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Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

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  • [AAR] Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

    I just wanted to get this thread started. AWESOME stuff. I had an amazing time as "shot caller". Some of it good, some of it could have been better (my shot calling), but I'll post a much more detailed AAR as soon as I have the hours it will take me to go through all my memories (some of them dead ones) from the mission. Great stuff to all the guys on the field and to the mission designers.

    Thank you to Team TacticalGamer Unit . . . . You guys ROCK!!


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    Re: Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

    I was only here for the last 30 minutes, so my AAR is somewhat truncated:

    Geared up, was told to join the arty spotting team on the tower. Went up the stairs, saw a couple dozen infantry approaching, then watched them get blown up by arty. Forty-five seconds later a Tigris rolled up and shot me in the head...

    Sometime later, thanks to great medic work, I was back up and scanning the horizon. I hear Solo calling in a large EI formation, so I turned my rangefinder to that bearing to look. I about fainted at the site of 50-60 CSAT rolling over the hill just past 500 meters and closing fast. While the Arty was reloading and aiming the swarm was getting closer. They passed 400m and I decided to act. I had a backpack full of 3rd 40mm, so I figured I could rain grenades to try and pin the attack down to buy time for the arty. I got off 9 rounds before, what seemed like, all the bullets in the world came my direction. I dodged 99.9% but was still riddled enough to find work as a cheese-grater. The fire was so intense against the tower that I bleed out, no one could get near my body.

    In hindsight, firing grenades was a boneheaded thing to do. There was no way I'd get enough EI make a difference and all I did was get shot up. I probably got everyone else in the tower killed too, but I really have no idea what happened after I fell since all i could see was a nearby broken wall and my bleed out timer.

    Seemed like a great mission, glad I got to take part in some small fashion. Thanks to everyone who attended, and special thanks to the Admins for running a great mission!


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      Re: Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

      The mission was fairly odd but fun for me. I was gunner and FCO with a battery of two weapons - a Scorcher and an MLRS. It was a bit of a test run for the new fire computer based on Garthra's awesome arty spreadsheet. Solo and I started off by pre-registering a bunch of coordinates to make calling in fire missions a bit quicker. We then fired off a few smoke rounds to make sure our registrations were ok while everybody got organised. The first real fire mission with HE was bang on target ... unfortunately it also involved a bit of confusion, some miscommunication and some friendly fire ... oops (and sorry!).

      Things then went a bit ballistic (har har). Solo was calling in mission after mission sometimes stacking two or three up at a time and I was working the arty computer on one keyboard whilst laying in the gun on another. There must have been half an hour at least where I hardly stopped laying in and firing. We rapidly depleted our mines and put out about 20 HE rounds before things calmed down a bit. At this point I noticed that for the last couple of shots my gun camera had been squarely pointed at a cute little bunny. Luckily the fire was indirect so the rabbit hopped off to safety.

      Everything went quiet for a while. I got out of the Scorcher, turned off the engine and began to drink in my surroundings. The quiet evening sounds, softly glittering stars, and grass waving gently in the breeze were very peaceful. Suddenly I felt like the war was very far away. Next thing I know Solo is screaming at me to hurry up and FIRE EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. Very quickly the Scorcher went red on ammo and I ran across to the MLRS, reprogrammed the firing computer and started throwing out rockets. About 8 rockets roared down range within a few minutes.

      Then suddenly the radio went dead and there were no more fire missions. I switched over to the HF set on the MLRS and transmitted a distress call to HQ but there was no response. FOB Crawford was lost.


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        Re: Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

        AAR – Shot Caller Version

        MadSoloSniper – Shot Caller

        I start with a disclaimer – this is one of those missions where the “fog of war” turned into the “blur of battle” . . . . wow, at times the intensity was so high I didn’t even hear shots being fired or bombs dropping I was so focused on the task at hand (shot calling) that . . . well, you’ll read about in the words that follow. With that, what follows are memories of the battle in as much semblance of order as this old brain and the intensity of the battle that took place will allow.

        It all started nicely enough. Dropped in my role as Shot caller for the Arty unit at Crawford FOB. Checked in with command and grabbed my gear. Moved to the tower and surveyed the landscape. Took into account possible and probable enemy assault directions and began plotting some solutions to known locations on the map. I also thought that if we got in a tight spot that with “corrections” the arty might be able to help with “danger close” if we needed it . . . . so I took the location of the base and put it on my chart of what I thought the evening was going to look like.

        I plotted 5 known locations and thought I would make adjustments from there. Called in the known locations (and we even gave them names to make calling them quicker) and got them into my Fire Control Officer (FCO) to keep on hand. We fired off a quick smoke round to confirm my spotting and our calculations (spot on I might add) and we were set.

        We started seeing some distant contacts, a sniper team to be exact and command authorized a shot on the snipers. I marked the grid, called in the shot . . . and then a puff of smoke went off RIGHT NEXT TO THE TOWER I WAS IN . . . . holy crap are we under attack already??? . . . . .then I noted with dismay, the grid I had used . . . . was the base I had marked for emergency use (*see graphic below). Note the one with the circle and the stars around it . . . well, YA it has that marking NOW . . . .didn’t when it was first put on the page. I feared the scan to the bottom left of my screen . . . . (gulp) . . . . Command and a few men were wounded in the shot. Command was kind enough not to dress me down on the spot and was quickly brought back up and we continued (Note to self: if you’re going to mark the Base for emergency purposes . . . put it on another piece of paper FAR AWAY from the calls you’re putting down . . . . lesson learned – the hard way) . . . . sorry Unkl.

        Re-called the shot . . . shot fired . . . and snipers quickly dispensed (awesome shooting Will). One went down for sure, the other was wounded I believe and retreated never to be seen or heard from again.

        Here is my shot calling single piece of paper at the end of the battle . . . . not near enough paper by the way.

        SIDEBAR: Let’s talk about this image above for a moment. Note the nice 8Grids with elevations complete with “M” for elevation and the circled number for the OT line, each assigned a name and location . . . then note how they get “rougher” as the mission progresses . . . fewer have the OT line . . . they start to lose the “M” . . . and in the end (top right corner - and the one just to the right of the Base) just some number scrawled and almost illegible . . . . that gentlemen is the “blur of Battle” . . . . I didn’t have time to think much less make them pretty at that point. Ok, enough of that mish-mash back to the mission.

        Fast forward a few (minutes?? – I hardly know) armor started rolling in, shots called, fire made, and AT took out the armor before the rounds even landed (darn wasted shots) . . .then . . .SPLASH . . . no more dismounted EI, well that worked out nicely. More armor, more shots, more EI on the hill (wow that looks like a lot of guys) shots called, static HMG opens up and men start falling 500M out. Shots land and more don’t get up . . . pause . . . . . well that was . . . . . BOOOOOOMMMMM . . . .what the $(#* was that??? . . . I’m down and from the tiny little space of sky and tower that my wounded body can see SO IS THE WHOLE TOWER . . . . I hear voices, men running, shots being fired, commands being issued . . . . someone close (B??) . . . .and I’m back up . . . the tower is a wreck, but surprisingly I’m still ON IT (unlike the floating men I could see while I was down who were neither of this world or in the next . . . .sorry floaters . . . . tear).

        I’m back up. There is no “top floor” anymore just a blown out wreck and I’m not even facing the way I was when we got hit. Takes me a few moments to orient and figure out where the heck I am. More men on the hill . . in the valley . . . . and now a ton (TON) on ANOTHER hill . . . . I start madly placing rounds. Calling them into the FCO two and three at a time. I get up . . . fire nearly takes me out . . . back to my belly (I’m not dead because there is a nice piece of blown out tower that is protecting me) . . . why am I taking so much fire?? . . . .I turn around on my belly to see a static HMG 50 about 1.5M behind me ripping rounds so quickly if we had the animation that barrel would have been red hot . . . . funny, I didn’t even hear it . . . and good thing I didn’t get up. (more blur of battle, never even heard the 50Cal right on my six), but it explained why I was taking so much fire. The enemy was trying to get HIM not me. Stay on your belly Solo and just call in shots.

        A few (minutes, moments, hours who knows) and Noyava is assigned to the Shot Callers to help with spotting. He makes his way to the top of the tower (as much “top” as one could call the wreck) and reports in . . we start noting more (MORE) men on the hills, some sprinting to flank us, Noyava moves out of my field of vision, I’m plotting shots for the FCO and when I turn back I see, Noyava is down . . . I move to pull him back so the medic can get to him . . . almost get my head ripped off with the hail of bullets that are flying at the tower . . . nope, Noyava will need to wait a moment. Call more shots with the gun ripping away behind me (see, now I’m hearing it) as well as on the ground . . . . and we’re making headway. More EI down than friendly’s going down. We might actually be winning this battle . . . . then from nowhere an enemy AA gun rolls into the valley. I hear a call “Put some shells on that thing” . . . . . . I wonder “how the heck am I supposed to hit a moving target that is sprinting toward the tower when my shots take on average 2 min to get on station??” That will have to be left to the AT on the ground.

        I turn to get a handle on other targets (I hear men screaming below about them) . . . .and there . . . on the hill that I had just pummeled was at least 50 men . . . . turn to the right . . . . the OTHER hill where a Company of men had been taken out not moments (hours???) ago was what looked like another 75+ men . . . I call into the FCO (I only vaguely remember this) to “SHOOT EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE” .. . . then it all goes black. I’ve been hit again . . . and I’m lying next to Noyava, who I can no longer help. I’m down, I hear shells landing but can’t see what effect they are having, I hear orders again (funny how you can hear more when you have a moment to listen because you can’t move) I see a figure moving next to me . . .I call out “Get Noyava, he’s been down longer than I have” . . . no matter the medic is working on me . . . and then I see him slump over . . .and then a hailstorm of GL hits the tower (and I assume all around our location) . . . . . FOB Crawford has fallen.

        Calm . . .let it go . . .

        All I can say is AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I can only comment on it from a shot caller perspective, but that was one of the most intense full on battles I’ve been in yet. We seemed to be doing well, holding our own, even making some headway, but in the end, the small team at FOB Crawford was just outnumbered and eventually fell. Good men, all with amazing talents . . . . . .just know my brothers that . . . WE WILL RISE AND FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!!!!!

        Thank guys, awesome stuff.


        Technical Notes:

        FO – at least one – two would have been good, but then coordination of who it talking to the FCO at any given moment would be a dance we’d need to practice . . .and would make the FCO’s life a living hell as the mission gets “deep”.

        FCO – working the calculations and feeding them to the gunners. Don’t know from Will’s perspective but if there was a terminal (screen) that the gunner could see that the FCO could type the gunner solution into that would speed things up. Shot caller calls in the grid – FCO does the calc – feeds numbers on a screen to the gunners who enter them and pull the trigger . . . . .just a thought.

        Gunners – one per gun (Will was working both) – if we had one gunner in each that would have given the FCO the ability to call multiple shots at a time and we could have gotten two guns worth of shells on station in the same amount of time (I understand our limited manpower at mission time - this is just a technical note)

        Pre-configure as many known locations as possible – Five was good but I could have pre-configured a lot more and will next time we run (and I’m FO) for the possible shot points.

        Write the BASE on a SEPARATE piece of paper . . . .and try to NOT kill the CO in the early moments of the mission with errant fire . . . . again, Sorry Unkl.

        Good stuff, well executed by an amazing team, and fun.

        Thanks again,



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          Re: Hold the Line - Dec 14, 2014

          This was full on intense experience for me. I was one of the medics working for Murray's squad. My whole time was spent observing bugs and reviving people. I was running around and reviving people left and right since that first ill fated round landing right on target - in the base.

          Ramna and then Lord Drake joined the medic team later on helping me.

          I can comment a few things about the revive system we have. Usage of the static weapons revealed a bug which needs to be addressed. When somebody dies in a static weapon they are not ejected, rather they stay on it.

          Another bug which made things difficult was, when the tower was destroyed we had quite a bit of people who ended up in floating in the air. I am not quite sure about how to handle this. When a player is unconscious the simulation on that unit is stopped, meaning gravity is off... This I have to choose to address or leave it alone as a known issue.

          When Noyava and Solo went down on top of the tower I was first to respond... Once I got to the top, I called Ramna since we had two bodies. I started to work on Noyava after debating whether or not to bring them down to the ground first. After starting to work on him, I started to receive fire like crazy. Instaed of cancelling the revive, I hoped to be lucky... Bad choice for me, as I went down to never to be picked up. I suspect Ramna also went down on that big tower.




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