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Tactical Tuesday - Feb 9

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  • Tactical Tuesday - Feb 9

    Tactical Tuesday, after a little rough start, went very well. We had a high point of 23 players on the server and had a couple new faces join in.

    Thanks to everyone who lead squads and teams. Also special thanks to our mission devs (Cody, B, and Dimitrius) for making some really quality content we got to enjoy!

    Mission list:

    Infantry Assualt on Kyra (by B)
    AirCav Rescue at Limni (by B)
    AirCav from Camp Rogain (by B_
    ScorpionOps in Zaros (by Dimitrius)
    TheUprising on Stratis (by Cody)

    I had the privilege to lead the first two missions and even succeeded in the first one! We would have won the second operation too if not for those meddling power lines!

    Our AirCav raids on Stratis proved very challanging. If you want a mission that will test your ability to manage your teams resources against a tough, but not overwhelm, enemy and the clock I highly encourage you to try it. Make sure you bring a good pilot along! We had Sparrow as our Hummingbird pilot for the second run through of this (the first we lost due to a pilot losing their internet link and disconnecting) and he did a great job keeping the helicopter alive even when an HMG armed Strider rolled out of the trees right as we made our RTB landing approach.

    ScorpionOps at Zaros was a brutal night fight. Conner and I were the medics. Once the command element took away my night light, which they said was for operational safety but I know was just because they wanted me to stay close and not wander off exploring, we set out on a long walk to Zaros. We spent a long time walking in a cold wet ditch, Conner caught pneumonia and died of exposure along the way. We also had to shoot one of our wagon's Ox, it was very sad. Eventually we made it Zaros and set up a new homestead...
    As medic I didn't shoot much. I did a LOT of running around an patching people up. I died more than I should have, but we were taking fire from EVERYWHERE all the time. It was intense and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

    The Uprising was brutally crushed! My team -consisting of DMZ Scout, Hummel, and myself - worked well as a fireteam. We were the only team not to get totally wiped out. In fairness to the other teams we spent the first fight 700 meters away providing suppression fire. Consequently were were very safe from the rogue NATO Hunter HMG that killed all of LowSpeed's team and most of B's. We also moved the MHQ around and later drove around in a Technical making jokes about how we were "technically helping" while B and LowSpeeds squad fought through villages and firebases infested with enemies :) I think B heard that so he sent us on a flanking attack on Camp Maxwell. We had a great fight on our approach through the woods, rolling between trees while DMZ Scout gunned down EI with the .50 cal.

    It was a good time all around! Be sure to join in next week for more Tactical fun on a Tuesday!
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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - Feb 9

    did not have the energy last night...I was in bed by nine p.m. Sounds like I missed a good one.
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      Re: Tactical Tuesday - Feb 9

      I participated in most missions. I had a blast in all of them. I do wanna comment from the mission author perspective on one of the missions.

      AirCav_Rogain was inspired by this video. Dslyecxi is one of the best pilots I have seen and he takes it to an art form with his extra equipments (worth over a grand according to one video). In the video you can see him inserting and extracting teams as well as managing reinforcements single handedly with just a hummingbird. I wanted to provide similar experience for those who are able. The pilots who dare to take on the role should be near perfection.

      We tried to accomplish AirCav_Rogain twice. Both times helicopter was the point of failure. From infantry point of view, we were successful in taking down two objectives in 25 minutes with one and a half teams. I envisioned both teams simultaneously working on two missions at a time to finish it in record time of 30 minutes or so if everything is executed perfectly. Extra time is allowed for lower player count and surprise complications like trying to extract TRACE and Dimi.

      Of course interesting things started to happen like the a motorized team raiding our camp as well some infantry coming in to the base. This happened because these units were on GUARD duty. They do not simply stand around, they investigate and engage battle noises. Camp Rogain is near the objectives, thus they came out investigate, which in my opinion made things interesting. I was not expecting that.
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