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  • Redacted Thursday

    [Redacted] Squad left FOB [Redacted] at [Redacted] hours.

    I was assigned to a team as medic today for [Redacted] Thursday, our mission was to check in on a FOB that had gone dark. Craig Holmes was Squad Leader. After loading up with gear and boarding the helo I fell asleep on the ride in (AFK). When I came to I was parked near a beautiful moonlit beach with no sounds around. I checked in over the radio and was told to move 500m inland to catch up. I started out following the cleared way points on the map at a brisk jog. Right out in an open clearing I started taking fire from my right! I sprinted and dove behind the *only* rock for 50m in any direction and started yelling for help. i got a good fix on the enemy and tried to return some fire, but being outnumber 4 to 1 I mostly tried to stay alive and keep the enemy from flanking me. Very soon my teammates made it back through the trees and made short work of my attackers.

    We moved on up to our first objective. Frosty, who was my FTL, had us hold just below a ridge line (the other team was down slope to our right) while he took a quick peak to the other side. Seconds after he went over the ridge line the night sky came alive with tracers. A couple guys ran up the ridge to support Frosty, i hide behind the biggest rock I could find (Team Medic!). Craig Holmes and the other FT engaged up the hill past us on the right. The fighting was intense and the two medics were constantly busy. By the time the fighting ended the whole team was low on ammo and had to fall back to resupply.

    After rearming we made it up to the designated overwatch position and finally got eyes on our objective. The friendly FOB we were sent to relieve had been completely over run by CSAT as we feared. Their was at least a platoon of enemy infantry on the hill. Craig marked out a line of firing positions along the ridge we held adjacent to the objective and we quietly got into position. Once everyone was set Craig called in mortar support and instructed us to open fire with everything we had when the first shell landed. At that point I believe we were about 12 strong, so we put out some pretty intense small arms fire. The firefight quickly became a blur - Tracers going everywhere, enemy fire closing in, the yells of team leaders directing fire, the screams of the wounded, smoke grenades, flares, AT rockets, exploding Ifrits. Total madness. Craig ordered us to pull back over the ridge line to regroup and treat casualties. Once we were safely behind the hill I checked the time and realized barely 5 minutes had passed from the first mortar round landing!

    We regrouped, redistributed ammo, then moved around our ridge to attack the FOB from a different direction. We had another running firefight as the newly organized three teams bounded down the hill, across the valley, and up into the FOB. The area was soon cleared of enemies, command notified and we were RTB.

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    Re: Redacted Thursday

    I joined up at about the third paragraph. Our attack on the FOB was really intense. This mission, although I missed the first part of it, was one of the best experiences I've had playing with tactical gamer members. Can't wait for more!


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      Re: Redacted Thursday

      Video excerpts from last night:
      Running and Gunning in the dark - YouTube


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        Re: Redacted Thursday

        Redacted Thursday

        Zeus Edition

        Awesome mission even from a Zeus perspective. Always watch “Six”, the new AI capabilities of MCC (GIAI) are amazing and requires no “assistance” from Zeus. They peel, they flank, they fall back, but mostly they split up (much looser formations than TG) so a lot of times you’re dealing with a single shooter.

        First, Noyava was lucky (well the whole team actually) as the fire team he stumbled on was GIAI commanding them to flank the main force. Noyava caught *them* by surprise and they were quickly dispatched. Clear sectors and keep moving. Cover six and don’t sit in one place too long . This mission didn’t have mortars, but when it does after a few min of sitting in one place the enemy will begin to rain down 82mm mortar shells and if you’re still in *that* place . . . it’s all over.

        Next, Setting up the base to look as it did took a bit of “pre-work” on Zeus’s part, but I thought the effect was well worth it. You stroll in expecting a base like you always see and there in the field of view is a decimated base complete with a horde of dead NATO soldiers.

        While the force of men at the base was strong, I think you guys could have handled it with a dual pronged approach keeping them guessing while advancing and firing. As it was kudos to Craig for knowing when it might be “too much” and calling in for some air support. In the end the mortar fire (not so accurate on purpose) only took out about 1/3 of the men at the base.

        Nice movement, nice approach, good cover on the final assault. A bit TOO much laser pointing (remember the enemy has NVGs as well – and it made for some nice indirect fire when I dropped into a few of the EI (opps, did I just say that out loud??).

        For fun I had to have a “resupply chopper” buzzing in and out keeping you guys on your toes and adding some nice sound effects to the night sky. Gave Zeus some chopper practice as well (much needed I might add).

        Glad you guys had fun. I like hosting them, and it’s fun to watch it all unfold and help where I can (should) and make life miserable as well where I can (and need to).

        Note – that ridge line assault that kept you guys busy for a good while was, again, just GIAI. That ridge was a nice path for the EI as well. Maybe next time take the woods when moving instead of the clear and probably well-traveled ridgeline – just a thought.

        Second Note – the next mission was a bust. MCC had some early issues and they only compounded with the second. Sorry for the “less than excellent” second mission. Still fun but just less tactical.

        Final Notes – Shout out to Craig for leading, to Rudolf for jumping into the pilot role, to Zig for having a good time (they are almost all that good – some even better), to Frosty, well just for being frosty, to the medics and to all the men of TacticalGamer Unit. Good stuff guys, can’t wait for the next one.





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