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AAR: Friday Night 5/29/2015

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  • AAR: Friday Night 5/29/2015

    Rodopoli Videos (My direct chat is not being captured) 1080p - Rodopoli, my insertion. Playing here at TG allowed me to join, gear up, and literally jump right into the action. Also about half way through you get to see Craig Holmes do his best Austin Powers impression in a truck. - Rodopoli, extraction. This is a long one but worth the watch. Players(Craig Holmes) going back under fire to rescue others. |TG| B and myself under close grenade fire while suppressing (45 seconds in).

    The nights ops, for me, started as reinforcement as an engineer supplement to a ODA element searching Rodopoli for enemy intel as well as destroying stashed supplies. My halo jump was way to close to the hot zone but thankfully the enemy were to distracted by the quick and ferocious fighting that was already going on that they didnt bother to look up. I quickly linked up to |TG| B who was at the time in charge of this operation. While I did not get to personally witness any of the close quarters fighting or destruction of enemy armor assets the ambient sounds of echoing gun fire, anti tank missiles followed by secondary explosions gave me a boost of morale that these guys knew what they were doing.

    With the objectives complete B calls for us to start falling back to our LZ for extraction. The whole run was under fire and gas propelled grenades. B kept his HQ element focused and safe, we took one casualty(Cursed) from a bullet wound to his lower left leg. While under enemy fire Craig Holmes turned back around without regard of his own life and carried Cursed 100 meters to get him to medical(Jeffery) attention so he can get back into the fight while B and myself laid down smoke and covered with our 6.5m rifles. Red team lead by Unkl was further down the road on point and engaged numerous contacts for the whole duration of our extraction. We had transport waiting on us and RTB'd with every soul that departed the FOB, and new joins, to begin with.

    Military Compound Videos 1080p - Long one as well but good watch. First blue teams push up hill, mark enemy APC, kill enemies to our front but eventually get out flanked, we all die. - Convoy to WP2 and factory. B gets to excited about a mine @ 3:22 - Push into compound, B leads breach into building.. sorry I cant aim B! @5:30 - Finally killed 3 enemy while clearing tower.

    Military Compound Assault
    After getting hot rats and time to refill our magazines we were sent back out to catch the enemy off guard and go on the offensive ourselves and assault an enemy FOB that was well established with numerous guard towers and distinct height advantage. B re-organized the elements as we were given a larger force to complete the daunting task. This time we had A10 CAS support as well as a UGV as a forward scout. Blue team for this leg consisted of myself, Scotty, Jeffery(medic), and Packa. We were to be on the Western front of the initial assault and simultaneously push up the hill while watching our flanks and rear. While on foot patrol to our rally point we came across an enemy medium armor APC, it was quickly identified and after relaying its 10 digit was taken care of by our A10 in less than one minute. Blue team then continued its push this time it was an advance up the hill. We engaged 6+ enemy contacts on 2 different fronts. Being on the face of a steep incline, little cover we were easy pickin`s for the enemy squads that took refuge in heavy cover and blue team took heavy casualties and friendly forces were unable to assist before members of blue team went unconscious but they were able to relay their last position via GPS.
    -All deceased were recovered-

    In honor of the late blue team the FOB sent out another QRF to not only recover the friendly forces but to continue with the assault as well. This time B had the elements mount up in armed Hunters. After a quick convoy, downed enemy Stryker, 2 dodged possible VBIED's we made it to WP2. B had blue team clear out the factory which had 2 EI hiding.. but not well enough inside of it. We also found a trip wire mine that was cleverly hidden. Luckily we had EOD on hand and they were able to rid the danger with a shape charge. After we surrounded the remaining EI in the military compound B called for the final push up the bloody hill. This was done on foot and had some very intense CQB. Blue team assaulted one of the military towers and held high ground while other elements kicked down doors looking for the EI to scared to fight. Mission complete, friendly remains recovered, and whole team RTB'd. After returning to base the base commander gave a morale speech and congratulated each of us and gave Command Coins to those he heard over the radio completing heroic actions.

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    Re: AAR: Friday Night 5/29/2015

    sounds like an awesome time, im sad to have missed it... it was too far into the night for my timezone

    im curious, who were the a163 (a10) and unmanned ground vehicle operators? I noticed the server only had 13 people at its max so im surprised you went out with so much equipment
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      Re: AAR: Friday Night 5/29/2015

      That is how we roll... Plus I wanted people to do what they wanted and gave options to bring in equipment. I think Reese was pilot for the jet. I dunno who was doing UGV.

      Man I had a few ones yesterday. The Hunter convoy; how did that happen? Did we get beaten back on the first assault? I sound like I had fun. LOL.




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