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Angel Fire 3-AUG-14

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  • [AAR] Angel Fire 3-AUG-14

    "Angel Fire" started life as "Tactical Operations", which was an attempt to create Patrol Ops using Anvil. Overall there are 15+ objectives and a ton of ambient troops scattered around the island. We only really scratched the surface by completing two objectives :) As a result command had no alternative but to withdraw us from the island - mission failed! We were a bit unlucky to be honest as 2 of the 3 missions we were given were some of the most heavily defended ones. With our limited fire power and the high AI skill this proved to be a bit much for us. Thanks to everybody who played and also to the guys who stuck around and/or contributed to the quick AAR we had in TS after the 2 hour limit (+ "stoppage time" in the spirit of World Cup football) finished. I thought this was really interesting and useful to discuss how we approached the mission in channel before we lost the fresh memories. All the comments were very constructive.

    From a mission making perspective I'm relatively happy with the result. There were a few omissions which will be quickly fixed in "V2". I'd be interested to hear if there were any other issues on the ground but to me the things to fix first are:

    - No medic loadout
    - No officer loadout
    - No medic specific ammo box (thank goodness for the admin debug console)
    - Improve the Anvil Framework "ammobox" script to allow pre-populating with items rather than just dumping an empty ammobox down
    - Need a bit more clarity (or a way to combat, or tone down) attack choppers early on. Suggestions in channel were a "radar warning zone" or an AA armed jet very early on. I'll have a think about this one as one of the themes of the mission is that "intel can be wrong" :D

    From a tactical/gameplay perspective my entire internet died the moment I tried to hit stream. Then it took 10 minutes to get back into game. *sigh*.

    I knew where a lot of the enemy troops were stationed (can't remember all of them and tried to forget others so I could command without "cheating"), although there is a lot of randomness in the make up and placement so I can still be surprised. I loved that we definitely didn't feel safe anywhere out of base, and as Liquid found when our GMG Ifrit went and visited him even base wasn't particularly safe. In general we manoeuvred fairly well, stuck together, treated our casualties quickly, protected the medic and called out our contacts. A few points come to mind:


    Casualty situations

    Once or twice we got REALLY bogged down after taking a few casualties. Partly this was AI accuracy, but partly it was because we took one casualty, then when we were trying to treat this casualty took another one or two, then while we were treating them took another... and so on. For whoever is SL I think we need to recognise when we are over matched, and call for a "Treating Retreat"... Then the guys need to throw down a literal metric ton of smoke, pull our casualties back in to defilade, STOP FIRING and retreat from enemy sight. Once the casualties are up, we need to relocate somewhere else to try to secure an advantage. A couple of times I tried to organise a withdrawal and had to say "pull back South" or whatever about 10 times on the radio. The last time we did this I actually got shot screaming this out :)


    Partly because we were on the lower end of player numbers (we had about 8-10) we didn't have quite the fire power we needed for the heavier objectives. I tried to rectify this by using the mortar to prepare the Agia Marina Barracks, but as I didn't want to split up our group I chose to do this before we left base. I think its fair to say this "spray and pray" approach didn't work as when we got there I could see very little evidence that the mortar had done its work. A better idea (I think it was Potatonator's suggestion in the mini-AAR) would have been to load up the mortar in a quad bike and bring it with us... drop a few shells on the enemy from behind our ridge line and then follow up with our main assault. Sesks idea of dropping a smoke barrage down as well to mask our advance is also a good one.

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    Re: Angel Fire 3-AUG-14

    Good work on the mission Will and thanks for leading. As you say, maxing out on available firepower (mortar, grenades) from a safe position to soften up targets might have helped on the last assault.


    Canadjun, eh?




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