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  • [AAR] Fireteam Madness

    I had a great time being medic for Bravo fireteam during the majority of Fireteam Madness. Under the leadership of Pale Horseman we took on three objectives independently and tackled the final base with Alpha and Charlie.

    Memorably moments:
    - I had to go AFK for 10 minutes. When I came back, right as I sat down at my PC, I saw a figure run past me. He was maybe 3m away. I checked in over the radio and as I stood up to follow what I assumed was my teammate I hear Potatonator's voice on the radio saying "Noyava, there are enemy right on top of you!". I hit the dirt as bullets flew past me. I then learned that 2 of my 4 teammates were down and everyone was underfire. Someone killed the opfor that was a couple trees away from me. I had to cross about 300m of terrain under constant fire to catch up. Thankfully I had recently watched LowSpeed's video on 5 second sprints ;) By the time I caught up Horseman has bleed out, but I got everyone else up and patched up.

    - On the final assault there was a moment were I was ducked behind a rock with half our team down at my feet and, I believe it was Temp, standing over me suppressing the enemy with his AR. That first revive was an intense 30 seconds. A bit later on that assault as we moved in, Charlie was closing in ahead of us and on our right. From about 100m away I watched their point guy, Murray, take a handful of HMG rounds to the face from near point blank as he crested a hill. I had scoped in to check their progress at just the right time... man do I wish I had been recording video :)

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    Re: Fireteam Madness

    A great mission format, thanks Unk for setting it up and running it. I was FTL for Alpha with Chief, temp, Lee and Biggs the first round and then Ethan and Quinn swapped in for the second round.

    The first round was a bit disastrous for our Fire Team. Our objective was to take out an HVT (in Abdera I think). My plan was to stand off and shoot, however our initial OP had poor visibility so we had to trek a couple of hundred meters in defilade to another area. We still couldn't spot any enemies so we decided to close in on town. We closed most of the way up with only a single sighting, but as soon as we reached the outskirts of town and tried to get in amongst the buildings things got hairy. Suddenly we were taking fire from all sides, including two static HMGs and about 6-8 infantry. A one man patrol even walked right up on our CCP, standing and gawking at Lee reviving me just the way I imagine Noyava was looking at the enemy walking past him ^^^.

    Things got worse when our helo chose a dangerous landing zone to land reinforcements and more or less landed on the two static HMGs and infantry squad. We searched the crash site but couldn't find the pilot. We eventually got past the outskirts and began to work our way towards the city, however Lee (medic) and Chief (AR) were taken out by one of the static weapons. Later when we took the HMGs out it looked like they would have had to fire through a building to hit them so that was a bit odd.

    Soon after most of us got wiped out by the HVT's bodyguard, although temp managed to take out the HVT. We still had to take out the bodyguard, so we set up Lee and Chief in overwatch over the main compound, whilst the rest of us regrouped at base. We planned to helo assault in to rejoin our guys but as the helo list was full Six Actual gave us a truck. This meant our team was split up, but it was doable as we had cleared most of the town. We moved from our dismount marker and reached the edge of the village, but as we got there we saw a whole bunch of EI pouring out of the town! Where had they come from? Lee and Chief tried to make a mad dash under fire all the way around town to come to our aid and patch us up, but couldn't quite make it before we bled out. However moments later command let us know that we had taken out the bodyguard. By the time we regrouped, the other fire teams had done such a solid job that command stood us down.


    The next run of the mission started out in "interesting" fashion as well. My team loaded up and the pilot and 6 Actual vetoed my primary LZ as too close to the AA presence. I chalked in Bravo's marked LZ as a suitable fallback, and as the helo made its way there I was zoomed in on the map looking for suitable locations. I hadn't found a better one by the time the helo landed so I just told the guys to get out. Once the dust cleared I realised that we had been landed several hundred meters from Bravo's original LZ... oops!

    The guys didn't complain all that much as we made quite a long walk, although they were heavily loaded with rockets. Eventually we set up in overwatch overlooking the valley and waited while the AA vehicle roamed around, and even disappeared for a while (towards our initial LZ!). We got a bit bored so started taking potshots at the enemy infantry about 600m away to try to draw out the AA and lo and behold, it popped out over the ridge. Quinn (I think) took the shot and seconds later the AA was a smoking wreck. We quickly disengaged and moved back to support Bravo, although by the time we got there it didn't look like they needed much support.

    Finally we moved on the squad objective and provided a base of fire whilst the other fire teams moved up. The guys were pretty ruthless, putting out measured fire to take down a lot of the defenders of the FOB and downing two enemy helos. Once it was cleared we moved up and placed a satchel charge down on the vehicles. I walked over to the boss and said "we are ready to detonate when you ..." BOOOOOM. "err... what?" Looking around our could see our demo guy shrugging his shoulders... "what, you said detonate didn't you?"


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      Re: Fireteam Madness

      Just found this sub-forum, lol.

      Definitely a very fun event, and I got to give Unkl a HUGE 'Thank You' for putting it all together and commanding it. I also got to give thanks to all of you that participated in the Fire Team Madness! It was a helluva good time, and you all made it possible.

      This event was the first time that I actually did any leading (except for 1 foray that lasted about 20 minutes, and was heavily influenced by Potatoes input), and I gotta say that it is not without its challenges. However, the rewards! It is very, very satisfying to be the leader when a job is done well, and I hope to continue my education in leading you guys into battle.

      So, here is my 1st AAR:

      My FT's 1st objective was an assault on a compound that was guarded by and armed Ifrit, about a squad of EI, and a static HMG. We approached on the from the high ground (objective was in a valley) and while I was setting everyone up for their shots we got spotted and the first burst of enemy fire took me out...typical. My AT launched and my guys made short work of the infantry, and by the time I was revived, all that was left to do was mop-up a few straggling enemies. We were then extracted and RTB'd.

      Our next assignment was to prevent the sabotage of a power structure (don't know what it was called) that was on a high ridge along with a lot of windmills. My FT was inserted behind a ridge that was just a bit taller, and also ran parallel to the one we were to attack. We hiked up to the top, and found that we had some pretty good lines of sight on the objective that was about 400m away across a deep valley. I ordered my men to set up in firing positions and get eyes on, and we discovered that the objective had a heavy enemy presence (about 15 guys + a static HMG). I marked the HMG as our number 1 priority and gave the order to open up on the enemy after I fired a PCML at the HMG, and we began spraying them down (the missile flew low). All was good at first, but there was just so damn many of them...then the HMG got a bead on us and began firing. I thought we were screwed, but as I was giving the order to disengage and we began pulling back so that we could find another vantage, one of my men got the HMG's gunner. We went back to our position and it was over within 30 more seconds. Pretty dang good firefight, but apparently we were not done yet. We dropped below the ridge line and circled to the west to a higher vantage where we saw an APC just chillin' on the backside of the ridge--Titan out, APC down.

      (My FT was Bravo)
      The next assignment (taking out the AAA, I believe) started with Alpha and Bravo loading onto the Huron and landing at Bravo's HLZ, because Alpha's was hot. We hadn't moved more than a 100m when Alpha came into contact, so I had my guys take a knee and set up a 360* while I established whether Alpha needed assistance. One of my guys calls out that there is a HMG Ifrit about 200m-300m towards Alpha's position (had to have been REALLY close to their position, I think). Our Titan made short work of it, and we were back on mission (unbeknownst to me our medic, Noyava, had gone AFK). We hooked wide from the objective and came at it from behind a small hill. My team set up on the ridge, and I was telling my guys to--BAM! I'm dead. Enemy starts opening up on us; we spotted a guy back the way we had come heading towards the HLZ (and our AFK medic). Potato assumed command, and took care of business. Can't say much as to what happend at that objective, seeing as I was bleeding out and all, but I did get to spectate Noyava and can vouch for the amazing amounts of fire that was heading his direction, as well as the effectiveness of those 5-second sprints.

      All in all, a very satisfying event. I enjoyed it immensely, and hope to get some more leadership experience (and not to die with the enemies first shot). :D
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