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  • [AAR] Liberation Tanoa

    Objective: Railway Station/post/depot.

    A squad of 8, consisting of players from our regulars, and few new comers.
    I can't remember all the members unfortunately, if you were in this game. Feel free to post your experience or just your name.

    Get to the AO, via a RHIB. Insert via stealth being modus operandi, until we engaged them with overwhelming force. Performing a classic L shaped assault.

    Using the terrain to our advantage to keep our signatures low. We have successfully inserted south-east of the railway depot.
    blue fireteam, and white. Manoeuvred using bounding techniques to close up on the AO, and setting the squad into the fire positions.
    Element of Blue team, spotted a lone sentry opened fired on him. Quickly dispatching the contact. Luckily, the enemy was deaf to not hear the shot of that fire.
    Squad continued to press forward, still using the natural terrain. We got within 150m of the edge of the depot.
    Blue team, spotted an armed (qeuininini-thing). Switched position with the leading white fireteam. To engage the said 'thing' whilst team white assaulted into the depot proper. During the manoeuvre, white got in contact with the fireteam strength to their front. Firefight ensued and no casualties after it.
    Upon the initial AT fire, and hearing the report. We all heard a heavy tank roll up full speed from our north.
    By some quick thinking of the squad (?), or the miracle of the tanoa palm. The MBT rolled around shot few rounds then flipped on its belly.
    Squad linked up at white fireteams location, and proceeded to clear the railway depot. Few number of contacts within the depot and the depot was quickly taken.

    After consolidating, we proceed to push to the next closest village (name forgotten, because it's better left forgotten). We have commandeered the previously found enemy armed quenininini thing. Drove to the next village to clear it.

    The squad without incident arrived at the village outskirts on the west. Blue team being the base of fire team with their bazillion ATs, and the newly acquired armed quenininini thing. Team white was pushing into the village to clear it, one building at a time.

    The white fireteam, without any difficulty started to push into the village centre clearing one building at a time.
    Squad lead, took a round to the chest but the plate apparently was not made from the cheapest manufacturer. Yay, for CTRG procurement dept.

    Once fireteam white pushed near the centre of the village. It got, well. Slightly more fun. Taking rounds from the magical trees to bushes that were not moving. We were bogged down, 2 man down, and yours truly trying to revive on the them. On a corner just outside the building. Team blue rolled in for the rescue. All of a sudden, I saw a flash. Next thing I knew, I was lying on my back looking at the moonless sky. A frag somehow landed right next to me from a Blue element. Fast forward, we all got back up and that upturned MBT appeared just having fun with us. Circling around us. Xorilliz, being the only guy with AT (RPG). Was tasked to destroy it, or as Xor puts it. "Its going to take like 25 rounds to kill it." I just wanted that thing disabled. Ordered him to have at it. I had no idea how many rockets Xor had. But found out after about 9 rockets were shot out, eventually disabling the MBT. Tally-ho!

    We had few JIP. Regrouped and proceeded to clear the village. Upon crossing a road, whilst bounding. Two guys got stuck. Ordered the rest of the guys to hold on this side of the road. But somehow, they all crossed into the fire. Awesome!
    Flanking up, TRACE took the well trained pelican crossers into the fire fight. I pushed up the left to link up with them at the petrol station. Once there, I got shot from the bush that never moves. Rest of the squad moved in, and tried to secure the position but it was a failed attempt.

    Everything else is blurry from this point onwards. We all respawned back to FOB ALPHA,BRAVO,CHARLIE.

    Objective: Enemy FOB (secondary objective)

    a squad of 10 (?), with a V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing.

    HALO drop into the AO, link up. Reaching out to V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing to locate the enemy FOB (somewhere out there). Using the full capability of the V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing to soften up the FOB, then moving in the enemy FOB to clear it. Evac back to FOB Charlie once mission complete.

    It all started with us all donning the frog suit. I explicitely wanted everyone in the squad to wear nothing but the "frog man fatigues", with very fashion forward matching black vests. We were ninjas of the seas.
    We HALO jumped at northwest quadrant of the AO, on the clearing the jungle could afford us. Upon landing, we rallied up and waited for the new JIPs to link up with us on the ground. I keyed up, reached out to V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing.
    Having them to recon the area to our immediate south (about 1km squared) for the enemy FOB, aka deathstar. Not knowing where the deathstar was and being heavily laden, with various weapons, ammo, AT, medkits, FAKs, bullets, frags, smokes, all the moisture of the jungle, and our highspeed fins.
    Report came in. V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing, spotted concentrations of heat signatures in the designated area for their recon. It was located due south, about 1km out. It was time to let the lactic acid kick in.
    We pushed off, south-west. Swinging around the glorious jungle greens, and it's gravity defying trees. My plan was to come close, get eyes on. Then manoeuvre into a position to call in the V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing to see the light show.
    We had few new players join us. One of them even had TFAR and knew what was what (welcome Teeny, aka 'clever'). Just smoothly rejoined the server, TS/TFAR, and at the AO. Smoothly does it.
    We proceeded to push off after re-linking up with Clever & other guy Somo. We were about 150m out north west of the deathstar. Sighting of 2 man patrol directly to our half left. Hit the ground then, let them walk on. We pulled back, then hooked down and around the hill we were on into an abandoned summer home. It was clean, devoid of any creepy crawlers, had tiled flooring, and best of all. Not a single airconditioning unit within an earshot. It was quiet and cozy. The squad, made it their home, for now.
    After establishing contact with our V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing visually via Star wars tech. We proceeded to commence the 'who can survive the 10000mm peashooter of our V-somethingImgonnacallitaSpectregunship-thing' game. Marking targets, to lasing, whilst our silent finned ninjas quietly took out the deaf sentry in a watchtower.
    Our air support softened what we wanted, then we all proceeded to assault and clear the stubborn remnants of the deathstar crew.
    Few ceramic plates later, we were all up. Eggressed out of the enemy FOB back to our temporary summer home, and called in our air support to destroy the enemy vehicles within to get the "Enemy FOB is captured by awesomely finned ninjas" (not verbatim).
    Called in for our pick up. Few minutes later, an equally impressively sized airship landed to take us all back to base.

    There's another mission, La Foy/Fob/something. But I'm falling asleep typing this for now.
    But before I sign off. Great job all for doing their thing and my thanks to Scout for leading the RED fireteam, which grew in size as we got closer to danger. Very well done to you.

    Great games all!

    TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

    Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

    "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold



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