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  • Friday night, fight night


    Patrol OPS – Destroy the Communications Tower

    Craig Holmes
    Rye GPC
    Capt SImpson

    Awesome gentlemen!! Well played and well executed. It was a pleasure to command you into battle and with precision and excellence the mission was completed with success like a true mission should be.

    Our insertion into the AO was a bit stormy after we attempted to land our little bird a bit too close to the objective and took some substantial fire. We sorted ourselves with a few HALO jumps back to the team (also a bit stormy given where we had placed ourselves), one of the team “snap shot” a soft armor target keeping us from heavy gun fire as we sorted the remaining opposing forces and were quickly on our way for the long hike to the objective (Taking out the communications tower).

    Our little team of five was efficient in our movement. We stayed in formation and moved covering all or our sectors well. We slipped from location to location moving closer to the objective without the enemy even knowing we were in the area (though a few times we itched to take some out). With discipline we continued moving, through areas of buildings, across roads, along tree lines, through rock fields. Until we made it to our final assault point on a small hill top next to the communications tower just behind the stadium.

    We moved our small band of merry men into two smaller fire teams separated by some distance and in hard cover for the final assault. The team called out and we made note of the location of all fixed assets, roaming squads, force strengths and any large assets in and around the area (we were fortunate that there was no armor, but we had AT just in case). Our two small fire teams were able to fire and then draw fire from the enemy allowing the other team to then lay down suppressive fire until the fire was then drawn back to them and then “rinse and repeat” until we took out just about all the forces.

    The only problem with that plan was when their SL (Solo) attempted to go prone next to a wall and was just a bit too close to the wall and the “Z” key only ended up in him standing bolt upright next to the wall, and getting wounded by the resulting fire. The team remained calm, the other fire team moved back into position and pulled the fire while our AT moved and got the SL back up. Our medic was dealing with the bulk of the fire and had himself been wounded. Once sorted out we provided over watch while the sniper fire team moved to the objective to secure the base of the tower for our explosives specialist to move in and place charges.

    We then moved our sniper fire team into over watch near our location, which worked out well as a flanking fire team began firing on them while charges were being placed. This kept the enemy fire team busy helped keep us from fire. Moving a distance away we touched off the charges and completed the mission.

    Other than a few causality issues early in in the insertion portion of the mission we had two total wounded men for the entire mission. As a commander I consider that a huge victory and one we can all be proud of. Excellent movement and restraint of fire to complete the objective vs. kill everything on the map, and awesome team movement, coordination and communication. Thank you men; well executed.
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