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Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

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  • Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

    This is the thread for AARs for Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault.

    Thank you to Hummel for leading and everyone for attending.

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    Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

    I guess it's appropriate that I post the first AAR. Let me begin by stating that it was my ultimate pleasure acting as CO for this particular event. If I didn't have Lowspeed as my XO helping with comm traffic, the event would have dragged on considerably. My apologies to B for failing to properly delegating a responsibility to him during the event; it won't happen again.

    My squad leaders lead their teams well. Neither infantry team was wiped out at any point (as far as I know). Objectives were taken quickly, efficiently, and mercilessly from those pesky insurgents. When orders were slow to come around, my leaders sat on their hands patiently and waited respectfully. Their conduct is something I can't repay.

    Now that word service is over, about the mission:

    The mission started with a swift and lethal raid on the insurgent-held village of Tal-Gozar. Knight 1 and 2 set up an L-shaped ambush of sorts, silencing patrols along the way while Bishop 1 provided direct support. The green light came when Knight 2 spotted enemies pouring out of the compound gate. I ordered Knight 1 to begin the assault when they could confirm that all technicals in the compound were destroyed, then told Bishop 1 to lay the hate. From green light to objective complete, I could have sworn was less than 5 minutes (Setting up the assault took much longer thanks to my failure in planning, a theme made more and more clear as the mission progressed). Excellently done.

    The ride to Objective Bravo was the last time infantry would use their transport for this mission (Again, planning/logistics failure, my fault, RIP HMMVVs). Bishop 1 provided overwatch for Knight 1 and 2 to enter the town and take away our enemy's convoy. Multiple enemy vehicles destroyed, many enemies cleared from the town. Objective complete, ammo & troops checked -- After a quick RV between Knights, I gave the order to slowly approach an enemy stronghold. Everyone took their time and did the job right. I can't say anything bad about how sore they made the enemy.

    Objectives C and D complete, it was time to take the enemy's tanks from them, crappy as they were. From the enemy stronghold, I ordered Knights 1 and 2 to march on the enemy and breach their compound when ready, while Bishop 1 followed their pace from a main road SW of their position. This objective didn't go AS smoothly, but it was still well-executed. Bishop 1 was critically hit not long after first contact, but was able to make it to the infantry teams, disembark, destroy their Marshall, and attach to Knight 2 to finish the fight. Charges planted, tanks destroyed, another wait for logistics to catch up. Once I decided how to transport troops (with the help of Lowspeed), LZs were set and I gave the order for troops to be hopped over the river into their respective zones and prepare for a final L-shaped ambush.

    This final objective was a little more chaotic, as I'm sure everyone was ready to be done with my lagging leadership. Took a few casualties, spotted some mines, ignored a couple of stationary (for some reason) technicals just outside our door, but we got charges set on the cache and blew it, instantly waking us from our bad dream and placing us in TG's Arma III Teamspeak channel. :)

    I was not in the fight, so this is as detailed of a report that I can type up. I'd like for my squad leaders and team leaders to pitch in, as well as anyone else who had a vivid experience.


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      Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

      Kicker Lead AAR

      Kicker was a support team. Our job was to save marines lives during the combat operations. Mostly to save them from themselves. Kicker was composed of myself, Cody, CapShawn, and Olystis.

      On the convoy out we were in victors 2 and 3, HMMVVs with .50 Cal gun mounts. As the convoy approach the river crossing the enemy sprung a text book ambush. Their technical with an HMG opened up. Kicker team valiantly drew all the fire to give Knight 1 and Bishop plenty of time to take up positions to fight back. Once our job as primary enemy target was done we all took a little nap while the enemy was dispatched. The medics had to come by to wake us up when the fighting was over, such was the confidence we had in our teammates ;)

      When we arrived at Objective Alpha, after a lovely walk along beside a little patch of forest, we were told to approach the compound from the north while Bishop and Knight 2 suppressed the enemy from the East. The attack went without a hitch from the Knight 1 and Kicker perspective. We moved up without taking any fire, blew a hole in the wall and pour threw like a torrent of heavily armed ants. What greeted us inside the walls was horrifying. The level of destruction caused by Bishop and Knight 2 couldnít really be called "suppressive fire" so much as it could be a "war crime". The only thing left alive in there were two technical drivers, hiding under their steering wheels crying out for the sky fire to stop. We put them out of their misery and then planted explosives and destroy the enemy weapon caches.

      After this there was much standing around as logistics were handled. Kicker passed the time by setting charges on the technicals, possibly well in advance of receiving orders to do so. As we started to move out toward Objective Bravo Hummel, King-Actual, radioed a request to "prepare to destroy the enemy technicals", which was followed 10 seconds later by a insanely large series of explosions as the charges, and then the fuel tanks of the techies, detonated in rapid sequence. Reports indicate several members of Knight-2 required mental health breaks to recover from the unexpected fireworks :) King-1 never asked for additional demo work after this, no explanation was given :)

      This AAR pointedly refuses to acknowledged *any* events that may, or may not, have occurred on the road from Obj Alpha to Obj Bravo. I insist it was a *completely* uneventful drive.

      I missed out on all of Objective Bravo due to person logistical issues (ArmA Crashed and took down the whole OS with it). I hear CapShawn, Cody, and Olystis blew up a couple of tanks though!

      Objective Charlie was another Cache destruction operation. Once again Bishop and Knight 2 were overwatch while Knight 1 and Kicker approached to attack the compound. Knight-1 Actual decided that he didnít need Kicker to open a "surprise door" this time and would, instead, walk through the front gate (on the south) and, I assume this was the plan, ask the insurgents politely if we could plant some C4 on their weapons cache. If that wouldnít be too much trouble. The insurgents shot him and half his team down. Kicker pulled back to the west wall and planted a breach charge (and this is where things really went off the rails). <Entirely fictionalized account based on my possibly biased perspetive> At the same time Knight 2 was "overwatching" from the west and couldnít see a single enemy because there was a 12 foot stone wall blocking the whole west side of the enemy compound. Their trigger fingers got really itchy. They saw some "shady looking characters" around the west wall, clearly up to no good trying to break into the enemy compound. That couldnít stand. Knight-2 Actual, one SoloSniper, ordered his mean to "pick off the leader to teach them a lesson." So they shot down the guy closest to the wall. I will give them credit, they did STOP shooting when the remainder of Kicker started yelling at them to stop killing friendlies! </end fictionalized account>

      Once Kicker was all back to fighting strength we enter the compound that was 80% secured by Knight-1 and helped mop up. Once we set charges on the cache we decided to take an unconventional exit. Knight-1 and Knight-2 went out the gate to circle around to the compounds to the north. Kicker climbed the ladder on the north wall and jumped into the next compound. Our three man team cleared two compounds on our own, with plenty of frags and SLAM mines used in the process. The second compound was a text book example of compound clearing. I set a SLAM mine. It blew open an small breach, we put a single frag through which took out 2 enemies. I stepped in and looked right, saw an enemy and failed to take him out with my shotgun. I moved through the engagement to the next wall as CapShawn enter behind me and took out the target. Olystis went past me as I reloaded and cleared the last enemies in the house. Was a real highlight of the day!

      Knight-1 and Kicker moves quickly from Obj Charlie to Obj Delta. Knight-2 got lost or stopped for snacks? Who knows! As we approached the compound Bishop opened up with its canon and everything just went crazy. In the course of the next 30 minutes Kicker team breached 5 walls, cleared a dozen buildings, used up half a dozen medkits, and watched Knight-2 try to kill Knight-1 with over eager rocket fire! With all the burning technicals that Bishop and Knight-2 killed in the initial assault NVGs were near useless, so Kicker made good use of the flashlights we had on our guns. It was a great fight, and I ran completely out of ammo at the end of it. We also blew up 2 tanks with explosive charges, which is always a nice bonus!

      I did not participate in Objective Echo, the final objective. I hear we won though.

      Lessons Learned:
      - Slam mines DO make good breaching tools.
      - Shotguns with slugs are just rifles with terribly mag counts
      - HMMVV windows are not bullet proof. At All.
      - When [MENTION=60782]MadSoloSniper[/MENTION] says "we got your back" he might mean "We have a target on your back" ;)
      - Predicting that the CO will, probably, ask for charges to be planted on enemy disable vehicles is always a good idea.
      - Detonating charges half way through a 10 count helps keep people on their toes.
      - Always lets the other squad breach first ;)


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        Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

        I came in 3 hours late (would have been 90 minutes if Kicker didn't have the gear issues) together with Loaffy as Bishop-2 but we were instead immediately assigned to Knight-2. We came in by little bird as they had just finished clearing the 3rd objective so we got to clear the 4th and 5th. I only want to describe a single highlight from the 5th one:

        I was running right behind [MENTION=6577]experiment626[/MENTION] with 6 or so people just behind me, double timing it to the wall of the compound on the east side and followed it to the north-east side to breach the entrance. As we closed in on it, I saw something shaping up around the side of a bush on my right side, it was an armed technical not 20 meters from us with its gunner just staring into our wall not noticing us for the whole duration as we moved along the wall. Experiment did not seem to notice it as we moved up so I quickly shot the crew while reporting the contact as noone seemed to expect contacts outside the wall which we had lightly scouted out before rushing to the wall. As the team prepared to breach, I moved around the corner of the compound on the north side, and again, an armed technical with its gunner staring my way is less than 20 meters away and I do the same thing again with a slow reaction time. These technicals are hard to spot without the right preperation and we could have easily been wiped by constant .50 fire, but it looks like we weren't the only ones not paying attention :)

        Overall, good mission, great map with tight compounds and breaching
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          Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

          Had a good day leading Knight One got ambushed once or twice blown up a couple times. At one point Dimi was giving me a lesson about not being shot when he was interupted by a bullet entering his head. ;)

          Had a large squad with about 8 guys in Knight and 4 ib Kicker, big thanks to Bishop for the transport during the event.

          All in all had a good long day with lots of explosions and not to many deaths can't ask for a much better day.


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            Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

            I will share the experiences from my point of view. Please don't take it too seriously. I want to say that I had a great time although I would write something close to a whining. The great time I had is because of everybody.

            I have not played for quite a bit and was excited to take part in this event which turned out to be a big success. The turnout and overall mood of the participants during the mission signifies that. I have been preparing for a week. Every once in a while popping into the test server to check my mods and check out the base etc. As the event neared I found out that I was assigned to the Platoon Sergeant slot. I was itching for some trigger time but it looked like I will be with the command element. Then I saw Dimi posting different duties fro the different officers. It said Plt Sgt should be responsible for convoy operations, armor well being and supplies to the front lines. I thought, well at least I have something to do.

            Two hours before the event I ran into the CO in the test server. I thought this was a great time for me to ask my orders. CO told me that I would be RTO mostly. I gladly accepted although I would find out that I am not as proficient with the role as I thought I was. I asked him "Are we gonna see any combat?". CO said "Not for the first mission at least". Oh well, it is a big event with everybody showing up and I would be one soldier with a not as exciting job, I thought.

            The event kicks off and CO called leaders to the tent where the ammoboxes are while telling the soldiers to stay outside the tent, causing the prep time to be extended. I saw this mistake but did not say anything. Plt Sgt by definition (wikipedia?) is a senior member in the platoon advising to CO I found out later. I did not do much advising and let Hummel make decisions mostly. He did nudge me couple of times saying "This is my first time commanding a mission this scale." I did not take the hint and did not help much. After quite a bit the convoy went off. There were two medics that was not moving out with the main convoy and who stayed with the command at base as the convoy moved out. This I was aware of and more than once I thought "What if they take causalities with the medics so far behind?" This is another thing I did not bring up to the CO so that it would have been a bit smoother after that first ambush where Kicker dies from the technical. Again not doing my duty. CO found out that medics were still with us and sent them forward with a Humvee but it was still too late and caused the main force to wait unnecessarily.

            XO during this time was on the phone. CO and I holed up in some compound and monitored different channels on Long range. I was handling the ground comms for a bit. CO was so flustered that he didn't even bring a rifle with him. He ended up using an MXC rifle from the Humvee inventory. Then XO came back from his phone convo. I went to pick him up. While on the ride back, I could hear every single radio. XO was so much more technical savvy than me at being the RTO. XO had 5 different the short range radios dangling from his body on speakers, we could hear what the infantry was talking on their channels. Quote "I have all the short range and longe on speakers so we can hear it, like a proper radioman." It was really cool hearing the comms being calm right before the fight and then a sudden burst of panicky orders like "Hit them, fire fire, shift left, two more" coming through the radio. All we could do was listen intently in our compound trying to assess if the fight is going well through the radio transmissions.

            By the time CO element got Objective Alpha, I knew I had nothing to do to contribute to the commanding element. Between XO and CO, they were handling all planning and radio comms efficiently. Not only that, it looked like I missed a meeting as they always would say "Ok like we talked about..." or "As we discussed before ...". I think I stood there listening to comms for about an hour. This was inevitable. I was just a bit jealous of those who are pulling their triggers. I am sure the pilots were also very much like me, waiting for comms directed towards them, waiting for somebody to tell them to do something. I ran around the compound that the infantry cleared, weapons up, looking down my gun sights, pretending to breach buildings, climbing up high and binoc-ing to the empty darkness. XO asked "B, are you bored yet?". I would say "Out of my mind". At this point I was planning to end the session within about 10-15 minutes and tend to some real life stuff.

            We got picked up from our compound and transported once again forward near the frontlines. XO said "B, you can attach yourself to one of the units and get some trigger time." I was still debating between ending the session within minutes, but with that suggestion I joined Knight-1 squad and was on my to link up with them. Connor: "B, are you joining us on the ground?" Me:"Yeah, until I leave" as I was still planning to end the session.

            So, you have read this wall of text describing my boredom. I have prepared you for how I felt, the highlight of my night, an event which made sure that I stayed throughout the event and some more afterwards. Caught up with Connor's squad I was griping about my uneventful night of being the Plt Sgt and how I just stood in one place listening to radio communications and staring at the map. Connor's squad was in a column formation jogging through a valley of some sort with bushes. I was second in the column, and then suddenly I see something moving in front of us. Like 20 meters in front of us. I could spit and hit this person's forehead, that close. I pause a little bit and examine; definitely not one of us. More is running right freaking in front of us. "Contact, Contact!!!" I yell on the radio before spraying until my mag is empty. I strafed to the right so that guys in the back can get a shot out as well. One, two down... a machine gun goes off, and each member of our squad sprays to the muzzle flash. "Another one, MG!".

            A chance encounter with a roving patrol; a very brief and very sudden burst of explosive action; after so much downtime and boredom. This was the highlight of my night. Without the boredom, I would not have had the same experience. So the boredom was as much part of the experience as was the encounter with those four poor insurgents. I remember saying "Woah, I have been quite bored for the last three hours, this exciting thing happens. I am very excited."

            I decided to stay throughout the event and went with Connor's squad breaching compounds, getting into fights, fragging buildings and receiving rockets from friendlies all through the rest of the event. Plenty of action as part of the Knight-1. With the trick I learned from the XO, I had my Long range on speakers with low volume so that the grunts can hear command level radio chatter. I hope that added to the immersion.

            Loved the freshness that mods and the new map brought. Loved the large turnout which made the experience so much more and like a a real big operation. Loved how each and everybody acted with professional and courteous manner making sure that the experience for the fellow participant was pleasant.


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              Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault



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                Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                From my military experience one aspect was absolutely spot on; Hurry up and wait. Apart from that I enjoyed my night in the rain and dark as a member of Knight 1. I was a true grunt, not knowing or caring about the big picture, just trying to stay alive. Sitting , moving , waiting, moving, waiting, shooting....Waiting. Everyone can't be in charge, some of us have to be the mushrooms (kept in the dark & fed crap), the role I happily accept in TG Arma. Do not take my AAR as a jab at the mission or the leadership, I did enjoy my time in game which I do not get very often. It is just Chief being the Chief.


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                  Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                  Hey, it was good to have time to catch up with ya, [MENTION=138391]Chief[/MENTION].

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                    Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                    AAR from Bishop 1 commander

                    Bishop 1 was myself, Browna on the steering wheel, and Sesks on gun.

                    I got roped into convoy commander, which was less than 100% successful, as it took me a second to realize not every vehicle had a long range, and that sort of thing.
                    But once we started moving Sesks very quickly spotted nearby infantry. I tried to radio it in on 9 to command, but got my Task force radio all screwed up. Happily, and no thanks to me, no one died, Knight 1 disembarked and did their thing. A few minutes later we were back on the move. At the marked point I stopped, knight 1 disembarked and started their walk. Bishop proceeded forward. Sesks and I split up the clock, keeping him covering the section I thought more likely to have contact, since he actually had a gun and I had a very advanced camera. Once we reaxhed our hold position we engaged an abandoned technical and spottred some infantry on Knight 1ís flank, our north. However, due to the extremely high power zoom on Bishop 1, I did not at first appreciate how very far the enemy was. Knight 1 rightly noted that those enemies on their flank were about 1 kilometer away and no threat.
                    After a few minutes King/command called the plan ; bishop 1 frontal attack to start it oof, then an infantry element advancing from the north. Sesks put very good fire on the compound, and browna drove us just close enough without getting too close. As the infantry advanced from our right (north side) we shifted fire east, and then went weapons red on the compound. We then turned the vehicle around so our big armor was to the way to just came, since we had friendly infantry in the compound which was now safe. We drove some driverís back to get the Humvees, and then returned to main force.
                    For the next objective we operated as long range support, as Knight elements hit the objective to our east, we covered their north/western flank.

                    Throughout the mission we encountered sporadic infantry contacts, and engaged them. Although I did see RPGs on some of the bodies, none fired at or hit us.
                    At some point, I think objective delta, we got within 200 yards of an objective and crested a hill. We immediately saw multiple infantry, and a T-72 staring right at us. Sesk opened fire, and Browna correctly backed us up. Once we were behind the ridgeline again we got ourselves ready and repeated the process, pop out, fire, pop back. We did this 2 or 3 times before Browna noted we had taken several hits from the tank, and our hull was red. I thanked Browna for noticing that and preventing our fire-y deaths. We backed out, and returned to command element. Unable to locate an engineer, Kicker/demolition element blew up Marshall to prevent it from falling into enemy hands and we joined Knight 2 for the last objective. It was a nice change of pace to be infantry, and it felt more intense than the Marshall, more dangerous. I was on point for Knight 2 along with Ferret. It was a blast.
                    Thanks to Sesks and Browna, it was nice chatting and laughing with you guys during the downtime.
                    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                      Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                      Originally posted by Noyava View Post
                      ... this was the plan, ask the insurgents politely if we could plant some C4 on their weapons cache. If that wouldn’t be too much trouble.
                      I'm sure everything would be fine if we just had the chance to Explain.
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                        Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                        Cracking AARs (yes, as in 'hilarious' UK usage). Keep them coming.

                        It has been a very long time since I have been apart of TGs large-esque event mission. As always, it never disaapointed me. In fact, it was fun for 5 hours plus.
                        The overall success comes directly from every rifleman to their leaders. Their roles being squeezed and pulled apart, just like a deviant kid trying to stretch it to snap.

                        I want to thank everyone, especially those in non-leadership positions who contributed to the success of the primary, secondary, tertiary, what-another-objective-ary, can-we-take-a-nap-ary objectives. Without your contributions, your leaders would have been useless. Literally.

                        Conversely, the Infantry/Armour leadership throughout the mission was exemplary. There were times when orders were misunderstood, executed incorrectly. However, those issues were stemmed from the Command elements I believe. Could be the dangling radios being played in stereo that threw them off their seats at the Platoon HQ. Could be my impeccably charming public school British accent, befitting of The Household Cavalry Officer. Who knows.

                        All in all, I am excited to see more event missions being offered more than once per month. At least have a secondary playthrough within the same month if a great mass of troops are willing. More! More! Moah!

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                          Re: Joint OPS: Force Recon Assault

                          Originally posted by |TG| Connor View Post
                          At one point Dimi was giving me a lesson about not being shot when he was interupted by a bullet entering his head. ;)
                          There is nothing I can provide to prove my intentions, but the whole purpose of that mini lecture was in hopes that I would get shot right around that corner on the way to the house we were seeking refuge in. It played out perfectly =) A little humor from my side.

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