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Wednesday 10-14-15

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  • [AAR] Wednesday 10-14-15

    Let me just say, Im really glad most of you came in and played! I had a wonderful time leading, and thanks to Yink, and Pale Horseman as Bravo lead we came out on top against the rebel scum.

    It started off with just me deploying to the MHQ NorthEast of Ponochori. I didnt get far till all you guys joined. But we cleared out the settlement and moved to the MHQ to resupply and move on. We ended up going East-NorthEast to other little settlements until reaching the town of Edessa. Which was tough on Bravo, getting constant casualties. (No help to friendly fire. My bad.) But we gathered enough intel on the cache site. People started leaving before we got the MHQ set up again closer to the cache site. Which was located just south of Facility. Down to four men. Grunt, DMZ Scout, Even, and me. Closer we get, more we lose. Even had to go. Scout lost connection while getting the mortar to slay bodies. Just me and Grunt remained. We decided to go out with a bang, which we did. 100-200m later we died about 20m apart. We died at the same time, which was weird.

    Anyway. Thanks to all who played, and Thanks for letting me Lead you all to death......I mean VICTORY!

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    Re: Wednesday 10-14-15

    Great leading Beck. It was a real good session. I had started up on Enemy Assault earlier but left at supper time. When I came back I joined you and a handful of others out at the MHQ.

    We were operating South and East of Kavala. Beautiful high mountainous valleys with rocky summits and rolling farmland and scattered hamlets in the valleys. We pushed North from the MHQ but halted because any further advance meant fighting overwhelming enemy in the outskirts of the city.

    Eventually we shifted our focus to the South and we worked on clearing the long broad valley leading from Kavirida in the mountains to Edessa on the coast. We had two teams working in tandem moving down the valley with one typically providing a base of fire while the other maneuvered for the assault on the enemy territory. Resistance was stiff but the teams worked very well together and by this time we had a fairly good sized group with about 6-8 in each team.

    I have to say I felt a good deal of accomplishment when we finally made it to the sea and that whole swath of land behind us had been cleared of the enemy. That was hella fun and props to Beck once again for steady and constant leadership over several hours. I wish we had finished earlier. By the time we were ready for the Cache it was past 1. a.m. and most went off to bed.

    Great games all. Thanks.
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      Re: Wednesday 10-14-15

      That cache is in Kavala and it is going to be a great great fight!!! We need everyone on hand to take that city on!!! Otherwise we will have to resort to force multipliers!!
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