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  • [AAR] Friday Night TvT

    Post up your AAR or just some feedback to Zues! Zues loves to know how to make it better!
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    Re: Friday Night TvT

    Last friday was my first proper objective TvT fight. It was a whole lot of fun to play against someone with a brain instead of the "target dummies with sniper precision." Because suppression works so much better much more ammo was spent shooting wildly going both in and out and made for more hectic firefights than the ones we usually have in coop.

    Some feedback and wishes:
    A revive system of some kind would be a great plus to the game/mission and help with squad cohesion. Would be good to have one of those where scoring vital hits keeps the hostile from being revivable as otherwise i can imagine this to become mildy frustrating in some cases but probably not more than not being able to revive people.

    Namescript. Was extremely hard to coordinate with other people and your squad without knowing if they are even in your squad.

    And of course TFR would be nice, mostly because of the toggleable whisper modes. At the hotel objective i was with the squad that snuck up along the wall and i was sure we would be heard talking and i think we did get heard? Any defender hear us talking while sneaking up?
    I think they heard us because we got a grenade flying our way before we engaged... and then a couple of us got stuck in the floor at the entrance trying to vault ontop of it, unable to dodge the next grenade lol.

    A way to resupply and/or stock up on extra ammo before leaving base would be a great addition. I found four 150rounds belt for the Zafir not to be enough for the hectic fights that we were in as an example.

    Let FTLs and SLs have binoculars so they can spot long range hostiles and direct long range fire.

    "Actual" markers on the map and GPS for all players would make for easier squad cohesion, too easy?

    Respawning in waves if possible. Respawning alone makes it seem like reinforcements trickle into battle one by one and breaks up cohesion.
    Longer respawn timer than 30 seconds.




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