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Tuesday April 28 Tac-Tuesday

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  • [AAR] Tuesday April 28 Tac-Tuesday

    On Tuesday we started our first with Noyava running the MCC and our task was the destroy enemy AAA in the town of Syrta I volunteered to take Lead for the mission and I planned out a LZ and a OP 1 however when we arrived at OP 1 we were in for a surprise.

    Once we took OP 1 we started to be attacked heavily from th3 town by enemy reinforcements and not soon after on our masive hill top they started coming from all sides the 7 or so men up there did great we were fighting all around with AT we were switching mags when needed Ramna did a great job as medic as well as Maj.S and Craig with AT things started looking bad when they started assaulting from all sides so I sent Craig and Hummel on a mission the flew in with a Ghost Hawk and the minigun and lit up the AO helping greatly as well as bringing ammo after what felt like forever up there we eventually pushed down the hill clompleted our objectives and were able to extract back to vase. With some really close mortars landing next to us. So a big hand to everyone who fought on that hill with me I'll try and list all who were there but sorry if I miss you.
    (Noyava AR, B as GL, Ramna and Marcus Medics, Craig and Maj.S as AT, Redhead as AAR, Me as Explosives specialist,)

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    Re: Tuesday April 28 Tac-Tuesday

    It was a good run last night.

    Fire and Maneuver
    - The hilltop fight went on and on - we probably shouldn't have stayed up there as long as we did. We did work well on keeping people alive and maneuvering around the hill top to blunt the various counter attacks. As AR I run through at least 2500 rounds up there. Big thanks for Redhead and Maj for bring extra mags when we left base!

    Description, Direction, DISTANCE. All three D's matter :)
    - Shout out to [MENTION=126738]Hummel[/MENTION] and Marcus when the three of us were overwatch. We swatted quite a few EI away from the assault team. Hopefully enough we can be forgiven for that little friendly fire incident - which was all on me. Leason learned: when on a busy battle field better direction than "Enemies in the smoke screen, bearing 220 (or whatever it was)!" should be given to the MMG operator as more than one smoke screen might be present. In this case the two smoke screens were even on the same compass bearing, separated by about 300 meters.

    Random memories:
    - Enemy sniper dropping one of our guys with one shot and then the whole hill side erupting in small arms fire. Very cinematic action :)
    - IFRIT rolling down the road to within 10m of Red team as we hid behind trees and a guardrail trying to shoot out the wheels. Luck us the HMG turret was damaged some time earlier (I assume, since it didn't rip us to pieces). No idea who hit with the RPG from the other team, but I gotta tell you I was more worried about your rocket than I was the Ifrit ;)
    - Props to Maj Shawn and Jeffery for taking out the Taru full of troops that tried to cut off our exfil.


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      Re: Tuesday April 28 Tac-Tuesday

      That was a great scenario put together thanks to Noyava. We got into an extended firefight on top of that hill which resulted in a nice air-battle show when Hummel and Craig's Ghosthawk got into it with 2 helicopters. We did stay on that hill for a bit too long I thought. But it made for one heck of a defensive firefight.

      Not only that, Noyava kept us on our toes the whole time... Even the extraction was not a lull... Lifting off from the ground in the last moment away from AO we were getting mortared. Good stuff. Good stuff.




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