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Tactical Tuesday - Incoming Mission

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - Incoming Mission

    Was able to jump on with Ninja and B last night for a quick round only that turned into hours of epic squad work. I was lucky enough to come in as medic which keeps the head down and me playing cautious which suits my struggling computer just fine.

    First of all, we kept having public players join in the server and the mission "Incoming Mission" created some really great MOUT combat. All we had to do was infiltrate a mid-sized town on Altis, find the communications tower and destroy it. However, getting our small group into town was not as easy as it could be. What I really like about this mission is the fact that the enemy are placed dynamically into the windows and second floor overwatch positions throughout the AO. You have patrols working their way around the streets and guards posted in the buildings.

    I really like the fact that if forces your team to watch the windows. I may have had a few sadistic chuckles when I see players get impatient and move across an area without thinking about what balconies & windows have a vantage on their position even though they may be a block or two away. You gotta coordinate and use a lot of ammo to suppress those windows.

    I had a lot of work to do as medic this mission and we really kept up some great coordination with B leading the team. For the most part JIP's were handled very well by this mission and I'm looking forward to playing it some more.

    I think we took so long to get into the town and stay there long enough to clear out the reinforcements that they had dismantled the tower & moved it elsewhere. If the mission was disruption then I guess we succeeded.
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