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TvT Glory & Consequence II AAR

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  • [AAR] TvT Glory & Consequence II AAR

    Mora Recovery:
    I had a lot of fun with this mission. At the start of the mission, I was attempting to place a minefield North of the Mora, however I was met with cannon rounds from the enemy APC. I was surprised to find myself still standing as the APC rolled right by me. However, that was short lived as I attempted to damage the turret with a rifle. Later on in that mission, I found myself sneaking around trying to see if I could catch someone off guard. I slowly approached a damaged enemy APC trying to figure out what to do if I got next to it. However, the driver was kind enough to come out and give me a handshake. :) Unfortunately, my side ended up losing after a failed assault on the informant's position and the heroic last stand of a lone AAF soldier.
    I personally felt that this mission suffered the most from the lower player count compared to the Bomb Defuse mission. I don't know what the lowest setting is for the Mora mission's ticket counter, but perhaps have a set ticket amount for around 10 or fewer players. I would love to see this mission with a large player count and different leaders trying to compete with each other.

    Bomb Defuse Tanoa:
    The biggest enjoyment that I got out of this mission was that we got through the mission with minimal bugs. I especially enjoyed how nervous I got as a defender, waiting for the big and scary Unkl to come through the door. I personally feel I could have taken out the arsenals and substitute a limited ammo box, as the defenders could saturate an area with claymores. Perhaps, change the respawn into a wave respawn so that there is not a constant stream of people, especially on the last objective. I would also enjoy seeing this mission with an increased player count. I want to see ambushes and large engagements. :D

    Any thoughts and or comments?

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    Re: TvT Glory & Consequence II AAR

    Mora Recovery:

    I was on the AAF side with Dredge(leader), Badstache and Grunt. Dredge did a great job planing our route to the Mora, we were able to take out the enemy APC and all infantry around the objective, however we had a bit of trouble driving the Mora out of the warehouse, but it was nothing 2 explosives charges and two revives couldn't fix :). The drive back was a bit bumpy to say the least, it involved using a Zamak transport to flip over the Mora, oh the memories. Once we reach the Recovery Point we were on our way to protect the informant. We defended well but with less 10 min left to finish the mission Badstache and I got killed, fortunately Dredge held down the fort and we were Victorius.

    Bomb Defuse Tanoa:

    Caps and I were the defenders, our enemies(Unkl, Badstache and Uzi) did a good job and got the disarm code really fast, so we fell back to the airfield to defend the bomb, we used every tactic we could: constant movement, claymore charges even deliberated misinformation. That prove to be successful for three waves we held but the fourth one was too much and we lost the mission.

    Thanks to everyone that played and also thanks to the mission makers, we had a great time.


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      Re: TvT Glory & Consequence II AAR

      I had an absolute blast playing on this event. The moments were so intense and unpredictable. Due to some bad graphical glitch OgMogul was crashing and the Blufor plan on the first mission Mora Recovery counted on us using the helo as our main element. However, when Dredge and the AAF came rolling right up on the factory in the APC I knew they were going to get the Mora soon as we had no gunner in our APC and I heard Biggs who was in it say he had to bail just seconds before it turned into a fireball. We had no one slot in as AT either so our goose was cooked. Great job CapainShawn123 on attempting to disable the turret. I may have to include a 50 cal rifle in the scenario that is dependent on the APC's being allowed in the mission parameters.

      But we had one diabolical plan up our sleeves that did come together. I had placed 3 explosive charges on the road south of the factory. They were placed far enough back that they should not blow up the Mora (which would cost us 100 points) but likely disable the tracks. To my amazement I was able to run across the open ground and get back to my trap and then it looked like the Mora was going to come my way. I got hid and tucked away so that I could see just enough that I could judge when to set the charges off as the APC came by. And then it just stopped on the road about 200m north of my trap. And it just stayed there.

      I was freaking out in my mind fighting off the urge to stick my head out and see what they were up to. I think the rest of my team was still kind of getting recollected from the wipe at the factory and I had no direct intel on what was going on. After adjusting my position several times I'm glad to say I did not stick my head out once. I wanted nothing to tip them off. I was wondering if they had seen the charges. Did their scout see me and now their infantry was closing on my hiding spot?

      But then it began to move. And it was moving with purpose. It roared past me and past my hole in the fence and I fumbled with the action menu...touch off...and the engine stops. The Mora doesn't blow up. There is one body in the street and one voice coming out of the vehicle. It's Grunt and he seems confused as to what happened. Perfect. I switch to auto fire and lean left around my fence and he is now out and begins to patch himself in the street so I give him 10 more holes to patch. I had a couple AP mines and placed them around the vehicle and move back to a new ambush location for when they try to recover it.

      Then we had a few more great moments trying to set up a defense around that vehicle. They ended up getting it and we were just happy to have burned up some time and cost some tickets along the way. But we stole their abandoned Stryder and used it to get to Poliakko to watch for where the AAF would return to set up their defensive position to guard their informant.

      I really liked how this mission worked and it is designed for more players for sure. I'll consider how it might play with a smaller player count but I suspect that other missions should be chosen for that. CaptainShawn123's mission Bomb Defusal is great. I REALLY liked how it played on Tanoa. You chose an amazing location for both the laptop search and the bomb. I can see that getting to the bomb would be a major nightmare with a full player count. I do think the wave respawn is a great idea for it. Great fights and the hangar is a lot of fun to attack with it's open windows that are perfect for throwing smoke and nades through. Still lots of space and stuff in there to allow a firefight when you breach.

      Can't wait for the next event. We should be able to chose these missions at any time we have the numbers for them as well.
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        Re: TvT Glory & Consequence II AAR

        Great ARMA action. This was the best T v T ive played for a long long time. Excellent objective based missions, well designed and just so fun. Thanks to TG ARMA for organizing it. I had limited time so I had to bail for another event I committed to but wished I could've stayed.
        Can't wait to play them again.
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