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ReTake Altis - Raven's Nest - Day 01

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  • [AAR] ReTake Altis - Raven's Nest - Day 01

    . . . . . begin coded transmission

    Date: ReTake Altis Day One
    To: all Commanders in the Aegean Sea
    Subject: Command operations update

    Campaign – ReTake Altis
    Mission – Raven’s Nest


    Mission – Secure the Island Isthmus of Bomos - SUCCESS
    Follow on Action – Recall assault team and establish FOB
    Orders – TG Unit is ordered to hold at Nimitz for further instructions

    Mission Details:

    Tactical gamer unit was successful at quietly taking out the force stationed on the small slip of land on the North West corner of Altis. A sweep that was almost TOO easy. The ill equipped men securing the small strip of land were assaulted with a minimum of casualties or wounded men.

    During the assault a stray bullet found its way into the building on the hill top took out the only radio for communications with enemy command. Coupled with the quick actions of the assaulting team Counter-INTEL has indicated that no transmissions were made from the island making the assault an even greater success. But, there is no doubt a regularly scheduled radio transmission from the men on guard that will be missed once enough time goes by. So the success of taking out the radio also has the effect of preventing us from “faking” a transmission that everything is OK.

    The TacticalGamer Unit Assault team was extracted back to the Nimitz to recover and re-load out and engineering has been dispatched and a small defense squad is covering them while they establish a forward base.

    INTEL now shared with the team indicates that most of the heavier assets associated with the conflict are located to the South and East and is why Command has chosen this assault point to begin the campaign to ReTake Altis.

    Command is proud of the men and their efforts and recommends they rest and relax because this campaign is just beginning and there will be a great deal more for the TacticalGamer Unit in this conflict.

    End of transmission . . . . . .



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