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Wargaming Wednesday May 14

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  • Wargaming Wednesday May 14

    I jumped into Patrol Ops about 7 pm my time for a bit of a game. Not really sure what I was doing with settings I just left them as default. We then spent an absolutely epic four or five hours on the server and had some of the most amazing protracted firefights I've had in ArmA. Turns out I had left the settings in Ultra difficulty so there were more enemy than you can imagine roaming around.

    Wally did a great job coordinating pilots and support and Xorilliz was very busy in the squad mod keeping everybody in order. I was leading one squad and Mason, a visitor to TG was leading another with some of his friends. We operated relatively independently to start with but by our third objective started to work together pretty well.

    The third objective was to defend Orekastro, and we knew it was going to be tough when my squad took up over watch positions and were immediately engaged by a tank and two APCs. Wally rained down some CAS to save our bacon and we then covered the other squad as they moved into town. Within minutes of setting up defended we were overrun by armor, and infantry, as well as a Kaljman landing and unloading troops IN the very graveyard where my guys were hanging out.

    We retreated and regrouped with the other squad at our original over watch position and spent the next 20 minutes in an intense firefight with scores of enemy pouring into our position, sometimes as close as 50m from our lines.

    I don't know how many rounds we threw down into the valley but Wally needed to fly two resupply flights as we fought off the relentless counter assault.

    Thanks to all who played!

    Edit: I think there is a bug in Patrol Ops as every mission failed just as were about to complete it!? I'd have to say it didn't detract from the fun though.

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    Re: Wargaming Wednesday May 14

    here's my video of this... finally:
    [must find old banner on my machine now, filehost disbanded my old file... "dissatisfied-with-photobucket.jpoo"]

    "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"




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