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  • Insurgency AAR

    This evening we had spectacular gameplay. Good teamwork coupled with a mixture of newer players and veterans made for an enjoyable night. We executed many missions and accomplished many goals because we worked together and the chain of command was recognized and respected.

    If you had a good time, new player or veteran, please document your experience here.

    Thanks to Rabbit who was my XO/Hunter Forward Air Controller(HUNTER FAC)

    Thanks to Valkyrie 1 for Helo support ([MENTION=38102]UNKL[/MENTION]((Mr. ARMA Game Officer Himself :) )
    Thanks to WarPig for CAS support in the A10
    Thanks to [MENTION=6577]experiment626[/MENTION] and Erwin for leading Red and Blue.

    This evening I was impressed by the cohesiveness of our efforts.

    Well done, TG.


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    Re: Insurgency AAR

    Lol. And thank you for your assistance and instruction, as well as for the rest of the gang... I supremely enjoyed myself, and felt after countless searching through servers and finding too hot or too cold porridge, I found some that was just right... If you'll pardon the metaphor. Also I have a firm belief that you never lose, you only learn... So after leading my squad of 4 into an ambush twice I learned what not to do... x.x' I appreciate the patience and not screaming at me for having some difficulty organizing at first. I'm typically a lone sniper, so to take control of a group of people was a bit out of my element... Luckily I had some awesome teammates. Shout outs to Mike, Biggs, Patrick, Rabbit, Super64, Cole and anyone I may have forgotten on red team, Also to Experiment, and his coordinated blue team, who saved my ass on that hill =3


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      Re: Insurgency AAR

      I'll start of by saying that was the coolest game of ArmA I've played since 2009. That was the last time i played in an organized, large scale operation like we did. Those type of games are the reason im at TG. Even as a grunt with Red and Blue, I had an absolute blast. Sector and building clearing with my fireteams was a great time. I goofed and somehow lost my Medkit, so i have to make sure that doesn't happen again. But we adapted and overcame.

      It was great seeing all the units working so well together. This is what ive been looking for and I know i'll be participating often in many more game nights at TG.


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        Re: Insurgency AAR

        I wasn't on for the big game Dimi lead. But I did have an amazing time taking Zaros with a few friends before that. Thanks to the whole crew:
        [MENTION=6577]experiment626[/MENTION]: Leader of our intrepid, well armed if not well prepared, team.
        @DrunkenFrodo: As out Pilot, bullet magnet, and resident British narrator.
        MPL Trace: Medic, survivor, & guy most likely to have Noyava shoot him in the face (on accident, i swear!).
        Proxy: MMG and/or self deploying turret.
        RedHead: AR and Casualty Collector. Seriously, how many times did you have to drag half the team into a CCP?
        CaptainShawn123: Tried to be awesome one time too many and paid dearly for it.

        Nightshade808 and [MENTION=17094]Wicks[/MENTION] also came in late, sadly I didn't get much chance to run with you guys. I do remember having to run across two open fields and crawl through a ditch to get behind an enemy fire team that was killing you.

        I made a little map of the route we took through town and marked the points where the firefights got really intense. The worst was the fight on the south east side of town. We had to fight down the hill, and push the enemy out of the houses in a brutal close quarters fight. Once we had reached the road we started taking fire from further south-east, as the enemy advanced from the compounds around the church in that direction. It was hard to locate the enemy as they moved through the heavy brush in that direction. While we were focused east 0 additional enemies came over the hill behind us, having followed us from the north. I expended all my UGL's trying to clear the hill and ended up using a borrowed gun the rest of the mission. That cross fire was brutal and it was only thanks to Trace and TechnicRogue (our medics) that we survived the fight. We danced on the edge of defeat more than once, but we were victorious!

        Thanks to everyone who played, I had a great time!


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          Re: Insurgency AAR

          Sounds like a GG

          Can't help but see a topless grandma in your map.




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