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Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

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  • [AAR] Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

    More to come from Zeus in a while after you guys amp up some words.

    My first time in the chair in a while. Some excellent squad work and teamwork. A little laser focused on the same path when things weren't going well but all in all I had an awesome time and enjoyed staying one mission ahead of you guys.

    More to come soon.


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    Re: Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

    I had a great time on the airfield assault. Storming walls, clearing buildings. Running to the helicopter under sporadic mortar fire.

    Then we had to assault a factory compound. In that mission:

    I died. Then stayed dead a long time, then died again. I called it a night when the AI with the 50cal decided to continue shooting my dead body over and over. I guess I can't win them all :/

    Thanks for zuesing Solo, and thanks to Frodo for running pre-event missions too!


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      Re: Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

      Early post because I’m just tooooo excited to not post about last night.

      First mission – clear the small town find the cache

      Small squad mission with a small response force. There was a “reaction” force on the hill that the team pretty much just walked into, but the quick responses of the team and some “pulling back” helped them to navigate that fire team. The rifleman on the top of the tower posed a small issue as the approach left the team exposed to his kill zone (never took control of him the AI did just fine on his own). Recommendation – more recon and intel before moving in. He was out and exposed and even with binos would have been easy to spot and at least know about (if not slotted with marksman in the team) for addressing the issue.

      Good movement through the town. A few stragglers in buildings that were not cleared caused a small hiccup or two but the team addressed them and moved on.

      Good stuff, good teamwork, and from “the chair” it was awesome to see the team working well together. Zeus had to “learn” how to teleport players (got it now) and how to place an arsenal crate (also got it) so I’m getting back into the saddle . . . YAY!!!

      Move to the airfield and acquire local transport

      These will feature more in my coming missions (hard coded missions or Zeus) where the team has to use local assets to achieve mission success. No enemy weapons for any of them (not in our mantra) but local assets and it may take some “thinking” about how to achieve a mission goal OTHER than “direct frontal assault” . . . wink. Also, in future missions I may not note the assets or their use in mission success. Squads should keep their eyes open and look for all things that can help their commander to achieve mission success (info does not only travel down the chain of command but up the chain as well - it's what makes a great team).

      Second mission – secure the religious site and destroy a second cache

      Pretty much a straight forward mission of a remote located religious site and village securing the area and destroying the weapons cache. Added a response force so there was some “Defend” elements as well ,but the team addressed that so quickly and efficiently the response force never really had a chance. Again, awesome work by the teams. Good stuff.

      Rearm at heilo and move to next mission

      It was about that time that I heard “Winchester ammo” and “red on ammo”, which was perfect. Always keep track of mag counts, another feature of missions to come. I won’t go crazy but if it’s just “spray and pray” you might run out of bullets before the next opportunity to reload.

      Third Mission – take airport and destroy enemy Air assets (oh, and some armor too - lol)

      Reload and move to the next designated HLZ. You guys landed a little close to the tower (did you guys think I would NOT put a security team up there??) but the LZ proved a good downslope loc and the team was able to move up the hill and road and secure the tower. The over watch gave some good intel into the airport and the assets were easy to pick out (odd that you guys did not see the VTOL aircraft on the field from there). I didn’t even put them in the hangers (thought about it but didn’t want to hit any walls . . . then boom).

      Good movement down slope but there was a little too much “direct to the target” even though you were taking sporadic fire from the flanks. I would have slowed down, cleared the hill side(s) and then taken the field. This is another mission design element - more realistic responses. If there is fire taking place some of the assets will “respond” to the fire and move to the location of the fire, and maybe even flank in the process. Check flanks, look for response forces and plan your assaults with this in mind. I’m not taking over the AI but I will be making them respond (when we don’t have GIAI or ALIVE) so I’ll need to do some of that manually with waypoints, but it will have them responding more realistically and I will ALWAYS only work with assets (EI) that I have previously placed, never drop-ins just to annoy you.

      Excellent clearing the airfield, the enemy there, clearing the buildings, and destroying the enemy air assets. Final note – and a hint – the explosives on this one were right there near the targets. In other instances (wink) they may be “around” but not right there. You may need to find them, source them, and then get them locally to the target to complete the mission (MUHAHAHAHAHA) all good stuff.


      Quick RTB to re-gather the troops, take a moment of rest, resupply and re-gather everyone for the final push.

      Fourth (and final) mission – take the factory compound

      Ok so there were a lot of guys on the server at this point and I figured it would be a good time for some good trigger time for everyone. I created a tough and well secured (in retrospect maybe a bit TOO secure) factory site.

      Key point – all assets were facing the front door . . . the place you guys kept trying to get in . . . there was high ground to both sides, no assets (EI) around the outside and with a little “recon” . . wink, an easy one to figure out where the pain points were going to be and the back door to take them all out even with a smaller squad.

      I took some EI out as the mission progressed and even had some spraying bullets wildly to help mark their locations . . . . . sorry Ninja, I didn’t mean to take you out on the roof – only to have them fly by.

      Awesome last stand, but it was at the end of a long evening of mission play and maybe it was a slightly tough one to put at the end. Next time maybe that type will be in the middle and we round out the night with a few that are more strategic as players get tired of all the bullets flying about.

      You guys are awesome, it was fantastic to be back in the chair again, good team work, good squad work, well played. I look forward to hosting a lot more of them in the coming days, weeks and (god willing) months. We get to keep Noy-a-nator on the ground and having some fun with trigger time and not managing the mission itself.

      Thanks guys,

      Solo . . . Out . . . . .


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        Re: Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

        Everyone that took part in the 2nd portion of tonights mission if you could leave me an AAR and tell me what you liked, didn't like etc. Anything I can change or tweak to make the next one even more fun!


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          Re: Tactical Tanoa Tuesday

          Last night I joined in on the fun after a bit of a hiatus in gaming and it turned out to be a great evening.

          Jumped on right as Noyava was bringing a smaller force of TGers back to base and we regrouped and began a Zeus mission. It was at this point that [MENTION=36547]Dredge[/MENTION] arrived and we switched to Tanoa to start off Tac Tuesday.

          Our plane crashed, we lost all of our gear except for our pistols and the fifty or so pistol mags we all just happened to be carrying and ended up two hundred yards off the coast of the south west island treading water. Our orders came across our short range radios and we were to move to the coast and seek shelter first. After swimming to the south coast of the closest island, we split up into two fireteams, lead by [MENTION=109039]Noyava[/MENTION] and [MENTION=132880]Trace[/MENTION] and headed off into the bush to our first objective.

          After aquiring better weapons from the middle of the first town we came across, we immediately engaged in enemy contact from several directions. After a quick firefight we grabbed our gear and headed into the night Northbound. Crossing a larger field we bounded as two fireteams and approached an ASR which lead us East to a compound that had a bunch of unlocked vehicles for us to plunder.

          At this point we split the group of 16 players into two teams, Myself leading all of the Irregulars and Noyava leading the remaining TG members. I am happy to say we had [MENTION=42812]Shoomfie[/MENTION], [MENTION=126738]Hummel[/MENTION], [MENTION=138808]Erwin[/MENTION], [MENTION=73096]mmetully[/MENTION], [MENTION=1882358]LowSpeed[/MENTION], [MENTION=142453]snyder[/MENTION], [MENTION=114714]Sparrow[/MENTION] in one squad and it was nice to see the team together.

          The rest of the night was good, filled with sporadic enemy contact and squad-covering-squad action.

          Much appreciate the scenario Dredge. Glad to have you back with us.

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