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Insurgency Jul 18th night

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  • [AAR] Insurgency Jul 18th night

    So Noyava talked about the first part of the night. I came in when the server was kinda quieting down with about 5 guys in there. I reserved the night for gaming and was all in until bedtime.

    As we started, we attacked two simple grids north of us. We attacked it 4 times. Because of the lack of a medic everytime we die, we were not able to recover. Plus, they kept flanking and ambushing us as we drove in on quadbikes. We did have one independent overwatch team helping us. The small unit action was quite fun until reached about 10 man squad. The squad was becoming very inflated. Even after splitting into fireteams, there were too many people for me control effectively enough to ensure everybody's fun.

    So, we split into 3 teams. CO small team, Red team with experiment in charge and Delta team Dimi in charge. I tried to minimize command channel chatter adn assgined each squad their objectives. The best part of the night was that I recruited Evanovich as my medic and Connor as my grenadier. We operated as 3 man very small team flanking, supporting, taking on the outskirts of AO as the bigger squads fought in the middle.

    Holding up their reputations, both of these guys were professional TG-ers the whole night making my time enjoyable. I would go quiet trying to sort COMMAND CHANNEL traffic and they would be extremely patient while I juggle that. We got plenty of action throughout the night. They would communicate, shoot and maneuver like pro-s and I did not have to manage them too much at all. That meant I could concentrate on shooting.

    Just a shout out for a great game and our small team action last night. I was too hyper to sleep.

    Of course, Dimi took on a large number of players and had his fun. Experiment took equally large number of players and had his own fun. If you played last night during the assault on Pyrgos and Anthtika (sp?) lemme know how your team did. We reached high twenties in player number on the server for several hours and managed to maintain a decent amount of organized chaos.

    Large number of teamkills though. Mostly new guys not able to recognize uniforms. So, PID and weapon discipline is gotta be instructed. A lot of dudes with ridiculous gear also. Medics with full tricked out MX Grenade launcher gun with silencer and SOS scope. Squishy medics without any protection gear on at. MMG carrying AT dudes... LOL. Other than these funny guys, the night was awesome.

    Oooh, I think I saw LowSpeed and Bolagnoise, I might have been dreaming.

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    Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

    Originally posted by |TG| B View Post

    Large number of teamkills though. Mostly new guys not able to recognize uniforms.
    No, that was all [MENTION=31929]Connor[/MENTION] =)

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      Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

      Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
      Oooh, I think I saw LowSpeed and Bolagnoise, I might have been dreaming.
      Ah man, just when I had to go to sleep at 8pm you guys do all of this? Sounds great all!
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        Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

        Yea yesterday was quite the day for grenades and prosthetics for me ;)

        And @B that team was great thanks for leading us man that was awesome the cohesion on that small team was perfect.

        Oh and i do think i redeemed myself with that perfect frag into that shack that took out like 6 of em ;)
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          Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

          LOL, I totally forgot about @Conner fragging 6 friendlies with one grenade! Fortunately it happened when all of us were pinned down behind a pergola taking fire from two directions, so we all had PLENTY of places to take cover when he started yelling "Bad frag! Bad frag!" :)


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            Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

            [MENTION=4091]|TG| B[/MENTION] LowSpeed was there, and I know [MENTION=45442]bolagnaise[/MENTION] was too.
            Both of us were returning from a very long break from ARMA world and I certainly had to get myself reoriented with … well everything. Including figuring out which key was for a compass. Yes, you've read correctly. :)

            Immense fun, I could actually see and shoot moving targets. Mainly thanks to that script which controlled the visual distance and terrain options. Otherwise, fogettaboutit.

            Great leading by the squad leaders, [MENTION=17278]Dimitrius[/MENTION] and [MENTION=6577]experiment626[/MENTION]. Which allowed me to just immerse myself into the game.

            Thanks all

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              Re: Insurgency Jul 18th night

              it's good to see you guys back...and now Liquid too! I just came back from a pretty long BF4 hiatus myself.

              The contrast between the two titles is a whole other thread but lets just say I'm enjoying the heck out of ARMA these days. I love it when my BF4 buds ask me if the map is big.
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