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Tactical Tuesday - January 26, 2016

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - January 26, 2016

    Hello everybody,

    Tonight we had some exceptional teamwork and tactical gameplay. I joined in progress, so I missed the first operation(s), although I did participate in the last two missions and I have to say those were amazing.

    The first mission was fairly simple: we had to defend a somewhat well fortified position on a high ground while hordes of enemy (AAF) were attacking us from 3 directions. I was an AR and, despite my fetish for .338, I actually sticked to the MX SW and that was probably the best decision of the night. I was able to keep almost continuous suppressive fire on enemy without running dry because 6.5 is so light (I had 1600 rounds on me). Once I got to about 500 round I started saving my ammo, but then LowSpeed showed up with extra 1200 rounds so I could continue suppressing the enemy. In the end, I spent about 1700 rounds and killed 48 enemies without dying once (yeah, I got lucky, they shot GMG at me few times but they missed). It was a lot of fun, but at the same time it was little bit too easy (at least for me, because I stayed in a bunker ;)), so it left me wanting some challenge.

    And the challenge came in the second scenario. We started by forming up in a platoon column with Alpha (my team, led by Liquid) leading the way. Initially there was some confusion about how multiple elements fall into larger formation, but it was resolved fairly quickly and we were able to continue our patrol in a manner that allowed us to quickly adjust to any situation. We met resistance several times, including light armor that we dispatched with well placed PCMLs, but for the most part we were doing great. By great I mean most of us were able to stay alive, but it wasn't easy because very often we took fire from several directions and it was difficult to evacuate the wounded. Also, there was an issue with one concealed AI wounding several of our men (including me) before we were able to find and kill him, but overall we did pretty well. Eventually, we were able to eliminate the HVT and complete the mission. This mission, in my opinion, was much more team oriented. There wasn't as much shooting, but there was much more crosstalk between team members, and team leaders.

    I only have one regret: I forgot to record tonight's gameplay :( I usually do, but tonight I only planned for playing for an hour or two so I didn't bother with starting extra software to record this game. Well, that's a lesson learned. Next time I will record everything.

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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - January 26, 2016

    it was a great night of gameplay for me as well. I came in while the defend the hilltop mission was in progress and was assigned FT lead. As we were in a static position there wasn't a great deal of complexity beyond ensure we had ample ammo and wounded were handled effectively. I came in with the Heavy MG and provided more killing power than suppression I think. that thing is a beast at range. Accurate and one shot deadly with the right optics and dialing in the range as you change targets.

    I switched to medic in the second operation around Abdera. I loved the mission Cody and thought the area around Abdera was great to work within.

    Liquid led Alpha, Frodo led Bravo and Dimi led the platoon. I was in Alpha with Lord, Experiment, Liquid and ...feck I forget...sorry... We had excellent comms and as fire teams we switched off on fire and maneuver roles during the operation. I was kept extremely busy as medic but we were against very heavy resistance. Early on I exposed myself to far too much fire as medic but I learned my lesson and the latter half of the mission I kept my head down much more and kept the team going by many revives and heals. Much of the mission we had two medics and we worked well making sure most of the time we weren't under fire in the same place at the same time. Great work by all.

    It was a great mission Cody. I loved how the objectives changed as the mission played out.
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      Re: Tactical Tuesday - January 26, 2016

      The day started off with a night time assassination raid carried out by myself, Expirement626, Sparrow, CapShawn, MPLTRace, and Hummel. It was a mission that called for stealth. So we Halo dropped on the outskirts of Aggelochori, then carefully maneuvered past enemy patrols (got into a series of running gun battles), snuck up to the compound (poured 500 rounds into the building from across the street), and escaped without notice (ran away from approaching reinforcements and then blasted our way out of the bay in a hail of GMG rounds on a stolen boat). We went in like modern day Ninjas and left like modern day drunken Pirates. Pretty close to a perfect Op ;)

      After that the official Coastal Raiders scenario began. The operation had two phases, targeting four objectives. The first objective was a small raid against a communication outpost, to reduce the enemies ability to call for help when the main attack began. The team took a boat ride, then stole a truck from a poor civilian (who may, or may not, have been a CSAT spy that tried to kill them), and climbed a mountain to face off against HMG emplacements, and then make an under fire Helicopter evac (thanks @Frodo!) once they had turned the enemy communication outpost into rubble.

      The second phase was meant to be an amphibious assault against the enemies fortified positions in Ammolofi bay. To the west of the bay were open fields. Those open, cover devoid fields that only a crazed mad man would try to attack through. Also it was a minefield. Unfortunately @Expirement626 can't be constrained, he's a loose cannon, he doesn't follow "the rules", etc, etc. So the enemy had to scramble to shift resources from their carefully placed defensive positions to the open fields to the west. They sent an MMG team, the sent foot patrols, and they sent MRAPs. Still the NATO squad pressed on with plenty of assistance from Frodo and Hummel, who worked mortars, artillery, and helicopters in support roles. The enemy HQ and supply base at the Ammolofi airfield were secured. The untouched enemy defenses along the bay were abandoned as CSAT fled the field of battle.

      The next mission involved a rapid deployment to set up a hasty defense near the Hotel Restort, where civilians were taking shelter from AAF forces determined to exterminate them. We had 15 men and 15 minutes to organize our defense. The enemy had more than 200 troops, plus light armor and MRAPs. Our squad was dropped into the AO by Frodo while Sparrow provided aircover in a Pawnee. CapShawn's wildest dream came true and he got to place dozens of landmines and claymores around the area. We had excellent lines of sight to the east, the expected direction of the enemy advance. Unfortunately a tree covered hill blocked our view to the north, and set of hills made a defilade to our south (which we didnt realize until the enemy slipped two squads through it into the Hotel area). The main defense line never wavered, with Shenanigan, Loaffy, Grunt and Hummel on MMG/AR duty any enemy that tried to push that side was effectively fed into a meat grinder. CapShawn's mine and his PCML launcher destroyed the MRAPs and light armor threat. Sparrow gunned down one team of enemies that flanked around us into the hotel complex, and half a dozen of the civilians we were protected, in a hail of mini-gun fire. MPLTrace and Dimitrius were our medics and had a lot of work to do, running up and down the line, and was greatly appreciated.

      After that we ran Cody's ManHunt mission, which was a lot of fun. I missed the middle half of that operation, so I'll leave it to others to expound on that one. But I had a good time!




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