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Tactical Tuesday - April 12

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tuesday - April 12

    I'm gonna start this off with just the facts and nothing but the facts. I only was there for 4 missions, and my views as always twisted by misc things.

    Mission 1. Find a enemy com tower and disable it.

    I joined in progress, as this mission was all ready underway. I slotted in as AT specialist and started making my way south off of the hilltop that I had teleported in on. On my way to rendezvous with the squad I find a lone soldier, laying face up, bleeding out. I walked up to [MENTION=118756]ninja[/MENTION], stabilized, and fireman carried him, what seemed like 10 minuets, to the rest of the squad. Once we met up. I took point with [MENTION=54443]woesterudolf[/MENTION] and assaulted the enemy FOB, destroying a Parked Iferit. Our objective was here in this FOB, and luckily we had someone that had brought a explosive charge. We started north for extraction, and encountered Paratroopers about 1 click outside of the city. We found a nice vantage point and decimated any opposing forces. We continued out to our extraction point where our lovely command element somehow made the single Rotary turn into three. Dusted off, Mission complete.

    Mission 2. Control 2 points

    This mission seen the entrance of [MENTION=17278]Dimitrius[/MENTION] as a squad leader. I stayed as AT and was selected to be in the HEAVY WEAPONS SQUAD. we were to act as a extreme reaction force, raining terror where needed. With King Dimitrius in the Pilot seat we took a little bird out ahead of the other squad. I was at the time working as second in command of our squad planing our route through the city and finding a good location for us to be able to reach anything in the city. In route to our first LZ we were riddled with small arms fire. We regrouped gained a extra member, and proceeded to our LZ again. On our approach a wild rabid rabbit, jumped up and suicide bombed our little bird. Luckily for our squad this time [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION] appeared and helped to bring alive our team from the vicious ternary of before mentioned rabbit. from here we moved through and found a decent position were we could provide essential fire support from the south as the sister squad was traveling from the north. At this time we started gaining members like breeding rabbits. At one time our Team was up to 10 people at our position. [MENTION=30401]LowSpeedHighDrag[/MENTION] had two amazing postmortem kills with AT. We eventually had a pub-newb fly a GhostHawk in and nose dive it right into Heavy's position. We then took this time to re-route our movement into town, taking over the roof of a building in downtown. At this time our Teams were informed that the OPFOR was conducting a push to re-tack the area's we had just occupied. We started taking mortar fire and headed downstairs for cover. this is the point where OPFOR sent in their forward Rotary crafts. we were able to take down 1 with small arms fire. For some reason I was unable to lock on to the aircraft's at this time, but I was able to fire and guide 2 rockets right into two remaining Helo's. At this time we decided that our position was a strategic loss. We packed up and headed north to the Hospital. We heard track vehicle movement ahead as we were entering the Garage of the Hospital. As I came to a open bay of the garage I found the said track and fired off my last AT. making a nice fiery explosive about 50 yards from our position. We garrisoned the Hospital and held off a onslaught of attack helicopters. Eventually the sister team packed up and moved to our position, where we made a advanced tactical retreat, by being teleported back to our base.

    Mission 3. Scorpion Ops.

    At this time I took over as a fire team lead, with King Dimitrius being overall command. As FTL for Green team, I made sure my team was ready and with only 50% of my people on TFAR, I believe we completed what we could with what we had. after getting my team ready with our orders, I set my team as the tail section to support the advance of both Red and Blue fire teams. Once at the first OP, my team was ordered to support as over watch for the advance of Red and Blue on Objective 1. During this team I started planing with Command to a possible advance around 1 & 2objectives to objective 4. At this time Red team had taken heavy casualties, and had to have blue move to their position to mop up the blood. This is the moment that all planning went out the window and I moved Green on to the field. once on top of blue and red we held a death grip on a corner of the compound and started edging our troops to the east opening where we started taking heavy resistance due to site resistance with NVG's and fire's. 7 OPFOR soldiers took down a good squad element before we were able to suppress them one by one. Once we regained order of Objective 1. Command hit reset. Tactical win IMO.

    Mission 4. Night Ops

    Here is the meat and potatoes of the night. At this time we had amassed a group of 30 individuals. King Dimitrius took lead of Scorpion Squad, while I took Racoon squad. This is the mission where we were not allowed to use NVG's and we were to find a light switch and turn it on! Sounds simple and that's the great thing, it was! I decided I was going to impart a great lesson for my team. Right off the bat at the Armory, I told my team that they could use ANY Weapon they wanted, BUT they must use iron sites. There were grumbles and moans but when we all got accustomed to the night, you could actually see better without the scopes attached. We had no true command element on this mission with just King Dimitrius and I messaging Intel back and forth. I Initially had my team follow the east side of the city and we ran into decent enemy resistance. Scorpion went straight into the heart of the city. Both teams had a certain methodical paced that we made sure we were following, to keep our personal alive and together. Racoon took a drastic cut through the city and headed towards the abandoned FOB. just outside the city limits we ran into two technical's where we dispatched both the drivers and gunners. Recommissioning these vehicles were vital to our survival as we occupied the abandoned FOB, against wave after wave of enemy insurgents, and paratroopers. After diminishing the ammo for all three vehicles(We acquired a Serviceable Hunter from the FOB), we headed south east toward the sister town. At this time Racoon squad was in full battle mode and we bound from objective to objective. We finally reached a light switch and Noyava flipped it!
    As I said before it sounds simple and it was, but simple missions are some of the funnest. I had a great time leading and I hope you all had fun as well.

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    Re: Tactical Tuesday - April 12

    Originally posted by Loaffy View Post
    On our approach a wild rabid rabbit, jumped up and suicide bombed our little bird.
    You're a class act, [MENTION=138805]Loaffy[/MENTION], but I landed that little bird down hard and blew us all up.

    Okay from my perspective...

    Mission 3. Scorpion Ops.

    This is a mission that requires patience and advanced understanding of tactics to complete successfully, as there are random elements and heavily fortified positions. Next time will be better.

    Mission 4. Night Ops.

    This mission saw us as two squads working independently of each other on a capture objective. I had ten men with me in SCORPION and Loaffy lead RACOON. My fire teams were broken in to Red, lead by [MENTION=104897]Pale Horseman[/MENTION] and Blue Team lead by our own Arma admin, [MENTION=60782]Solo[/MENTION]. We started off North of Paloz(spelling?) and I decided to get a look at the town from an elevated vantage point above the north edge of the city, situated on a hill. The nightime scenario made it difficult for spotting purposes because obviously, we had no NVGs and were forced to rely on the illumination of the moonlight and in-town street lights. I gave an immediate order to not shoot out any lights without expressed permission from me, and then I mentally ordered myself never to allow that. After moving to the outskirts of the town, we were set upon by a small armed OPFOR patrol which we effortlessly engaged and destroyed. At tat moment, we started taking fire from multiple directions, I moved both fireteams into the nearest house and we took up garrison. From this point on we hopped, fire team by fire team, from one house to another until we took up station in the center of town. We held off para troopers, patrols, a few motorized units, and The Ghost of Christmas Past([MENTION=1870280]Noyava[/MENTION]) until the mission more or less concluded. RACOON and I traded intel on para troopers, but other than that, we operated independently and I think it was a good exercise.

    During this time I noticed several things that I want to bring forward.

    [MENTION=104897]Pale Horseman[/MENTION] had a difficult time with understanding my orders on the mission before and he made it known to me. On the Night Ops mission he was like a new sodlier, he improved and learned to lead his fireteam from the front and with good communication. It is important to recognize when our players improve because we all can learn from one another in this regard. Excellent work Horseman, you are a good fireteam leader and I look forward to leading you, or being lead by you, in the future.

    [MENTION=60782]Solo[/MENTION] on the otherhand, systematically ran his team straight into the ground. Just kidding Solo, it was great to have you back and to have a fire team leader that knows the ropes.

    I had a medic with me, that I swore has played with us before, at least the way in which he played lead me to believe so, but it turns out it was his first time. Whoever that player was, hats off to you sir, you certainly earned your pay for the amount of casualties we had during the mission.

    Great times guys.
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