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Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

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  • [AAR] Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

    This session was pretty fun. We had objective after objective grinding against the AI. I came in as lead for CSAT forces taking over after a couple of ops they had done. SO the following is my recollection of events:

    1. Attacking a Hill.

    Server was in a disarray. Public players outnumbered the regulars and I saw some behavior that I do no often see. Luckily everybody fell in line soon after we had some order. That hill was pretty freaking crazy. With Xor in the pilot seat I could always rely on him. Every-time we had trouble I called on him to save us... He did not disappoint... He took out a pesky Strider HMG with a skillful shot... And even though the evil Unk called in AA Bradley he managed to take it down with his last breath (AA Bradley shooting him down as he sent a missile to the Bradley). After the Bradley was done, we simply sent in infantry one by one and took the hill.

    2. Investigate Pyrgos

    By this time during the gearing up some of the public players were getting unruly. Constant chatter and tom-foolery even shooed away some of the serious pub-players. Consequently, I made the leader of the tom-foolery a Fireteam leader on the ground. Fighting in the streets of Pyrgos, it was dreadful. Seemed like every corner, building and window had a shooter. Tedious work was done there. But the newly appointed FTL did an awesome job. Turned out he could talk the talk and walk the walk.

    3. Destroy Chopper

    After multiple attempts to regroup troops and reinforcements finally we were able to push into a chopper crash with 6 dudes. Planted the satchel and blew them up. After the explosion a few bad enemy infantries came about and gave us some trouble. But CSAT team can handle anything.

    4. Kill Officer

    Another difficult objective. Lapse of judgement by me or something... I lost almost everybody the first time we did a frontal assault. Thanks to a responsible medic we got everybody back up. Cheating a little bit, we also called in CAS before the second serious assault. By the end of it, we were completely out of ammo, and hoping OP was over....

    5. AAF troops

    Another freaking objective came in. Some AAF troops were operating in the area and we were to search and destroy them. I knew these dudes were humans. Solo and his team doing their thing. Poor schmucks probably did not know we were hunting them. After careful observation, we snuck up on him. Solo was first to die. We were searching for the rest of the AAF guys.. There should be about 4-6. I ordered a team to go one way and another to go a different way. Down the slope a few steps A hail of ambush fire comes in from across the valley. I could see bullets dropping right near me and tracer rounds coming from their exact position. They were positioned against a hill without cover like a painting on a wall. I am panicked, yelling their direction, calling for a line formation and suppressive fire, myself trying to put some lead down range without my sights up, in full auto... Everybody responded so fast that so much fire went out, than in... After coming back in cover, I request for even more and the quantity tripled... We sprayed the crap out of the hill side. They popped some smokes signalling distress by their medic... We gave them even more... After the smokes settled, nothing was left.

    The best part was none of us were injured, incapacitated, or shot. True rush of going against some humans and coming on top.

    Awesome games. Great setup Unk.

    Shout out to my team:
    • sweezie
    • cursed
    • Potatonator
    • MAC
    • Wildhog
    • Grunt
    • lago
    • Xor
    • Rudolf
    • Locke

    and so many more... Sorry if I left you out. Feel free to add yourself.
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    Re: Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

    One would hope so with a group of seasoned vets against the new guys.

    Good missions Unkl.

    Awesome time.

    Good work team.


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      Re: Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

      #1 Thank you for correcting my choice of words for the operation <facepalm>

      #2 Thank you for Solo, Beckner, Biggs, Dimitrius, all you regulars who went AAF as you had a tough slug.

      From the top down view the CSAT forces got all the fun. And I didn't realize that the "regular" Orca is actually armed either. So, it was not the intention for you to have the air support. That took a full time Zuesing to keep up with the ammo, the enemy ai (to keep them moving around), and watching the pubbies.

      As far as pubbies go...that was very successful at bringing in new players. Kudos to all you regulars for getting them set up with a friendly yet effective manner. Lets do more of that. I have more ideas....stay tuned.
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        Re: Congruent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

        Wow . . . CSAT superior numbers AND air superiority!?!?! . . . . good thing . . . might have turned out different if the AAF had been on an even playing field . . . but us “schmucks” fought well and I’m proud of every one of them (newer as almost all of them were in the final moments) they all worked well as a team and reacted to fire and to commands well, and a big thank you to Ramna for keeping his head with a whole bevy of new players during the last moments.

        We’ll give the final call to CSAT . . . . with the objective right on top of the AAF when slotted for the CSAT to attack . . . . . next time we’ll give them flashlights too . . .so they can find their way . . . . LMAO . . .now it’s clear why no one wanted to take AAF though . . . true grit was to be the motto of anyone on the ground (or I guess in the air – with our lumbering un-armed transport heilo).

        Good gaming team, good completion of tasks . . .even if the last one was a sacrifice to the home-team gods. . . you’re all aces in my book . . . . . Semper fi . . . . . \


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          Re: Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

          Oh no, by the time we squared off against each other, our numbers were equal. I had only Xor and cursed as a veterans and pretty much everybody else also new. I saw a few familiar names on your side. Rudolf was flying transport above us. Anyway, sorry if I bashed you guys a bit. I was coming off of pretty good feeling. Next time Solo. I am sure your team did your thing.


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            Re: Concurrent Operations Fri, Oct 3, 2014

   each side can fight against the AI or against eachother and you don't know which? That's pretty awesome right there.

            I had some fun playing for an hour but I got called away and had to bail before B really got rolling. My leaving had nothing to do with the tom foolery...
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