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Joint Ops: SPRINGFIELD - May 21

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  • [AAR] Joint Ops: SPRINGFIELD - May 21

    Operation Springfield:or the mission in which Noyava reveals he is an Anglophobe and sends the elite SAS to sit on their hands .

    First up - huge thanks to B, Shoomfie, and for leading the squads. And special thanks to everyone in Bishop, their patience and skill were appreciated! Sorry I didn't put them to better use.

    The mission was an over all success - but some equipment problems, and disconnect problems, added some jagged edges to the operation. We started out with the wrong uniforms - and I applaud everyone for how quickly we moved past that. We missed my 5 and 10 minute move out deadlines by less than 5 minutes each, despite having to change uniforms and SL radios around.

    Knight 1 was takes with clearing Hill 54, OP1, the Airfield, CP 3, CP 4, and the north radio tower in Molos. They performed all assignments with speed and skill. I remember one moment particular when they were in CP 3, holding while Knight 2 moved into CP 2, and they were engaging targets to the east. I spotted an enemy force trying to flank to the west. I called out the bearing and direction on command net, then put tracer fire on the target. By the time my 5th tracer round landed the area I was targeting was covered in AR fire and GLs destroying the targets.

    Knight 2 was tasked with clearing OP 2, Docks, CP 1, CP 2, CP 5, and the south radio tower in Molos. I didn't get to fight with Knight 2, but I observed them maneuvering at range, and they moved with such discipline I mistook them for AI! :) Other than a near wipe in the town, they did an excellent job maintaining combat effectiveness.

    Bishop held the center of the advance from the landing site to the airfield - CP 1 line. They used the Hunter HMG stationed near OP 1 to good effect until the retreating turned their safe position into an exposed hillside. Enemies out on Polemistia peninsula were shrouded in fog, when it lifted they fired AT at the hunter, destroying it in one shot. From there Bishop moved to OP 3, then on to FOB Gideon. After they helped King fight off a counter attack at the FOB we found Intel about an enemy helicopter base to the south. I dispatched them to deal with that threat, and turn the threat into an asset if possible. They used the helicopter to good effect, killing multiple enemy vehicles, including a three truck convoy filled with reinforcements .

    I learned many things about maneuvering multiple units during this event, and I hope everyone depending on me had an enjoyable time. Lessened learned:
    - Plan comm-sig better
    - Explain broad plans to SL in more detail, allow them more freedom of action.
    - Deploy vehicles and special assets better. I was focused on preserving them, which I think in retrospect left them under utilized.
    - Learn to speak British
    - Carry a GL, to put smoke on enemy sightings, rather than tracers

    I welcome all criticism to help me improve!

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    Re: Joint Ops: SPRINGFIELD - May 21

    correction... yep, four not three... a light gunship with guided missiles is just good sometimes

    Originally posted by Noyava View Post
    They used the helicopter to good effect, killing multiple enemy vehicles, including a three four truck convoy filled with reinforcements .

    SAS became a little disorganized after our Team lead Experiment kept getting signature drop-outs so we didn't really have a set leader for a while. Once we got to the Orca gunship, Biggs? went afk and the rest of us flew in that thing for the rest of the mission... We got so bored that I told everyone to eject and open up their parachute at below 150m since I figured that if HALO works at below that, parachuting should too... I am not sure what happened with that mass-casualty of our elite infantry with that attempt. I was told someone had his parachute removed as if he wasn't allowed that equipment mid-air? None the less, parachuting is always a fun try, especially if it works

    As for your vehicle preservation, it wasn't a bad thing considering the Orca is only good against vehicles with its single little Gatling and 12x missiles with radar
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      Re: Joint Ops: SPRINGFIELD - May 21

      From my very little exposure of the mission. I believe [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION] did exceptionally well. Through observation, and the general consensus; taking on an event mission where it's a constant uphill battle is no easy feat.

      Every one has their own tactics in their minds, every method is worth the try. Unless you are the insufferable meany. Thankfully, such players are very limited. Unless you're infamous Rudolf the slayer. I appreciate your death scares. ;)

      I believe, still. That our missions should be scaled down. ArmA3 (A3), from what I understand in TG. Is a tactical game. Where players employ such measures to get their objectives completed. Otherwise, what's the point of TGU for example.

      Imagine this scenario. An overstrength squad (our average player count), taking on a small objective. Or string of small objectives which are within the means of that squad size and strength. Whether it be an enemy mortar position, MG nests, artillery guns, an understrength squad, or even an enemy fireteam.
      There is no point in sending in a said squad to fight a company, or even a platoon sized enemy forces. In reality, this would never happen anyway (I'm fully aware this is a game/sim to balance out the pew-pew ratio per player).

      The advantages of having a lesser enemy count per player allows for a larger battlefield space for the mission leaders to use.
      Unless the mission strictly has other parameters or restraints due to the mission design.

      Larger battlefield space allows the mission leaders to place all his chess pieces in order. From stepping off to the planned contact points.
      The lesser the engagement areas into the objective, equals for the mission leaders to plan and execute their intent better. Which also contributes to the budding mission leaders to try their hand at the role.

      The feeling of that 'mission complete'/'great mission'/'great game guys' does not have to stem from your pixel barrels being a hot poker as a result. It could also stem from a well coordinated successful assaults, to tactically employing your shooters in a deliberate and planned manner to achieve success.

      I suppose, what I'm leaning towards is this. Allow the players to practice the fundamentals of TGU materials into their games more. Dial the enemy counts down, to allow for such 'breathing space' for players to even think about performing such actions. Then trickle up the Rudolf the Slayer mode, as the players have adopted the battle drills for example. There is no point in, throwing them deep into mission. To be held back at first contact, then having the half the squad being incapacitated before getting to their objective. Baby steps.

      Anyway, I have veered off topic. [MENTION=17278]Dimitrius[/MENTION], this isn't a poke at your mission per say. I've seen an opportunity and decided to place it here, since most players will read the AAR thread.

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        Re: Joint Ops: SPRINGFIELD - May 21

        I recorded the event I was Alpha blue grenadier. Video here
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