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Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

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  • [AAR] Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

    So today the long running Liberation mission was finished by Xor by completing the main objectives finally and a new instance has started. We can collect intel and information on this thread as we play through another instance of Liberation.

    Xor and I have decided that we are gonna concentrate on NorthEastern Altis as a stepping stone from now on. Molos Airfield and the surrounding objectives were selected as the first few engagements.

    So we have loaded up a FOB and headed out North of Sofia. We have established FOB Alpha in the middle of the area and have bought a quadbike, one AI soldier and a Truck as our humble beginnings. We assaulted a Radio tower nearby to deny enemy reinforcements and have engaged about a fireteam size forces to take the radio tower.

    The next target after the tower was Sofia Base, a radar installation nearby the town of Sofia. Now this one was a tough one. 3x MRAPs and a Marid with some infantry defending the base and we have struggled a bit. But luckily after a lot of reviving each other we managed to defeat the armors and MRAPs are taken then Sofia Base. We have captured one POW and some ammunition from the Sofia Base... We called our AI with the truck and loaded the prisoner and the Ammunitions back to FOB Alpha.

    Resources were gained to be able to buy a bit more powerful toys from the captured ammunition and some intel was recovered from interrogating the prisoner.

    If a session has taken place, just leave some AAR here so people can keep up with the overall plan. The intent is to establish Molos Airfield as a HQ location for some Northeastern Altis offensive.

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    Re: Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

    Unkl, me and some others successfully captured Molos Airfield and Stregla Base or whatever its called on the northern pier with the lighthouse... The first one being rather easy for being an airfield / fuel objective. I saw a lone JIP enter the town of Sofia before I disconnected so maybe more will get captured tonight. I will be on dev branch over the week so see you for more games next weekend.
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      Re: Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

      Man, we went into it tonight for the night session.

      Frodo and I started things out with just us as we tried to do some small missions... I think we attacked Nisaladas (or something like that). A small Hamlet west of FOB Alpha. The fight was methodical and slow as we moved from building to building in this small hamlet. At almost the end, we received a notice of enemy reinforcement moving in to our location. Hmmmm.

      So we hurried it up and cleaned up the hamlet of Nisaladas (or something like that) and took the enemy Armed Offroad to get the hell out of there. A few JIPs came in and out as we decided to do a logistics operation to retrieve Vehicle Ammo from Sofia Base. Upon approach the Sofia base came under attack. As we moved in a friendly AI squad that was stationed ther by somebody repelled the attack. Frodo and I retrieved the Vehicle ammo boxes from Sofia Base and brought it back to FOB Alpha to recycle them and gain some ammunition points.

      As we were doing the above logistical mission, we came under attack by some infantry between FOB Alpha and Sofia Base. So after coming back safely we went out to confront those who tried to ambush us... Armed with an HMG offroad we laid waste to a fireteam. But the enemy activity around the Northeastern Altis was surely increasing due to the enemy Battle readiness Percentage (EBRP). EBRP has been rising and has reached about 35% and the enemy was crawling all over the are of our last known positions. Frodo and I engaged a whole a squad on our way to Base Ferganiki (or something like that) as more people joined us (archr).

      After some struggle, we defeated the enemy squad and tried to move in the Base Ferganiki (or something like that). We got wiped. We geared up as some badass snipers and marksmen with a Long Range AT and we went out again to confront that freaking Base... We got wiped again even though we killed 4 vehicles, and a tons of infantry.

      By this time, some JIPs have come and HALO-d on us and we were taking a different approach to the Base Ferganiki (or something like that). We came in from a completely different direction and was able to assault successfully at our fourth attempt. I think this Base Ferganiki (or something like that) allows us to spawn UGVs somehow.

      From the base we got a few POWs and some Ammmunitions. We used the enemy truck to haul all the loot and headed back to FOB Alpha... But FOB Alpha was in bad bad bad bad bad shape as reports came in. JIP s were gettign killed and constant notifications of FOB Alpha being under attack had us worried as approached it wiith our loot of stuff from four-attempt-base. Anyway we had to fight our way into our own FOB as the whole FOB was under seige. We parked the cars and trucks a bit out of the way and a crazy firefight ensued. Some losses and gains later we secured our base and defeated the attack on our FOB.

      By this time the Enemy Battle Readiness Percentage (EBRP) was a t about 45%. This means they would go after us like crazy with counterattacks and ambushes. But since we have been collecting POWs and interrogating them to gain Intel Points, we had an option to do Secondary objectives to get this EBRP down. So that is what I decided to do. I chose a FOB hunting secondary mission which was supposed to decrease the EBRP by 40%. The problem was the Seconadry Objective AO was in the middle of badlands on the other side of the map. By this time I had about 12 men, a full squad.

      Since we committed, we chose to disable the radio tower in the area by capturing it while trying to block any kind of reinforcement operaitons from the surrounding objectives. At the same time, some reconnaissance missions were being conducted by Frodo to locate this FOB we were hunting. After the insertion of the troops, as we were fighting to take over the radio tower in the region, Frodo found something out of the ordinary. We judged that it is our Secondary Objective - the FOB were hunting for - to decrease the enemy EBRP. So we moved onto it. The flight, movement all together took about 15+ minutes luckily with our eyes in the sky by Frodo.

      But the firefight took only about 2 minutes. Everybody lined up and the targets were assigned. As soon as the first missile went out, all hell broke loose, from our side. Grenades, bullets, missles, going out.... We neutralized the FOB within seconds...

      Moved in to destroy all the enemy assets in the FOB as the extraction chopper landed, were had a controlled detonation to finish off the job. Secondary Objective Complete. Enemy EBRP is down by 40 percent. (Sadly with all the hell we rose to get there, the enemy EBRP rose to 64 percent and we managed to get it down to 26% only. More secondary objectives must be organized and completed to hinder the enemy battle readiness.)

      After those few successful operations we headed back to FOB Alpha. Some of our veteran soldiers retired to bed as I planned an assault on the town of Molos. Although we had decent numbers, I knew that would be a tough and difficult task to take that town. But if we do take that town, we would solidify our hold on Molos Airfield. So we rode onto our doom. Despite our best efforts, we have not even made a dent in the enemy forces that occupy Molos. I called it a night and retired on to my quarters as well as all...

      A lot of JIP and public players who simply stopped by. They are in for it for the week I think. Liberation continues.


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        Re: Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

        DATE: 6-17-2016
        TIME: 2250Hrs:
        DEPLOYMENT: FOB Bravo
        SITUATION: Shoomfie assumes command of NATO forces. Holding current positions. Preparing base of operation on mainland. Heavy Contact in Paros.


        Upon entering FOB bravo, I found it contained a single building and some air assets. I began construction of FOB Bravo so that it becomes a fully operational Base. I added Fuel,Ammo,Repair logistical supports as well as a respawn/medical vehicle. I continued to add several AI controlled base defenses as well.

        There was an unforeseen problem where I placed down an AI squad in front of the main gate. Fortunately I was able to use Zeus to move the units. This brought up an interesting idea though. It would be nice if the commander (or even squad leaders) could use the high-command that ArmA has to interact with AI squads. I know AI really isn't a big thing for TG, but it would be handy for base defenses, or allowing for a larger scale of immersion.

        FOB Bravo

        TIME: 0001 HRS(GMT-0)

        Reinforcements: Xorilliz

        Deployed Xor via Hellcat to gather some ammo crates around friendly airspaces.

        TIME: 0030 HRS(GMT-0)
        Reinforcements: B
        Assault on Paros: Critical Mission Failure. High level of AI casualties sustained. Request special operation to retrieve abandoned Marshall at some point.
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          Re: Liberation Instance 06-12-2016

          Mission finished! For some reason, the ingame mission time completion does not go together with the date of this post and the date of B's post, so this mission must not be counting for the times where the server is inactive just after a daily restart or something. All results:

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