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  • AI accuracy

    I've been having this discussion over at the BIS forums, and figured it's quite applicable here, so I'll just copy-paste. Note the ending especially ;)

    Very grim.

    There's no reason for any AI to have the aiming/speed shooting skills a current 0.5 AI has. Even 0.25 AIs are probably "more accurate than ever possible".

    Honestly, a 0.25 AI is more accurate than a human. Here's a video of a 0.25 skilled AI at 100m with a 7.62 rifle:

    With the exception of the really odd first shots which always go to the same place way above the target (???), almost every single shot lands within like 0.1 MOA, dead center at the top of the torso. Show me one human that can maintain similar groupings at that rate (2/sec), nevermind at 20FPS. You know, I'm accurate myself, but even this is way beyond me. A lot of my shots hit lower torso or arms, and in a fast-paced game against humans, I'll be lucky to get 33% hits anywhere on the body, nevermind the 85%+ the AIs get. With a 7.62 it might take me 20 rounds to down someone if they're moving, and I'm no slouch. Maybe 40-50 if they're behind good cover. AI gets it in 2-3 every time. It's ridiculous. They have laser-aim on the top torso. If you're crouching/prone, half the time that works out to a headshot. If you and the AI are both on flat ground, though, the AI prones and suddenly they can never hit you. Why? No spread to their aim, it's all going just under the head, which means they hit the dirt every time. Try it out in the editor if you don't believe me.

    How many headshots have we all gotten from AI? This is why, if they have any angle on you and you're crouched/prone, their aim intersects your head, and they hit 95% of their shots dead-on, so you get one-shotted every time. How often are you "just wounded" by AI, like lightly, an arm wound or a foot? Never, right. Because even 0.25 AI are insanely accurate at COM shots.

    How many times are you just wonded by humans, though? Constantly. On average, we can't aim for [turd pies].

    There's practically NO DIFFERENCE between a .25 AI at 100m and a 1.0 AI at the same. For aiming, you have to push out the distance a lot more to see any appreciable distinction.

    After further testing, the best AI aim settings are 0.05-0.10 for aiming subskills. Spotting skills can be 1.0 and still suck.

    That's ridiculous. The current AI aiming skill curve looks something like this:

    When it should look more like:

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    Re: AI accuracy

    This is why we run the @Zues server side mod for the AI. It reduces them to a more human level....but we still like it difficult.

    The stock BIS settings are a bit on the absurd side. That is well known. It is interesting to see just how laser sharp they are in that video. That is a brutal second shot just about every time.
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      Re: AI accuracy

      Eh, AI is still very accurate in the two games I've played here. Today I was getting headshotted at 450m by them. Their aim is still better than my own, and I'm thinking it'd be better to make it a bit lower than human, just for fun value, while still keeping in challenging, so we don't spend 2/3rds of the time reviving casualties or having to respawn and huff it back out to the AO. Just my 2c.

      You can adjust it easily on the fly with this command:
      this setskill ["aimingAccuracy",0.25];

      Seems 0.25-0.30 is just about "human without optics", with 0.20 being just about "uselessly bad" and 0.35 being "impossibly good".

      I should note the other 2 aiming subskills have just about 0 impact, except maybe on moving targets.


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        Re: AI accuracy

        (add an h to the beginng)
        Long story short: keep server skillAI settings to "novice". Set AI aimingaccuracy between 0.25 and 0.325.

        Worth the read, but then I wrote it :)

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