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Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

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  • [AAR] Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

    I saw a post by Shoomfie, my good old buddy from Arma 1/2 days, that a game was underway. I decided to hop on, and boy it was a good decision.

    Hopped in as an RPG dude and joined in as a convoy ifrit driver as we drove to the AO. Got promoted to a fireteam leader on the way with the following dudes in my team:
    1. Oly
    2. Latios
    3. Axsees
    4. shawn
    5. Biggs (Later on)

    On the way in, we contacted a NATO squad and quickly took them with our GMG ifrit. Unfortunately, GMG was dry by that point. We made it to the Dismount point and waited for the CO and others who were being inserted via a helicopter. After a quite a bit, I saw a nice OP across the valley. In preparation for the main force, I asked permission to relocate across the valley. This movement started a chain of events that led our team to be isolated and operating behind the enemy lines to flank and take down enemy objectives.

    As we were hiking to the the aforementioned OP, we run into a full squad 60 meters in front of us. Not sure if it was the cover of darkness, but they were running in front not noticing us. I decided that we hold fire and let them run pass, as there were only 5 of us and there were about 8 of them. Little did we know, we were ordered and search and destroy that squad later. We moved to contact, grenadiers initiated contact by blowing them sky high. After that, I knew this team was gonna get along together and work cohesively as a team.

    We were ordered to move far around the AO and flank the enemy. As we moved, we encountered sporadic infantry and motorized contact. A well placed ambush by us, we were victorious and without casualty on every fight we encountered. As some of our guys jumped in via parachute, they had no backpack, thus minimal ammo. We started to run low after a few fights. After a long manuever, we finally had eyes on the objective (AAA armor under netting.) Sending RPG 4 RPG rockets into it did not take it down. Then, we fought our way into to the objective. Without resupply, we looted the enemy equipment and destroyed the AAA with it. OBJECTIVE ONE COMPLETED by our team.

    So, we moved into the town and became entangled with CQB which bogged us down quite a bit. Clearing houses and fighting window to window under various lighting conditions and the NVG proved to be difficult. In the heat of the moment, the grenadier blows up a window, which killed the hostage. OBJECTIVE TWO COMPLETED (failed) by our team.

    As we fought to clear the city, enemy vehicles lurked the street which produced one of the greatest moments. As soon as we moved into a compound, all hell broke loose it seemed. I had 2 guys down with a shooter across the street pining us down. Out of nowhere, an IFV rolls in mows another one down and parks itself right outside our compound within 30 meters. Without any AT and quite a few men down, I get on command channel with all urgency "This is Blue team. Requesting IMMEDIATE CAS on our loc. Target is IFV marked as Armor. DANGER CLOSE." I even shouted those Caps. Radio started going crazy with the UAV Operator Grunt "I have eyes on, Lazing for a bombing run"... and Hummel going "CAS on the way, keep your heads down". I yell on the group channel "Incoming CAS. COVER COVER COVER.". We all huddled into a corner so close together and on our bellies waiting for the bomb to drop. A huge explosion goes off right outside the tin fence blinding our NVGs. I get on radio "Effective. Target neutralized." We ran out and recovered our fallen comrades under infantry fire. What I wanted to say on the radio was "Thank you Hummel and Grunt, you guys saved our sorry behinds. We were dead for sure."

    What followed after that was a grueling building to building fight looking for that damn suitcase. We fought up and down a street clearing buildings, calling a few more CAS in the town. Fighting calmed down quite a bit as Yellow team and us were going through the town clearing it out. Yellow Team completes the assassination of commander objective at their sector. We have been searching for that damn suitcase for a good while. I notice we left a couple compounds on the edge of the city. As we fell back to clear them, the damn suitcase was in the last possible building we checked in our sector. Suitcase full of intel was grabbed by me. OBJECTIVE FOUR COMPLETED by our team. By this time we lost two of our members: Axsees (KIA because we forgot him while trying to extract as he bled out) and Oly(KIA bled out in a building in the city).

    Command ordered a rally as he requested for an extract. We get to the extract LZ and it was a hot mess. The rally point was under constant small arms fire. Choppers were on their way. As we tried to setup a defense and recover the fallen around that Rally Point the first chopper made an attempt to land at that LZ. Shoomfie was piloting. Almost making it, he took a missile and crashed. A second helicopter was on the way with Grunt as the pilot. But by this time I took a bullet and was bleeding out. Extraction was a failure as CO called the mission.

    What a fun night.

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    Re: Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

    One of the things I hate about Enemy Assault - the logistics nightmares it tends to create.
    One of the things I LOVE about Enemy Assault - the logistics nightmares it tends to create. :)

    Last mag, out FAKs, three comrades down. Time to make a move! But we will get back to that...

    Night started out with a quite drive through the country side. Shoomfie, Biggs, and I were having a nice chat about the merits of various optics as we drove to the AO. Suddenly the night sky was filled with brilliant flashes of light. Then the sound caught up (BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrppp) - the dreaded sound of an A-10 cannon. "Dismount! Dismount!" Everyone yelling at each other as running to cover. The A-10 flew over head, so low I could read the serial number on the gun. I stood up to run for better cover before it came back around - and The MRAP 20m ahead of me exploded. And second A-10 had started its pass. The screams of the wounded and dying were drowned out by the roar of the cannon and jet turbines. For the next 20 minutes we crawled to safety, taking turns pulling each other when we were wounded. Air support was inbound - we just had to hold out. Dimi bleed out, then another teammate. We had no more med supplies in our kits and were terrified of going back to the truck - certain it was left untouched as a trap. Then I saw another missile flying toward us, but the angle seemed wrong - it flew overhead and slammed into the approaching A-10, quickly followed up by second hit. The A-10 careened sideways and slammed into the ground in the most beautiful fireball of the evening. That was the first time Hummel saved the day as CAS, but wouldn't be the last.

    [intermission] Arma crashed on me, second time. Spent 20minutes verifying games files through steam [/intermission]

    When I got back Dimi had organized Blue team and Yellow to make a parallel advance into the town at the center of the AO. I was given command of yellow team. We had a perfect defilade to provide is a concealed advance to within 50m of the town. As we waited for Blue to get into their start position we scouted for armor to engage with our AT. I found an MRAP and gave the bearing to Biggs. It was 1400m away in some trees, and we had Dimi and Grunt just behind us coordinating wIth ground and CAS so comms were pretty cluttered.
    Noyava: "Biggs, do you have the truck at 188 locked?" (During this I am searching around for other targets.)
    Biggs: "Yeah, I have the vehicle locked…" (His voice think with skepticism at the order.)
    Noyava: "Dimi are we green to engage MRAP that is in the path of Blue teams advance. We have a missile locked."
    Dimi: "affirm, green."
    Noyava: "Biggs, hit it!"
    Biggs: "Are you sure??"
    Noyava: "yes, confirmed green. Fire at will!"
    Missile goes out… I track it with my range finders… And it hits! But it hit a civilian off-road parked at 1300m, on bearing 188. As the truck burned the enemy MRAP cruised forward out of the shadows and parked between us and the fire, perfectly silhouetted. After we got done laughing and promising Dimi we would leave a note on the windshield of the "damaged" truck later, we realized we had no more missiles. Oh Well! I guess Blue will have to handle that MRAP on their own!

    We started down the ditch into town right after the incident… BAs we reached the end of the ditch and regrouped Blue team started taking fire on the far side of town. Using them as a distraction (thanks guys!) the three men of Yellow team (myself, Xorilliz, and Lord Shenanigan - Biggs was AFK ) sprinted up to a wall outside a warehouse compound. As we touched the wall Grunt (our JTAC/ UAV/officer in charge of telling us what was trying to kill us) broke over the radio with an urgent message: "yellow, that compound is occupied by many enemies, with multiple static guns!"

    Being the kind of soldiers we are, yellow team made a plan: "I'll go first and clear left. Xor, clear right. Grab the first cover past the breach and toss frags into the building. Shen, hold the corner to cover us." One perfectly executed breach and clear later we were radioing in compound clear to command. We then fought from that compound for at least thirty minutes. The enemy was all over the house around us. Thankfully Lord Shenanigan was a medic and Xor is really good at crawling to where I just got shot and pulling me back. We used the time honor approach:
    1. Noyava draws fire to force the enemy to reveal their location.
    2. Noyava falls down in a hail of bullets.
    3. Xor and Shen reply with accurate deadly fire, killing the enemy.
    4. Xor pulls me back to cover.
    5. Shen patches me up.
    6. Repeat until contacts clear :)

    During this time we had many new soldiers join the fight and Pale Horseman took over Yellow team lead. But we three were still stranded out on our own. Biggs had been killed while AFK (I think) and was back with the new yellow team. We outcasts decided we weren't going to go down without a fight. So we charged further into town…

    About 150m in we ran into HMG fire and Xor called out it was an IFV, very close. I peaked around the left corner of the house we were hiding behind and could see a bit of armor about 75m ahead. I called it in to Grunt for CAS support. He scanned with UAV and advised what we saw was the Marshall that already been disabled. As it was shooting at us this didn't seemed right, but Grunt was really busy helping Blue team at the time. Shen had borrowed some explosives from a NATO soldier, so we decided to see if we could sneak up and plant bombs on the Marshall. We got really close, within 10m. Of the Marshall. It's turret was facing away, so I made a dash for it. And got cut down by HMG fire… From the Panther IFV that was snugged up inside a cluster of trees 30m BEHIND the disabled Marshall. The Panther was what Xor had seen, and what had been firing on us. It's position under the trees had hidden it from the UAV too. Xor and Shen died trying to save me. So ended Yellow Team.

    My next life was as XO to the growing team, resposible for managing reinforcements and coordinating air support. I have to say I did a crap no of coordinating CAS. I had no situational awareness of where our squads were or where CAS was. Fortunately Grunt and Hummel had a good system running and just kept doing what they were doing. For the most part I acted as security for Dimi and grunt as they worked comms and UAV terminals and talked to new joins to get them assigned to a team and into the fight.

    Objectives were clearing and progress was moving fast. Our command post was north of the AO, and we were all focused south. I happened to look north and saw headlights coming down the road. I started asking on the radio who was driving up, assuming it was a lost JIP. No response. The vehicle stopped and I realize it was an enemy transport truck! And their were troops unloading. We called in CAS and watched as the jet ripped the truck to shreds while the enemy infantry fired AA missiles into the air. Flares were flying everywhere. Then our precious CAS jet turned wildly, rolled, and slammed into the ground! As I watched for a parachute and then was told the pilots game crashed. Hummel had a good run, and saved a lot of lives. He would be missed.

    As I scanned the tree lines north to find the remaining enemy infantry I saw more headlights. Two (two!) more troops trucks and an MRAP with an GMG. "Uh… Dimi. We need to leave."
    "Because there is an GMG hunter and about 20-30 infantry 600m and closing!"
    "we're moving south! Now!"

    And we ran. As we ran the last objective was completed. We took cover in the same compound yellow team had cleared hours ago. An ominous portend… then we watched helplessly while the MRAP destroyed our truck, mortar and whoever it was we left at the command post (I think it was Grunt?).

    As Dimi worked the radio to get all teams to collapse on our position for evac I started engaging the enemy closing in. I killed a few infantry but the MRAP started rolling in and I figured were dead for sure and Dimi and I only had our rifles. Just then Expirement626's team came in from the south and they had a Titan AT! They took out the MRAP and then got quickly got ripped to shreds by massive amounts of small arms fire. Three of their four guys were down, and I was out of First Aid Kits and on my last magazine. "Dimi! I'm going to run into town and see if I can find medical supplies to save these guys! Good luck!"

    I ran back the way I thought I had seen Experiments team approach, hoping that was clear of enemies. I got about 200m into town and started taking fire from two directions. I had walked into an ambush. I crawled to a wreck building, located one of the shooters and tossed my last grenade at the window the tracers had come from. It went perfectly in. And the room light up - with the calm, soothing green of my chemlight. :(

    At least he was backlight, making an easy target. One down. I started trading shots with the other enemy, then heard the dreaded "click, click, click!" Oh yeah. Last mag. Crap… I guess I won't be bringing first aid kits back to my friends after all.

    One day, hopefully, they'll find my body.


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      Re: Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

      Originally posted by Noyava View Post
      Being the kind of soldiers we are, yellow team made a plan: "I'll go first and clear left. Xor, clear right. Grab the first cover past the breach and toss frags into the building. Shen, hold the corner to cover us." One perfectly executed breach and clear later we were radioing in compound clear to command.
      hahahaha it seems like I didn't hear a single word of this plan in action and I did completely the opposite! the Medic I think went second and cleared right, I walked up the middle between you two :)
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        Re: Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

        Originally posted by Xorilliz View Post
        hahahaha it seems like I didn't hear a single word of this plan in action and I did completely the opposite! the Medic I think went second and cleared right, I walked up the middle between you two :)
        LOL. I all know is I went left, and cleared as I advanced an didn't get shot from the right. Then I saw dead enemy over there later. So i call that success :)


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          Re: Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

          @|TG B| & [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION]

          Really great write ups/AAR's, thank you, good reading. Makes me itch to get on for some A3 action, might jump on tonight now.

          Great stuff guys!


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            Re: Enemy Assault Sep 18, 2015

            CO - Hunter Condor 1-6 Dimitrius, experiment, pubbie medic,
            Yellow Team - Lead by Noyava/Palehorseman
            Blue Team - Lead by [MENTION=4091]B[/MENTION]
            CAS Element - [MENTION=6851]Grunt 70[/MENTION](JTAC/UAV OPERATOR) and Hummel(WARHAWK)
            Transport pilots - [MENTION=42812]Shoomfie[/MENTION] and ?(cant remember)

            Forethought: Missions like these, even unplanned missions, are what make Tactical Gamer so great. What we experienced last night is what separates us from our peer communities and propels us to the front.

            [MENTION=4091]B[/MENTION] and [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION] those were great reports. I would like to thank you both for your performance and your eagerness and willingness to document our experiences on the field.

            For those who are curious as to how our games go, every thrill that Noyava described was exactly how it went. I would appreciate it if he would stop letting enemies shoot him so much, but he's a good horse all around, and he has all of his teeth.

            I would like to thank all of the players last night, but would like to call a few out by name.

            [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION] - Thanks for stepping up and taking XO at around the 20 player mark, I needed that assistance and you picked it up quick. Our conversation went as follows...

            Dimitrius: "Noyava I need you to handle JIPs, re-enforcements, transport, CAS, and the ice cream truck.
            Noyava: "What do I do?!"
            Dimitrius: "Good luck"

            [MENTION=6577]experiment626[/MENTION] - Came in late to the game, but ended up acting as platoon Sergent/CO security. Thanks for talking care of the men in CO while I did my best to control the three fire teams, two man cas element, 2 chopper pilots and CO team

            [MENTION=4091]B[/MENTION] - Few players can keep a team alive that deep in enemy territory like you did. Thanks alot for leading blue, you guys were 100% dependable.

            [MENTION=6851]Grunt 70[/MENTION] - Keep developing that urge to be our super-support man. You started out as our UAV operator but as the game went on you eventually, technically, added JTAC(unofficially of course, there are a lot of things we should talk about, in a good way on that topic) and did an outstanding job. Our success at defending the men against armored(heavy and medium) agitators. Well done and very impressive.

            Hummel - Not much needs to be said about this players CAS abilities. More often than not, we were getting exactly what we wanted from our pilot.

            Biggs - Thanks for being you Biggs. Somehow, TG would not be the same without you. "Are you sure?" I am still laughing over that encounter with you, me and Noyava and that MRAP last night lol.

            Last night felt like we were at 100% full.

            I was a good commander. But only because my entire team performed to their fullest. Any CO/SL gets to a place where they understand that success can be described as the summation of many parts.

            Hope to see you lot soon. Start adding each other on Steam so we can attract more players when the word on a game isn't spreading so fast.

            Here's a screenshot just before player peak. We hit 29 at highest, if I recall. This is 27.

            Missed ya [MENTION=17094]Wicks[/MENTION], it would have been nice to see you.

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