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Insurgency 6/18/15

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  • [AAR] Insurgency 6/18/15

    That was a great game that went down tonight, huge thanks to everyone who played tonight. We all worked very well as a team and B did a great job leading us. To start we went on a mission to take a few grids to the western side of altis we took heavy contact and were being assaulted from all sides as our medic i was scrabbling to get people up left and right and it sure made my job fun. We had constant waves of reinforcements and we were able to eventually break through and push on the next set, however we got ambushed in the forest and hillsides and were forced into another engagement where we went all the way down to two men but were able to recover. Everyone in our squad did outstanding and i will try and name those who fought beside me. B (SL), Unkl (FTL), Grunt (Rifleman), Redhead (Light Marksman), Me as Medic, Henry (AR), Jeffrey (Rifleman) SARGE (Rifleman). These were just the men from the beginning bit many more joined later on and did great as well. I remember everyone following orders well and sticking with the team so we were able to work efficiently.

    Thanks again everyone and im sure other people can talk about their view and about the mission that took place next.

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    Re: Insurgency 6/18/15

    it was great to be apart of a good squad playing ARMA on a higher level again. I had a long day so I pooped out early. I wish I had more energy I would've stuck around but I had an early meeting at work so it was probably good for me to bow out when I did. Looking forward to the next round.

    That valley was a tough nut to crack on the western side of Altis.
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