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  • [AAR] Insurgency MOUT

    2015-06-15 0500-0730Z

    TL/AR: Lev
    Medic: Xorilliz
    AR: A. Scarfo

    I just had to log this down because it was literally the most well accomplished urban combat I have seen in TG for at least a year, and this was with just the three of us with no microphones (yes, even me)

    Just like in the order of the team roles, Lev was on point, I had the middle helping him cover two-ways and Scarfo was nearly always covering rear following us as if he had a magnet attached that only kept him 5-10m away from us

    We managed to clear southern pyrgos and the town of Sofia around 2 klicks east of it. In pyrgos we were a little disorganized because we had just gotten together and people were joining and leaving, but while in Sofia none of us had died even once and I only needed to get one guy revived once which was when we dismounted from the hunter next to the first building of the town, I also only healed the other teammate twice. The most impressive thing I noticed is how we all knew when we should keep looking our own way or if we should help out as we take contact... we never got surprised - never did we take the first incoming bullet

    This is the first time I actually started an AAR no matter how short and I hope you two read this just so I can call it a job well done and I hope you jump back on the server soon again

    Edit: Forgot to mention this was during night-time, which makes it significantly harder to move in formation
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    Re: Insurgency MOUT

    Nice to hear. I've had a couple of fun sessions on Insurgency also. It's a good mode to ease back in to ARMA after so much time away. Last night I led 4 or 5 troopers for nearly two hours while fighting the insurgents. We moved North from the bridgehead and encountered pockets of resistance as we moved across rolling and open terrain.
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      Re: Insurgency MOUT

      Thanks for the great session, really enjoyed myself. Though I was covering our six 90% of the time and there wasn't much action to be had on my part, catching a few insurgents creeping up on us reassured me that it was worth it. Not having voice communication made it that much more interesting, trusting that the others would cover their sectors and relying on keeping an eye on eachother to know what to do next was a refreshing type of gameplay. I look forward to hopefully teaming up with you guys again in the future.


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        Re: Insurgency MOUT

        Hey Scarfo, welcome to the forums! I remember you were in the MOUT training we did right before you guys played that mission. Wish I could have joined in! That was a really great group of players we had in the Battle Drill (that turned into the MOUT Course). You guys actually deserve the TGU Mout pin after that. I'll see what the Dean of TGU can do about that....I'll go have a conversation with myself and see if I can relax the rules a little.
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