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Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

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  • [AAR] Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

    Just wanted to kick this off even though I don't have time to finish this post until later today. Noyava, that was a great mission and the concept and balance was a perfect challenge. Thank you very much for putting this together as we had a great turn out and soo much fun.

    I came in as medic I guess not long after you got started. I think the start time was delayed by some last minute updates to the mods. Anywho, right off the bat we were in the fight for our own base. I found it so much fun to be down to iron sights and even though the one I had obscured most of my vision it still suprises me that it is possible to get accurate shots and maintain a better situational awareness due to your larger field of view. It sure take some discipline though.

    I was mostly following B around as he was squad lead and assigned to different teams throughout the mission. Great contact reports and teamwork all night. I stayed up way past my bedtime and started to make some really silly when I TKed B thinking that he might have been the one that had just shot Scotty.

    Every team I was with last night was a great group and thanks to you all for a really fun game. Now don't make me stay up that late again...for a while at least please.
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    Re: Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

    I started playing this at 9pm after having played arma for a few hours already and went to sleep at 9 am my time, it was definitely a great mission layout by Noyava

    I was the only one out of max ~15 people who was not infantry, so for 8 hours straight or so I flew the AH-1Z Cobra ground-suppression version mounted with 750 HE-T 20mm rounds, 2 AIM-9X missiles and 76 hydra rockets, except I could not use the AIM's and not the 20mm turret very well when I was alone flying that gunship, so I was all down to area fire on what targets were given to me with what looked like good effects

    Almost at the end I also got to fly the RHS Chinook shortly bringing in a container filled with ammo for the troops as they closed in on the russian occupied docks to pull back the enemy land invasion, unfortunately I missed out on taking my opportunity to take good overwatch screenshots of the entire event... maybe next time.

    Thanks to all who made an event like this happen, it seemed like everyone really knew their way around TFR so we got around well. Also respect to Connor who was hoping to be my gunner ever since the earlier day but instead ended up being fireteam leader and of course the squad leader B and the other FTL's I don't know about
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      Re: Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

      Green Team...

      You guys were awesome great work yesterday we got a lot done in that Team good work in that compound and on that Hill we lasted quite a while even with Hummel are AR out of ammo we may have been kinda thrown together but things worked well from my point of view until that BTR destroyed all of us on the hill. Some great moments I had were when we were on that hill and we were about to try and make a push when a large shell smashed down right on top of us killing three luckily someone got us up and we were able to regroup and take that compound also when we were about to move on before the counter attack a tank sneaked up behind us and out of no where sparrow fired a RPG and probably saved most of us until like 10 people died to the fire.... Lol.

      Thank you Maj for keeping us alive more the most part and Murray dropping targets like a boss. Hummel did some serious damage with that AR and sparrow good clutch with the RPG and AR.

      My thoughts on the mission at large were that everything ran very smooth and I didn't see many problems. Comms went very well and most people stuck to direct very well. Both fire teams worked well and CAS THANK YOU ZORILLIZ great work man.

      That was a great mission made by Noyava and nice work running things B.

      Green Team (Maj.S Medic, Hummel AR, Sparrow AR, Murray Marksman, Me as FTL)

      One moment I found hilarious and just barely cought it (as I just put my headset on after being AFK for 7 minutes) Maj.S "I want Connor back so I don't have to be FTL anymore" :) Hahahahha nice job Maj.S lol.
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        Re: Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

        Last night was a marathon session. I have endless gratitude and respect for B for leading that mission! It was a lot of work on the MCC/Zues side and I know Squad Leading is 2-3x times as challenging :) So on to the AAR...

        The Russian forces had established a beach head and fortified three outposts in preparation for their assault on Panochori. B's squad was dispatched to patrol the town and are south of it in anticipation of further Russian offensives. As they reached the center of town the Observation team (me when I'm holding binoculars) observed a mechanized platoon loading up to assault the town. Observation relayed the message to Command (me with a decision making matrix app on my phone) who passed the note to the Long Range Radio Operator (Me with a radio) who frantically started yelling at B over the long range that "ALL the Russians are coming! Right now!!" Command then watched from the observation tower as B hastily organized his team for a defense. The enemy pulled into town and we got a good count - two BTR-80's with a squad riding on each, and 2 Ural trucks with 2 squads each. All told the Russian forces had deployed nearly 40 infantry and two BTR's. At this time B's scout element was the only defense the town had - he had 5 men. Pretty sure one of them was Maj S cause I heard someone over the radio say "B! I've got some mines and explosives, should I use those?" I'm pretty sure Maj S sleeps with a APERS Mine and Shaped Charge under his pillow - just in case. While the infantry worked to set up defences Command turned to the JTAC (me with a different radio) and said "Call in the gunship!" The nearest Helo was several clicks north at the main airbase, where [MENTION=52868]Xorilliz[/MENTION] was catching up on sleep. He scrambled to get the helo ready and airborne.

        The Russian force raced through town to the North-West side and then dismounted and pushed back up the MSR to cut our base, Fort Unger, off from the town. B's squad fought a valiant delaying action, but were driven back block by block by the overwhelming tide of Russian infantry. Once CAS was on station, B started calling targets for strikes. At least 20 enemy soldiers died trying to push up the MSR, under small arms fire and gunship rockets. The area was devastated. The BTR's guns kept up pressure on the TG squad and forced them back to the very western edge of the town, only 100-150m south of Fort Unger. About this time Command managed to down one BTR from the tower with an AT4 shot and the second BTR withdrew back into town. The remaining Russian infantry started pushing from both flanks, circling south and north of the Fort position. Realizing he was getting flanked from two sides and low on ammunition B withdrew his men into the Fort. I burned through nearly 1000 MMG rounds covering their retreat from the Fort tower.

        Back at the fort handful of additional soldiers joined B's squad, giving him nearly 10 guys. After beating back the two assaults, one from the south and one from the north-west, B lead his team out to the north gate and drove the enemy off the hills to the north west. Somewhere in there someone killed the second BTR (Xor or someone with AT? I missed that part). The last half dozen Russians from the assault retreated back to outpost Flame.

        The tide had turned and we went on the offensive from that point on. The squad maneuvered through town and assaulted Outpost Flame. The fight inside the compound was intense, the Russians refusing to give an inch without bloodshed. After battering their way into Outpost Flame the squad had to fight off another Russian offensive. This time two squads in Ural trucks with one BTR for support attacked. CAS made short work of the BTR, and the infantry fought off the attacking forces.

        With Outpost Flame secured, the squad moved up hill to the North to maneuver on Outpost TorchLight, which overlooked the Russian Beachhead. A couple new guys joined in around this time as well. I couldn't see this fight very well from my position at Fort Unger, but I saw the Russians send a few counter attacks up the hill. A couple enemy helicopters tried to deposit troops on our flanks but they were unsuccessful. One suffered a mechanical failure and crash into a hillside, while another was taken down by US small arms fire.

        The fighting was intense and prolonged. Radio calls of "bingo on ammo" stated rolling in. Xor and I organized a resupply crate, a massive box of ammo and weapons, to be dropped by helicopter north of outpost TorchLight. I moved ahead of the helicopter to setup the DZ selected by B. I ended up in a gun fight defending the DZ from a fire-team that attacked. Hummel helped too by calling out targets. He was totally out of ammo at the time. With the DZ secured B had his fireteams rearm in turn to keep up the offence against Torchlight.

        As B's squad pushed through taking the outpost, digging out the last stubborn defenders, the Russians launched a counter attack spearheaded by two T-80s. Fortunately the tanks couldn't get up the hill to Torchlight and were largely ineffective. One pushed up the hill slowly, and as to crested to fire was taken down by close range AT rockets. The other fled to hide in Panochori, and was later killed by AT rockets from Fort Unger.

        With the tanks out of the way and the supporting infantry defeated the squad began descending the hill to setup for an assault on the beachhead. Suddenly a BMP rolled out from a concealed position, behind a high concrete wall, on the beachhead and devastated the squad. One whole fire team, under Frosty's command, was killed. The other half was beaten back into the outpost. Unfortunately CAS was unable to get a shot on the BMP when it first appeared. The beachhead had known AA vehicles and troops, so we had to maneuver the gunship cautiously. Once Xor had a fix on the BMP he was able to destroy it with rocket fire.

        Back at Fort Unger I organized a new fire-team (all the respawns) and sent them out to the fight. While they were moving B lead the remaining troops he had in an attack on the beachhead. Once the beachhead was secured the enemy was no longer able to call in reinforcements. All that remained was to secure Outpost Gaslight.

        The final fight at the outpost was loud and bloody. The enemy poured suppressive fire from the tower at every attempt to maneuver close for the outpost. A number of US forces were killed trying to take the houses outside the outpost, which the Russians used as machine gun nests. The Russian troops also made a habit of hiding until the US forces passed by and then attacking them from behind. The assault on the tower was well executed, despite being defended by rifles and grenades, no US forces went down inside the tower. In the end the cut off Russian forces were ground down and defeated.

        So that's the overview. Now for lessons learned:

        - Russian helicopter pilots are awful (MCC and Arma AI in general, doesn't do a great job landing in a combat zone.
        - BMPs are much more deadly than BTRs. The squad swatted down half a dozen BTRs during the mission with minimal difficulty. One BMP killed almost the whole squad. Might have been a matter of positioning and luck, but still the BMP has impressive firepower.
        - Even when you think you've cleared a compound or area, keep up 360. We probably need to take some time to practice moving as teams with eyes in multiple directions.
        - sighting and hitting targets at 300m with iron sites on an M4A1 is easier than doing it at 150m. That's probably a personal preference - But that was my impression of the sight.
        - speaking of - AAR is a crucial role and BIS arsenal makes kitting out as one more difficult than it should.
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          Re: Tac Tues - Arma 3 - RHS/TFR Awesome Game

          Originally posted by Noyava View Post
          Last night was a marathon session. I have endless gratitude and respect for B for leading that mission! It was a lot of work on the MCC/Zues side and I know Squad Leading is 2-3x times as challenging :) So on to the AAR...
          Well done to everyone involved.. Sorry I missed out :(




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