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Tactical Tuesday - Insurgency Sept 29

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - Insurgency Sept 29

    I've been trying to circle back to share some details about the adventures on Tuesday.

    First we fired up the server and the mission spawning in 15 enemy caches within the island of Altis. Noyava took the initial lead and the MHQ had it's starting place up in the North West side of the island. We knew we were going to try and make use of air assets and would need an airfield so our first objective was to begin moving the MHQ towards the airbase so we could deploy pilots from main base to an airfield where we could park our planes ect...

    We cleared the grids along the route and within the hour we'd grown the population from just a couple players to nearly 20. Noyava continued to clear the grids surrounding the airfield while Rudolf & myself occupied the pilot positions so that we wouldn't have to kick new players for taking the roles and assets. Very soon things were about to get very intense!

    The next objective on Noyava's list was the town of Abdera. It was only about 1km south of the airfield we'd decided to secure. What is so difficult is the terrain of that town. It is surrounded by high hills on 3 sides that also sandwich in a deep valley on the western side of the town. The town has about 3 descending terraces with it's buildings and foliage that create nearly impossible sight lines for an attacking force or for that matter over watching teams. The hills quickly become their own death trap as exposure to the entire town is inevitable. By this time we had a very large team & I think Noyava had Grunt as a second fire team. I'll leave it to them to tell their story of what happened in that city.

    We were getting new players at a very high rate and it was now impossible to keep the current players engaged in that fight and assimilate the steady stream of join in progress players so we had to begin to lock the server.

    I also began to capture video of the CAS support provided by Rudolf from a Pawnee but sorry to say my microphone was set to open and my supper had just been delivered. Nobody wants to hear that!

    Eventually we played through that town and had some intel on a suspected cache location. Or, so we thought. There was two possible buildings that the cache could have been in from the intel we'd gotten. So at this point Noyava leading one team and Experiment leading the other they'd split up to recon each of the buildings. Both targets turned out to be active....they'd found two caches close together!! Each fire team was up against their own entire squad of enemies who were desperate to defend their cache locations. At this point we'd begun using the Huron for transport and had opened up the server again. We quickly had grown to close to 30 players where we had to lock it up again.

    Anywho, we took another town and found more intel on another cache location. OR SO WE THOUGHT. Experiment lead a team towards the cache location and upon a fly be we'd scouted out it's exact location. After dropping his team at their LZ I flew the Huron to the east and landed at a safe distance. I crested the hill to look toward their position to see another, yes another cache location between them and myself!! We had doubled down once again!!

    Eventually we'd gotten back to the main base and attempted to drive straight into the middle of Pyrgos but that didn't go so well. The numbers of insurgents were unrelenting and we had to retreat back to main camp. At this point it was getting late & I took command of the last 10 or so players. We decided to roll a mechanized force using an APC up the road north from Pyrgos. What a fight! So much fun.

    Shoomfie, Dimitrius and Cherubim were our APC crew and they did a fantastic job of keeping behind the infantry and covering our advances. Connor lead the second small team of infantry and we bounded and secured the next hull down position for the APC as we mowed through the stream of resistance that never stopped coming from the north. Fast movements, good positioning, excellent discipline from all of our players kept the ball rolling even when taking contact on 3 sides.

    Mad props to all the new players we encountered that night...there were so many. Players that were returning to Arma from years ago who found their niche with our teams almost immediately. When I finally realized the time I was shocked. As a matter of fact, I think finally this morning 3 days later, I've finally recovered from staying up far to late for my early am wake up time. Looking forward to more great games this weekend!!
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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - Insurgency Sept 29

    Originally posted by Unkl View Post
    Shoomfie, Dimitrius and Cherubim were our APC crew and they did a fantastic job of keeping behind the infantry and covering our advances.
    Just a little bit of correction on this part. The original three crew members were Grunt, Dimitrius, and I. Shoomfie joined in after we decided to abandon Pyrgos and head north. Thanks for mentioning us, but I didn't want Grunt to feel left out. Nice post.
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