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War Hammer 10-AUG-14

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  • [AAR] War Hammer 10-AUG-14


    Our mission was to move North West from the Feres Airfield to a position overlooking Pyrgos. From there we were to get eyes on the Pyrgos military base and call in artillery to soften the defences and destroy armoured targets before advancing on foot to tidy up. Intel suggested patrolling squads on the approach and a QRF force at base.

    We started with a small infantry squad consisting of 7 guys. Our pilot dropped us in to the AO East of Panagia and about 1.5k North of the Airfield. Almost immediately we spotted a patrol of enemy foot troops to our North and moved forward about 500m to engage from very close range.

    We were using "random" loadouts for the mission so suddenly had 3 pilots back at base. After some negotiation, command authorised a single Blackfoot with fuel and ammo supplies but limited repair, so our pilot and gunner jumped aboard and got in the air a good distance away to provide overwatch. Meanwhile the squad moved up on contacts we had spotted on top of a hill about 900m to our West. We took some sporadic fire as we moved across open ground but the Blackfoot provided air support from its standoff position and spotted targets for us as we moved up.

    We consolidated there and our ranks swelled until we were running two full squads. Command authorised the use of Hunters so we mounted up and moved 2km due North until we had a dismount position overlooking the West side of Chalkeia. The Blackfoot identified enemy troops moving in Chalkeia and engaged them, when suddenly our convoy was attacked from two sides. Caught in a pincer we were all but wiped out. I had to liberate a Medikit from one of the downed medics and ran around treating everybody. Unfortunately our Hunters were all damaged beyond repair and so we had to move the last 1.2km on foot.

    The rest of the mission proceed relatively smoothly. We called down a lot of artillery and took out the majority of the manned targets in the base. The infantry then moved in while the Blackfoot returned to base for a transport helicopter for extract. Rudolf's Alpha team cleared the majority of the compound with Ramna's Bravo team taking care of casualties and moving in to help mop up the Northern end of the compound. We then extracted safely to base.


    - The transition from two fireteams and FTLs to two squads and SLs went very smoothly from my perspective after the initial mucking about with the group manager. Good job. I found it interesting and fun having to adjust the types of commands I was giving and leave the SLs with more initiative.

    - When we moved forward from Chalkeia the order was to move out in squad column. What we got was NOT squad column. I think we need to refresh ourselves on what this means at TG.

    - We were allocated a single blackfoot for the mission and managed to make it last 2+ hours with only limited damage. This is a rare occurrence! The air/ground coordination was excellent and the spotting gave us confidence to move forward. Well done Shawsi.

    - We made one attempt to move forward rapidly in the hunters but got smashed and almost entirely wiped out in the attempt. Our dismount point near Chalkeia was not the best selected position and a little too exposed, but getting eliminated in convoy seems to be a common theme. I'm open for suggestions as to how we can do vehicle advances better.

    - There was a fair bit of walking between objectives and contacts - a shade under 3km by my count - and a long mission time of about 2.5 hours. For the most part we kept good order and everybody responded with maturity.



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