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Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

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  • [AAR] Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

    Well as AARs go I will describe the events that took place as I remember them. I will comment the good and the bad things for future improvements. My role for this op was Platoon Commander. Although I was half asleep when I started the event and was reluctant when accepting this role, I enjoyed it very much. I guess it was due the company I had with my small team talking back and forth during the lulls.

    I would love to see screenies, videos, AAR writeups of their point of views.


    Before boots on the ground, I had to decide on what kind of assets I should bring into the combat. In the lobby due to the number of personnel I decided to bring in 1 infantry squad 2 pilots, a medical detachment, and a Command team. Boots on the ground I had to allocate and organize the radio channels to make sure each elements have their channels and frequencies. Luckily MadSoloSniper came in a little late and asked for a role. He was recruited by me to be an RTO and a sort of an JTAC. Defcon was in that slot before bowing out to become a regular fighting man because he was not familiar with the radios.. Before that I was gonna have to monitor two radio channels which seemed a little crazy. Solo was in contact with the two pilots throughout the mission and was instrumental in helping me concentrate on other stuff.

    Aside from managing JIPs and giving very general order to Unkl after this stage I did not do much. I mainly kept an eye on the big squad and let them do their thing. Unk did an awesome job managing that many guys and accomplishing objective after objective.

    The mission was successful and Neochori was cleared.

    • As far as deciding what to bring in, I should have brought in some crewmen. Having a heavy gun overwatching the infantry would have made their jobs a little easier.
    • JIPs asking a for a role would have helped with making sure that the teams stayed balanced or additional assets were deployed to the AO such as heavy armors. Although some have their preferences, some come in to play whatever is needed for success. Poor Beckner came in as a squad leader and his squad never became a big squad that can operate on an objective.
    • I think Liquid suffered from the crazy bug that locks up your whole game and computer if killed in a chopper trying to execute the first CAS.

    • Shout out to Solo and Woody for keeping me company and doing my bidding for the first half. Solo for expertly handling air comms traffic.
    • Unkl for managing his squad effectively without any major catastrophes or mass casualty situations.
    • For everybody for showing up and sticking with it until the end of this massive mission.
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    Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

    AAR - Neochori Sweep - 6 JUL 2014

    RTO – MadSoloSniper

    Thanks for the awesome lead B. Great comms, fantastic mission (thanks Unkl) and with the new radio component I didn’t have much cross chatter in the command channel and the Air LR channel (still need some instruction on setting up the alternate channel to listen to another while transmitting (and listening) on my primary though). In the end I didn’t need to hear the infantry channel as B was handling their comms and movements freeing me up to work with the air support and JIP InFill.

    It was fun to be the RTO on this mission. As the number of men in a mission increases the need for command and control increases exponentially (at least it seems like it does) as does logistics and the InFill of JIPs. Working with the two air support vehicles and covering the rear for the advancing units helped keep the fighting element advancing without worrying about their “six” as much. I was tasked with calling in some CAS and helped with JIPs and resupplies.

    Recommendation for future missions – RTO should load out with additional smoke (or chemlights for night OPS) to help with HLZ marking for the air support.

    Recommendation for all future missions – all channels and frequencies should be marked by the SLs, TLs, and other command elements on the map in side for all the men to see and have access to. It also helps when Battle Eye dumps you out and you need to cross check all the channels when coming back in (I did have them on paper, but it would help JIPs too) – I was just standing there and I heard B call out . . . . and I was gone . . . . LOL. I know we did this I just think we need to make it part of our mantra when using radios.

    Recommendation for future missions – Air should coordinate with Command (via RTO in this case) on all JIPS for slotting. Some might need to re-slot based on needs. This will give us good command comms back at base with a long range radio and access to the CO on the ground to coordinate balancing elements in the field. For the most part we did this in the mission, but I think it should be part of how we run missions with Air Support (when RTB) to work with JIPs to make sure they are slotted as needed by the CO before bringing them forward.

    I had to leave for a dinner engagement so I didn’t get to see the final elements of the clearing but it looked like Unkl and the teams had it well in hand and were well on their way to sweeping the final elements out of the town.

    The mission ran well. I did notice a few “EI spawn ins” that seemed random (and right on top of one of our HQ locations) but in all it went off without a hitch. One trip back to HLZ Green had B and myself walking over a lot of dead EI (dang we did engage a lot of guys on this one).

    Thanks guys for another great Sunday event. Looking forward to what comes next.

    Solo . . . . out . . . . \


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      Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

      That was a long haul mission. We started at 1530hrs approximately and finished soon after 1900. At one point Alpha had 16 people in the squad with Will leading Blue team, Axis leading Green team and I was leading Red team and the squad. Thankfully command took pity and left me a long leash so my coms were bearable. It would have helped greatly to have another fireteam leader running the Red team so I could just worry about the radio, the situation, the plan and keeping us combat effective. We had such a great group again of folks that did so well showing patience when getting reorganized, diligence in watching 360, ferociousness when saying "How do you do" to the enemy, and mostly great care in coordinating movements.

      That is my favourite thing about yesterday's mission. Seeing the 3 fire teams of Alpha working in coordination and having us push through some pretty crazy moments of contact intact. We did several L shapped attacks last night, peeling maneuvers, squad on line and walking through obstructions....all well disciplined.

      I did hear some annoying conversation about scores. I'm guessing it was just a way of passing the time but never the less it happened enough that it gets in the way of people commenting about their ammo status, being able to listen for approaching enemies. You know one of the things we need to relearn when we have growing player counts is that with more players on coms the more important what you have to say better be. As an admin note, you may also notice that the scoreboard is now gone from the servers.

      So much of that mission does rely on a version of the Enemy Occupation System that is packed into the Anvil Editor and it will make this mission different every play through. This time we got up to the Vehicle Depot objective and found what was playing havok with our air transport. Two AA static launchers set up in an open area with good line of sight. Thankfully the gunners were down and we were able to use them to deal with some of the armed Ifrits even though we were unable to bring in the AT by air. Thank you to command and Bravo for eventually walking AT all the way into the objective area. Also, I noticed that the AA that was placed at the enemy airfield far to the east had made it's way down to reinforce Neochori....didn't expect that one.

      The system of the objectives and many ambient objectives that are placed worked out greatly. In addition to the 6 objectives on that map and at least 10 ambient objectives placed in the Anvil editor, I had placed 4 ifrits and 5 two man sentries roaming the city. Any place of interest around the city also has site modules from BIS populating the militarized areas ;). So, that is why some experienced lag issues. There is a LOT of AI on this mission so that the approach is as much the mission as in the town.

      For me, on a mission maker note that will be the last mission on that scale for a long time. For four hours of playing that is just too much time spent setting up plans, reorganizing squads, waiting for resupply.....I'd rather be playing 3 missions that are smaller objectives. I'm much more interested in tactics in combat than logistics and reorganizing.

      Some new players stand out....Sixz and Bruno did a great job of being public players and came along and did a great job of fitting in. Real pleasure to have you guys with us. Good game to all and thanks for making it a game that I had a hard time getting to sleep after.
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        Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

        Ah...I joined in late and shouldn't have joined at all. I had lots going on in RL, including BBQ chef duties. After making my way to one of the forward way points I sat in a vehicle and said BRB. Sounds like I missed a good one and I'm very glad to see quality of game play and mission leadership is ahead of the curve. We may have a smallish player base but we know how to get it done.
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          Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

          Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the operation and reiterate how much fun it was. Thanks to the Admins, the players and those who stepped up and led.

          I joined part way through the mission and was immediately greeted by Dimitrius at main base. The mission was clearly well underway and there were a lot of people on the server. Luckily things were really well organised, as we quickly kitted ourselves out a Ghost Hawk touched down in main and we jumped straight on and were airborne in about 60 seconds, pretty impressive service lol! After a thankfully uneventful flight our pilot (apologies I can't remember who was flying) touched down on a small football pitch and we disembarked, got on the radio and then began our short journey to link up with the rest of the ground force.

          After reaching our squad mates we then began pushing towards the nearest objective, bounding forward a squad at a time with good overwatch. As we got to about 200m approx from the outskirts of the town we began to take the odd bit of of incoming from amongst the buildings on the outskirts which suddenly and rapidly escalated into a full on firefight. Everyone got really stuck into the task at hand and the hammer was dropped hard, repeatedly, from all angles on the Opfor. As a group we sustained minor casualties and the medics did a great job of working under fire to get people back in the fight. Those still engaged also did a sterling job of really increasing the violence to facilitate the medics hard work. We overcame the initial resistance fairly quickly and pushed into town with purpose.

          It was really great to see squads coordinating their fire and manoeuvre, communicating and working well. The push to clear the town was difficult but enjoyable work and Opfor continued to harass us with a fair range of threats from heavy and light vehicles to foot patrols and apparent stay behinds with suppressed weapons. The communication was solid and again the medics did a fantastic job of picking up the casualties and getting them back in the fight. Resupplying was at times difficult and clearly challenging for our pilots as there was a heavy Anti Air presence. The pilots really were risking it every time they tried to bring in ammo or reinforcements. We perhaps could have done a better job of selecting and securing LZ's for them, to their credit they persevered and didn't let it get to them, very professional.

          We malleted a range of Opfor light and heavy vehicles, kudos to the AT guys who were on point and eager to deal with those significant threats as they presented themselves. Lot of wreckage left lying about the town by the time they were finished! Slowly and surely the ground teams cleared point after point before the Mission Complete message appeared gloriously across our screens. A hard job done well by everyone.

          Some general notes of things we can work on:

          - Personally I still, still, need to work on map reading so I can do it faster and more efficiently and then communicate any relevant information to the appropriate person.

          - As a group we probably need to do a slightly better job of selecting LZ's for our pilots and ensuring they are secure, not just having a secure immediate perimeter, being sure there is no AA presence in the area etc. Not easy to do but certainly something you can always get better at and I am sure our Pilots would appreciate it :icon_lol:

          - Small squad cohesion, discipline and movement. We can never get too good at this, never get it perfect. We can get better though. We need to be mindful of being too eager to engage the enemy before that threat is identified to your squad. We also need to identify the whole threat, not just the first one we see. I think there was clearly an element of wanting to get the kill at times which overtook the more disciplined approach. At times people were pushing past each other to get in a position to engage the enemy and inadvertently blocking their squad mates line of sight. In the heat of contact people were simply walking in front of team mates who were actively engaging targets, that we didn't have more fraticide was a miracle. I know I probably did it more than once and I also wounded a team mate who took it upon himself to jostle in front of me whilst I was shooting at a bad guy. When we moved in formation occasionally the sound of gunfire would send people into a bit of a frenzy and there would be a rush to get 'in there first'. Understandable, a bit of bloodlust is good lol, just something we need to be aware of as it tends to destroy unit cohesion, integrity and security when everyone charges forward with tunnel vision.

          One massive positive for me, something I am admittedly a touch obsessed with at times, was the violence of action when we did make contact. I am sure we've all seen groups that can seem a bit timid at first contact with the enemy, almost unsure of what to do etc. Not this lot. Each and every contact I saw was met with absolutely withering fire from multiple directions. It was brutally satisfying to watch an Opfor rifle squad give our forces the 'come on' with what eventually amounted to only a few potshots and be basically 'blended' by small arms fire from multiple angles. Really, really impressive at times.

          A really enjoyable mission and evening, thanks to everyone who took part.


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            Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

            I really much enjoyed the mission, with the high player count and the radios it had the feel that we were in the middle of a theatre of war with other combat going on all around us and CAS sometimes roaring overhead. There was as fair bit of hurry up and wait at times but I didn't mind that too much. I tried to capture video but I haven't got the correct settings yet after changing hard drives and as a result was getting 9 fps in game. (I recorded up to the point where everybody was ecstatic about our helicopters leaving base in perfect formation :))

            In this mission I was "FTL" for Alpha 2 / Blue Team. My "fireteam" consisted of at least me, Potatonator, Chief, Ramna, Warclaw, Vilky, Dimitrius, Xorilliz and maybe some others (?).

            From a leadership perspective it wasn't my finest hour. After taking twenty minutes to get my head around the radios and retraining my muscle memory to not use my direct/group hotkeys (which are now 'change radio channel' keys) I spent most of my playing time organising buddy pairs and reorganising them when our squad changed composition. This must have happened 10, 15 times so it was very hard to get into a rhythm and work properly together. I tried to organise into two sub-fireteams but this only lasted about five minutes. At one point I noticed somebody had been following us for about 10 minutes and worked out they had been attached to our squad without me knowing. Despite this and a few other frustrations it was great fun and we managed to complete a bunch of objectives against some very strong resistance. Casualties were relatively low in our team and maybe a quarter of those were taken when I tried to Matrix dodge my way across our SMG toting medic Dimitrius' line of fire.

            Managing eight guys over direct chat wasn't ideal, and we need to get better at repeating direct orders down the chain on direct if we continue to use TFR. If we had known when we left base with 8 guys total we'd have 20 or so before too long, we may have organised things a little differently radio comms wise.

            I loved having the roaming HQ element, in particular it was fun to hear B run up to coordinate things and have Solo in the background talking to the birds overhead.

            From the mission building perspective it was really great to see what Unkl has been able to do using the Anvil Framework as a base. I had a blank sheet of paper next to me ready to write down any bugs / script errors and at the end of the four hour session it was still blank so for me that's a win! I've had a few thoughts, such as adding an "ammobox create" function which will drop down an empty ammobox and return a handle to it to make "magic logistics" a bit easier.

            I'm also curious about your use of the BIS site modules Unkl - what made you chose these and would you find it useful if you could use an Anvil ambient marker to set these up? I'm thinking along the lines of a drop down box which lets you pick between "EOS" or "BIS Site X" from the editor. I haven't looked into whether this would be achievable yet, just thinking out loud.

            Anyway thanks all for a fun evening, I was missing TG after a couple of weeks off and it was great to see so many people on the server.


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              Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

              Overall this was a great mission. I enjoyed the tactics, the comradarie, the stamina, the logistics, the scalabilty, and the execution.

              I came in a took medic along with [MENTION=38454]woody[/MENTION] and [MENTION=49119]Tiberia[/MENTION]. We were assigned to commands squad so we were with [MENTION=4091]B[/MENTION] and [MENTION=54889]solo[/MENTION] right off the bat. After staging and gearing up, we inserted several clicks west of the AO at LZ Green. Upon unloading from the helo, we headed to the east and took up overwatch on a hill overlooking our objectives. This hill was designated as the forward operating base for most of the mission.

              As the mission progressed, the player count more than doubled so logisitcs were a very important part of the overall success of this mission. I had no part in it, but I was pleasantly surprised at the seamless flow of JIPs and their comfortable placement in [MENTION=38102]Unkl[/MENTION]'s squad. I am great with two fire teams, but have struggled with three fire team squads. We all have our weaknesses, mine is the three fireteam squad. Unkl lead this group of men really well, but one would expect nothing less from the Dean of Tactical Gamer University =). I was certain we were going to split into several squads, but it turned out very well.

              Halfway through the mission I was assigned to Will's fireteam(Blue) and I tagged along with them through the rest of the show. [MENTION=52872]Vilky[/MENTION] was my buddy team member and I made sure he knew I was in charge. ...he still took point though >.> We had several very sudden and violent firefights break out during several stages of the initial assault into town. I worked with Blue Team and doubled as Red Team medic when Tiberia was incapacitated. I was wounded three times during the mission and I have to say, that's not bad for a medic who is used to being a soldier.

              There were multiple instances of Blue fireteam being pinned in an area with very little cover. Vilky did a good job of keeping me in the right place while covering my six as I tended to the wounded. One memory in particular was the shack in the middle of the field on our first approach to the city. There was enough room behind it for about three men side by side, but Will moved the team in such a way that I had the area for our CCP. It worked perfectly. We had several wounded but after a few minutes, the gunfight died down, I revived all who were brought to me, and we continued on into the city. After that it was a search and destroy mission.

              In hindsight a few things stood out as exemplary, or extraordinary in my opinion. I have command experience and recognize the hardships and joys of commanding. B did an excellent job as CO throughout this mission. Organization is a pain in the ass and if you are going to survive and keep the mission flowing then you need to be able to think on your feet. Responding to an ever increasing player count and simultaneously keeping the greater strategy in check is a straining exercise. With command you get all the power, but also all of the stress that comes with it as well. I've been fighting along side B for years now and he is no stranger to the command role, but in this mission I think he did flawlessly. We can always point out things we missed and be constructive in our criticisms, but this last game was done expertly.

              Also UNKL lead a giant squad with control, efficiency, success, and motivating leadership. That's par for the course when it comes to his gameplay style, but I wanted to recognize that as well. When you have some free time, try leading a three fire-team squad for several hours and discover the challenges that need to be overcome in that situation. A solid mind is definitely needed for that position in these circumstances.

              And then we have the soldiers. I think everyone who joined us gave their best as there was really no issue among players or with following command. There were some periods of jib jab that could have been better utilized by focusing on 360, but there are always challenges in our gameplay.

              As [MENTION=17094]Wicks[/MENTION] pointed out, we can never have too much good squad cohesion. An alert and cooperative squad is the enemies worst nightmare. They can throw whatever they want at us, but if we've in tune with one another and constantly evolve to stay inline with the path to success in our objective, nothing can get in our way.

              To the pilots, [MENTION=50980]Liquid[/MENTION] and [MENTION=54443]woesterudolf[/MENTION], fantastic formation and flying. You two flew like pros and withstood several attacks from the AA positions from OP for. There was a brief few minutes where I just watched the birds fly in formation and land and dustoff a few times just to take in the genuine feeling of being in the company of such experienced pilots and in turn, experienced flight maneuvering.

              There is always talk of getting back to the "good old days| but from where I stand, we exist among those days still and they are in no danger of fading into history anytime soon. The best feelings come from what is in store for us in our future sessions. Looking back I have so much wonderful memories of ARMA2 and I've stuck with this group since ARMA3 launched. This past mission, I finally felt like we are in a place were our teamwork surpassed any doubt or pessimism about the future of our community.

              Thank you for the amazing time. As a medic and, ultimately, and observer through most of the mission, I enjoyed every second of it.



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                Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

                As a grunt in Blue team I felt well led by Will and Unkl and well supported by the Corpsmen . As a grunt you never really get the "big picture", there is shooting, sitting and waiting just as in rl military. If we can trim the downtime and comms to a minimum there would be less derp time (not terribly bad but still there), nothing drives me from the server quicker then derping. I enjoyed the afternoon of gaming and would like to thank all who participated , no matter what role you played.


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                  Re: Neochori Sweep 6 JUL 2014

                  Originally posted by Dimitrius View Post

                  ....There is always talk of getting back to the "good old days| but from where I stand, we exist among those days still and they are in no danger of fading into history anytime soon. The best feelings come from what is in store for us in our future sessions. Looking back I have so much wonderful memories of ARMA2 and I've stuck with this group since ARMA3 launched. This past mission, I finally felt like we are in a place were our teamwork surpassed any doubt or pessimism about the future of our community.....
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