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Tactical Tuesday - April 5 - Siege of Syrta

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - April 5 - Siege of Syrta

    Tactical Tuesday April 5 was a success (as defined by whether or not I had fun)!

    Athira Assault
    We started out the with a small team (Experiment, Rudolf, Drallo, ExM44, and myself) breaking up a meeting between CSAT officers and their guerrilla allies in Athira. We inserted via the Rudolf Express helicopter delivery service:
    "You want to fly ANY lower?!" - Experiment
    "No, this is about right." - Rudolf (as we stared through 2nd floor windows at our eye level)

    As we landed an enemy solider rounded the corner and killed Rudolf and Experiment. I had the foresight to jump off the bench about 2m up and was able to escape the butchery (and I was the medic so everything was good). Rudolf was kinda enough to take squad lead from here and lead us on a successful operation clearing the town and the factory to the north.

    Taco Run
    Rodulf took over Zues from here, and he immediately issued us orders to go to Lakka and collect his Taco order. We picked up quite a few new players by this point. We rolled out in an APC to the hill over looking Lakka, with the intention of scouting the town. Instead we ran into a CSAT Armored Artillery unit and a couple squads of guards! After too much dying and returning and dying again we managed to sieze the hill top fort. About that time the evil AAF launched an attack to try and steal the Tacos that WE were supposed to be stealing from CSAT. Things got pretty confused as we charged into town. Air strikes, Artillery barrages, MLRS strikes... absolutely Chaos. Somehow we managed to make to the Taco site and secure the vital supplies.

    After a quick resupply Rodulf dispatched us to pick up his new Helicopter (I feel like he might be abusing his logistics charge card...) from the construction site near Alikampos. LowSpeed and Experiment took over as squad leaders and I went back to being a medic. Under their capable leadership the opertion went very smoothly. We attacked the compound from two directions, brushing aside the paltry resistance of the AAF, and stole liberated the helicopter, and then went home to enjoy those Tacos before they got too cold.

    I ate food and too a walk to shake of the virtual PTSD of spending a couple hours being tormented by Rudolf Zuesing

    Siege of Syrta
    Re-energized I ascended to the Zues Chair and immediately volunteered Conner as Squad leader. He's a true TG Hero for shouldering that challenge without visible hesitation. The first operation, an attack against the hill top mortar base, went very well - right up to the point where Loaffy planted the landmines on the south slope and people didn't listen to his warnings! :) Great effort was expended finding and reattaching various body parts, a distraction the enemy used to launch a counter attack up the hill. Fortunately the counter attack was defeated, additional mines placed to keep the enemy off the hill, and the squad returned to base successfully.

    Conner chose to attack the enemy fuel depot next to keep CSAT from being able to fuel and arm their tanks. He brazenly lead his men in a column down the road toward the base. Reports vary, but some indicate he actually had flags and trumpets at the front of the column. The enemy had plenty of time to prepare a welcoming committee (of death!). Nato forces over ran the roadblock, then continued down the road toward the base. The north east approach was a gently sloping, featureless hill. It offered no cover or concealment. To the north west were some rocks and buildings. Conner split his squad into two teams, gave Experiment command of one, and sent him along the north east approach. Thanks to Experiment's team soaking up all the enemy bullets a couple members of Conners team made it inside the base and destroyed one fuel tank before the enemy turned on them. I witnessed heroic efforts on that field by MPL Trace, Loaffy, Cody, ExM44, Lord Shenanigan, and Ninja - but it wasn't enough. NATO was driven back, but not defeated!

    NATO regrouped and, with a newly acquired transport truck, decided that the recently cleared road was no good. So they drove the truck down a rocky, tree covered valley. Good thing the enemy didn't EXPECT a sneak attack down the only covered approach to their base, and definitely didn't prepare an ambush in said valley! ;) I really enjoyed the enemies use of claymores, AP mines, and timed explosive charges :)
    With the advantage of a covered approach the Squad was able to attack the CSAT armor base with far less casualties. Good times were had with the one enemy tank that got fueled up and rolling (there was a second tank crew that tried to make it to their vehicle, but some nasty NATO guy shot them all). The tank rolled back and forth, trapped inside the walls of the base, doing its best to kill as many NATO troops possible. Once all the fuel supplies and the tanks were disabled Conner called in a Huron transport to evacuate the troops. Frodo had to use his more steely nerves to land right inside an enemy occupied base and evacuate the wounded.

    Sadly Conner had to leave, which passed command over to Experiment for the final phase of the Siege of Syrta. A swarm of hostile guerrilla forces were detected approaching from the east, determined to kill the civilians hiding in the church of Syrta. NATO forces had to make a hasty defense and repel the attack. Despite the best efforts of the enemy infiltrators, no civilians were killed and all enemies were defeated. The only friendly casualty was Drallo, who tried to get an outpost setup to far east and was trapped by the oncoming flood of enemies :(

    So ended the Siege of Syrta, with NATO victorious!

    SMGs sans NVGs
    For the final mission of the night we tossed convention out the window. Everyone geared up with an SMG, discard NVGs, and headed out into the darkened streets of Kavala for some CQB fun! Those looking for a truly Hardcore experience were also given the choice to leave their map and GPS behind too. Congratulations to Loaffy and Lord Shenanigan (edit) for being the ONLY guys to take on that challenge.

    This mission was just a simple move from point A to point B mission, but I had an absolutely blast with it. We so rarely see Arma 3 at night without the green haze of NVGs, so its a real treat to see the full color tracers ripping through the sky, and muzzle flashes in the distance. The enemy was kind enough to ditch their NVGs and use their flashlights, so it was easy enough to see them coming. That didnt stop them from getting the drop on us a couple times, or just overwhelming us with weight of numbers.

    I hope everyone involved with this mission had as much fun as I did. If not, thank you for indulging me and participating anyway!

    See you all next week for more Tactical Tuesday excitement!
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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - April 5 - Siege of Syrta

    As always, Tactical Tuesday went really well. The missions were quite challenging, but there was some great teamwork and the leaders did very well, so ultimately we were successful. From my perspective (AR) the targets were plentiful and I actually went black on ammo at one point... and that was when enemy launched an attack so I couldn't shoot them but I happened to have a bunch of grenades and, if I'm not mistaken, my frag-spam killed 6 attackers in a short period of time (I looked at player list before throwing grenades, then I threw about 10 of them, checked again and my score went up by 6 so I assume that is 6 kills).

    Originally posted by Noyava
    Congratulations to Loaffy for being the ONLY guy to take on that challenge.
    I dropped my map and GPS too. It was weird in the beginning (because I'm so used to GPS), but I quickly got used to it. I helped myself a little by displaying player names (numpad delete) although only when I could see other players (so if I got lost I had to find my way). BTW: is there any way we can adjust that script to only show names of players within field of view (not behind buildings/terrain/objects)?


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      Re: Tactical Tuesday - April 5 - Siege of Syrta

      Man.. this sounded like a fun one. I've missed the past couple weeks because RL has been busy. But im still around and should be joining in the fun next week!




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