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TacTuesday - Movember (wink) 10, 2015

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  • [AAR] TacTuesday - Movember (wink) 10, 2015

    Run through the brush, get shot – have experiment drag you back, run some more, get shot again, watch as the team gets pummeled by a full squad behind a blind ridge line that they can’t see but your dead body can. Crawl on your belly for . . . . . 5 miles . . . behind Noyava . . take the docks, sorry your body magically blasted to the ocean (what was with that????), but that segment of the 8 HOURS I spent last night running with you guys online was awesome. Noyava – that part had some “heart pound” as we just kept sneaking closer (inside 150M of the EI). Amazing stuff, can’t wait to do it again – THAT was some amazing forward team work if ever. Take the docks, RTB and reset the server (lag was pretty bad at points) and then move into Prygos to start it all over again . . . . awesome times guys. Can’t wait to do it all again.

    Dimi – awesome lead as usual
    Teams – amazing teamwork, it’s what makes TG what it is
    Hummel, Experiment, Sparrow and all of the guys of the 5th SFG – you know you’re my brothers, good to have a good group online and spend time with you guys.
    New guys – all of them – thanks for running with us and making it an awesome server night
    To the guy who only wanted to be the pilot (new never seen before and only stuck around for about 3 min) – stick around next time, We’ll get you some stick time, we just need to know you can get us there and back in one piece, but it comes with time.

    Can’t wait for Redacted Thursday – I’m thinking all night OPS all the time . . . .MUHAHAHAHAHA . . . who's in???

    Solo . . . .out . . . . . \

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    Re: TacTuesday - Movember (wink) 10, 2015

    Or, and I'm just blue skying here, Next time we should be the insurgents with no NVGs or heavy weapons the AI can have all the fancy toys? :p

    FYI, I'm always available if you need a bad idea.


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      Re: TacTuesday - Movember (wink) 10, 2015

      Ummm . . . how bout . . . no.

      Hey, I got "head shot-ed" enough the other day . . . a little "edge" is nice now and then . . . . .LOL

      Good stuff, You let me know Noyava I'm in no matter what we're doing . . . :-)




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