as we marched to the outskirts of the city.

    Upon successfully exiting the city, a short halt was called as both teams attempted to remount their transports. Alpha (Solo) squad was forced to dismount due to direct contact that threatened the transport, and was promptly left behind and forced to run the Mogadishu Mile back to base while under heavy contact from both sides.

    The GOOD:
    * Pre Battle Planning helped get everyone on the same page prior to mission
    * Plenty of Gear was given to allow slight personal customization to kit
    * HVT was successfully extracted from a overwhelming hostile force

    The BAD:
    * Communication and Identification between squads was incredibly garbled and hard to distinguish at times, even with the ability to pull up squad names
    * No Recce of AO prior to infiltration lead to both squads rolling into a head on conflict against well armed and entrenched enemies, at the cost of 1 vehicle and several lives
    * A entire dismount element was abandoned by the vehicle crews and left to fend for themselves. Cannot stress enough how bad this was, as the element was wiped by overwhelming enemy numbers and firepower, and was completely avoidable.

    * Bring a designated Medic to every mission. Absolutely no reason not to when operating with more then a single fire team worth of personal.
    * Designate someone to get eyes on the objective, and act as your eyes and ears during the operation. If we would have kicked out a scout during the half hour or so we spent organizing groups, they would have had ample time to get eyes on the AO, and command could have had a much clearer overall picture of the situation. We then could have adjusted fire on the mission plan to engage the enemy on our terms instead of theirs. This element could also have acted as a spotter during the length of the mission, and relayed information about flanking reinforcements coming into the AO, which would have avoided that headache.
    * Visual Identifiers between squads to help ease that burden. Even something as simple as Boonie Hats for Alpha and Hats for Bravo would have done wonders for accountability.

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    Re: Mechanized MOUT Mayhem

    Good comments Recon. I would like to thank Unkl for his tactical refresher on building entry and urban warfare. Also thanks to the mission and squad leadership. Despite the communications challenges and resulting casualties we were successful and the learning experience was worthwhile. You can thank B for going back to get Alpha.


    Canadjun, eh?


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      Re: Mechanized MOUT Mayhem

      Good AAR. Pointed, but constructive.

      I'd have to argue another point. What was supposed to happen was something all together different. The plan was to use the mech vehicles to get to the AO and put them in a place of overwatch to support the infantry teams movements into the buildings. At this point, recon should have given clues as to the position of the objective. (However, I'd placed the objective marker pretty much on the spot - which is unusual for me)

      HINT - most of my missions have clues that require recon to deduce the enemy positions. There is often a deception plan in place as well. Any fortified position will have a well organized defense including overwatch & static emplacements. There will be a choke point and usually a way to get in. I do expect that you will use explosives to create your own entry point to a static position - however the presence of an HVT is going to limit that!

      Back on topic...

      So as the mission designer, that is why I opted to use the vehicles as a respawn point. I honestly was a little horrified to watch the two vehicles drive into the center of town, right on the fortified position. Completely surrounded by a town with bad guys in most building. The enemy sent out a call for reinforcements at once. Plus, I hadn't designed the vehicles respawn to be a respawn in place for the infantry. They should have had to make their way back in from the outskirts of town from the vehicle overwatch position.

      But guys did really well despite turtling in the church for over 15 mins. You cleared the buildings to the N & S of the church, discovered static weapons and snipers placed on balconies and elsewhere but still decided to leave the buildings adjacent to the east and circle the block from the street. This allowed the enemy reinforcements to move in and start to pick at you flanks. One by one the rest of the town got brave and ventured out of their buildings to maneuver on your infantry.

      The kicker of the deal is that at the end, Alpha squad was taken out by a 4 man team after being left to walk in. I was remote control of one of them & took the AR and sprayed the hill. I couldn't see Alpha but saw their tracer fire. I was quickly zeroed in on due to my own tracers and eliminated pretty quickly. The AI however, were crack shots through the vegetation...poor Alpha! Something I will attempt yet again to address with server settings.

      Anywho, got to go...perhaps more later.
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