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Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

    Mission 1: CSAR
    I was the ground team leader. Hummel and Intel64Gamer were the rescue team.
    We found a large church building with a small stone house near it to use as our defensive position while we waited for rescue. Three men in the house, 5 in the church, and pretty open ground around us. We fought of the Nato attack reasonably well, only lost 2 guys in the fight. We successfully extracted once we finally coordinated with the pilots Communicating our position to the helicopter was a huge challenge.

    I’d advise anyone leading the ground team on this to focus on your surroundings from the beginning and leave the firefight to the other guys. I got so caught up in setting up the hasty defense in the buildings I didn't really take in the terrain in around the landing site. Couldn’t see much once we were inside the church and under fire. Telling the pilots to look for a church on Altis was… not very helpful :)

    Favorite Moment: Running out of the church toward the helicopter as it touched down, just to see it lift off as we approached. I swear I could hear Intel64Gamer laughing at me as they left us scrambling back to the safety of the building. Pilots have to make the hard call to preserve the aircraft above all else, but man that's a sinking feeling when you get left behind :)

    Mission 2: mechanized assault on Kore
    Solo was Squad leader. I was Blue team leader, with Cody, Cherub and Trace. Hummel was leading Red team if memory serves. All the teams were excellent, lots of good comms and coordination. Right at the start my team got pinned by a technical, within seconds of us coming under fire and calling it in Solo's team flanked and killed the technical. Moments later we were able to return the favor when second technical moved between our teams.

    Favorite Moment: When Blue team breached the last compound. We were such a well-oiled building clearing machine by then. Everyone covering their sectors, calling contacts and building clear status. Even when an enemy entered the compound behind us, through the same entrance we used, we had someone on him before he could fire on us :)

    Mission 3: Armor Attack
    - Played AT rifleman in B's squad. B was also acting as mission commander for this one.
    - I died, a lot. Finally got into the enemy compound on the third assault (thanks smoke grenades!). I hear the Armor crews had fun!
    - Favorite Moment: When Respawning into the tank and hearing the driver darkly muttering "Next friendly that's walk in FRONT of my tank is getting run over." Remember folk, Tank drivers can barely see, obscuring their vision further with your big old helmeted melon and you'll make them cranky! :)

    Mission 4: AirCav attack on south east airfield.
    - LowSpeed leading. Rabbit was Alpha FTL, Noyava Bravo FTL. Hummel and Lolzeramo were the aircrew.
    Bravo team was ordered to secure the east flank and capture gas station. Alpha was tasked to assault the barracks in the south west. Bravo consisted of myself, B, Conner, CapS123, Super64, Pale Horseman, and later Erwin (after Cap left).

    Right after we exited the helicopter we started taking fire. Bravo advanced with about half way to our objective before we got pinned down in the woods. We were taking heavy fire from the gas station and from the fields to the north-east (enemies from the nearby town of Feres). We knew we either stayed and died, or made a move. So we smoked the open ground to our front, and took the fight right into the gas station. A few frag grenades and magazines later we had the objective secure and began picking off enemies out in the north east fields.

    I updated command that we were ready for retasking. LowSpeed filled us in on what had happened to Alpha. They had been cut to ribbons by overwhelming numbers when they tried to assault the barracks from the north. No survivors. Naturally the next thing out of his mouth is "So now you guys need to go take the barracks." He said it with such a calm, commanding voice we were instilled with 200% confidence and gladly marched across the airfield to face the enemy head on in a Banzai charge of unstoppable strength! That or I gripped out our impending death while looting the nearby dead enemies for every smoke grenade I could find. One or the other, I forget :)

    We got into position north 200 meters north of the barracks, were we would have as much tree cover as possible on our approach, right as New Alpha landed at the LZ. A friendly CAS jet hammered the barracks with rockets and as a full squad we moved in to clear. Bravo moved through the woods using all the smoke we could muster to mask our approach. PaleHorseman, our MMG, was laying down suppressing fire over our heads. I do love a casual stroll through the woods, surrounded by multi colored smoke, with .338 zipping over head, toward men who want to kill you.

    We almost made to the barracks when an enemy soldier stood up out of the brush between us and Alpha and shoot Conner down. When we finally got there the ground in front of the barracks was littered with dead enemies, but we still had 4-5 hostiles inside the barracks. As we fought room to room clearing the barracks we made a shocking discovery - there was a CACHE! Suddenly the swarm of enemies on this barracks made sense!

    Poor Alpha team had been sent to clear 3 grids and instead run into a cache defense squad. One little corner of the barracks extended outside the Red square on the north, just enough "building" for the cache to be placed. CapS123 sent that cache, the building it was in, and most the ground underneath the building into the upper atmosphere. He swears it was "Only two charges" but no one who knows him believes it :)

    After the airfield was secured Lowspeed lead us through the town of Selakano. We had a good time clearing buildings and running and gunning through the streets. The action just never got as tense as it did when fighting for the airfield.

    Favorite Moment: As we reached the barracks Lowspeed remarks "You guys in Bravo are taking A LOT less casualties than Alpha." Naturally I took a moment in the middle of the firefight to share with him about how Smoke Grenades could make his life better. :)

    Mission 5: Assualt on the Hotel and Resort
    Noyava as SL. LowSpeed as Runner FTL, Dimi as Hunter FTL. Hummel on transport and CAS.
    As commander I didn't have first hand experience to most the action on this operation. I do have to take the blame for picking an LZ that ended up turning a fairly straight forward (if large) compound assault into an open field firefight that lasted for at least half an hour.

    Thankful we had solid FTL's who kept their teams alive (more or less) and we did eventually managed to make into the Hotel & Resort compound and clear it.

    Favorite Moment: When I shot Hummel out of moving Huron at 300-400' m with an MXM round that went high over the target I was actually aiming at. Best missed shot ever! Sorry to everyone who had to walk 20 Km back to base cause I killed the helicopter pilot :(

    Mission 6: Dorida vs Marshall
    Dimi lead a small Mechanized squad on this attack. I was waaaay to tired to still be playing. I can't remember much about this mission other than I repaired the Marshalls tires 5 or 6 times. I also remember the Marshall killing me when I was trying to cross a field under fire to retrieve the repair truck…

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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

    Last night was a good time.

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      Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

      Noyava's dishonorbru discharge pending


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        Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

        His pending case has been withdrawn. Gunner of LAV shot him dead.

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          Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

          Originally posted by Hummel View Post
          Noyava's dishonorbru discharge pending
          Good luck getting me convicted. For one, I'll be standing there wearing like 75 Purple Hearts, which is a huge sympathy boon for me. Second whose going to really believe that I shot the pilot out of a moving helicopter at more than 300 meters. I saw it happen and I'm still 40% sure I'm lying ;)


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            Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

            Have to start calling you Quiet. MGS: TPP Reference


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              Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

              Thought of Noyava showering in bikini whilst humming repetitive, hypnoptic tune...

              (Skip to 0:45 to begin seeing what cannot be unseen)


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                Re: Tactical Tuesday - 12/12/15 - Mechanized Death Edition

                Noyava That was a hilarious... and accurate AAR. lol Good times last night!




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