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Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

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  • [AAR] Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

    What a mission. We needed a platoon but had a half a squad to start. Then by the time we got going we kept growing until we had to lock the server just to keep the mission moving forward.

    From now on, we will lock the server after Roll Call for password events. It is not fair to those who sign up, then plan and then have to re-plan everything for late joiners. If you are joining, make Roll Call. If you want to sign up reserve, then say so and try to send the leader some info the days prior so he knows how to plan.

    We all want ORGANIZED events, and that means sign ups, in advance so leaders can ORGANIZE. <Unkl steps off soap box>

    Despite all that, Shoomfie handled the chaos very very well! Thank you Shoomfie for leading today.

    We had some great moments and plenty to learn from. What stands out for you?
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    Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

    Awesome mission. A shout out to all of Artemis (Special Forces Squad). We would grow and shrink over time, but everyone of the operators in the squad moved and handled opposition with precision and excellence.

    Standout moment? - Beach assault early in the mission. We hit the beach, the bullets started coming in, the team held, the rounds of Poseidon (boat team) helped, suppressive fire went out and targets were neutralized and Artemis was able to continue our movement up the first hill. It wasn't without it's moments of "back of the neck hair" but again the team held and command always had our backs.

    Awesome stuff (if only I would have remembered to turn on the recorder . . . . ugh . . . . next time).



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      Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

      I signed up and volunteered to fly transport. I'd flown many, many hours of transport in my ARMA career but not many hours Tanoa. In light of that I spent maybe 6 hours practicing my flying in and around Tanoa and the AO the preceding days. In the daylight, in the dark, in the evening. Approaching from all points of the compass in several different kinds of weather.

      But...the big mistake I made was not anticipating any instrument flying. This was a disastrous mistake for which I apologize to the team in general and to Shoomfie in particular. The early morning and the rising sun created tremendous glare and limited visibility to about 200 meters but especially out away from land I was simply in over my head.

      The first airlift in the little bird went well enough. I dropped the SF team on a neighboring beach where they set up an OP.

      My second flight ended in a crash at the LZ. I was tasked to lift the Stomper, filled with Ammo to the front lines. I managed to pick up the stomper with the sling and made my way to the Drop zone/landing zone. 5 meters off I put my ship into auto hover and when I authorized auto hover simultaneously the sling let it's load go into the ocean 200 meters below. Okay. No that sucked but I still had reinforcements aboard for the LZ. The LZ was tight, marked with Orange smoke. I was feeling pretty good about getting the bird down into that tight spot when 20 meters from the ground my rear rotor clipped a tree and we crashed and burned. Total mission failure.

      Next I destroyed an autonomous attack chopper while trying to reload it with the ammo truck. Next I crashed the remaining attack chopper when I lost the horizon in the fog. Finally, mercifully, Hummel signed in and I resigned my lead slot to him and let him take over the piloting duties. The rest of the mission I manned one of the gun slots in the VTOLs. We had great teamwork with Rudolf, Hummel and myself supporting the ground troops below with direct fire from above.

      Once again I offer my apologies for my poor flying performance. To Shoomfie especially who mustve been very frustrated but managed to remain calm cool and collected. And to my teammates, most of whom werent even aware of the difficulties.

      I'll keep practicing but next time I'm on the ground.

      Thanks to all the organized it and to leadership.
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        Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

        Grunt there's no shame in piloting. It is an unforgiving position for the untrained.

        Compare it to, say, a hunter. We all bump the hunter into walls now and then, however hunters do not explode from doing so. The point I'm trying to make is there's no shame in crashing a chopper, even during an event mission. Every gamer at TG has fender bender's and pilots are afforded no more or less expectation than anyone driving a hunter.

        It is simply a risk we are all aware of.

        Well done otherwise, though.

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          Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016


          You know I love you man. Sorry, I didn't realize you were having "one of those days" in the air . . . .we were busy dying, reviving, moving, and dying again (on and off) and I didn't even realize . . . my heart goes out my friend. You just keep flying . . . . :-)

          As for the "orange smoke" incident . . . . ya . . . . it was tight, but the drop to the HLZ needed to be a touch more straight down. I saw you descending into that . . . and then the heilo noise went silent . . . . and then it crashed into the ground in a large fireball . . . . . all awesome stuff. You just keep right on doing what you're doing . . . it is after all a game . . . . good stuff. We were all set to revive you as well, but agreed that a respawn at base was probably best.

          Thanks for all the support (and attempted support) . . . what an awesome day and mission (even if we could only see about 20M in front of ourselves in the later stages) . . . . . :-)


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            Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

            As Dimitrius said,
            there's no shame in piloting. It is an unforgiving position for the untrained... there's no shame in crashing a chopper, even during an event mission. Every gamer at TG has fender bender's and pilots are afforded no more or less expectation than anyone driving a hunter.
            100% true. One can hardly keep me from pleading to be the designated pilot I'm often called upon to fly in Arma because that's my field of expertise, and I still have my embarrassing moments in a Hummingbird, let alone a deathtrap like the Blackfish. All it takes is one miscalculation, and it requires every bit of your attention, and even THEN you're not 100% safe. Crashing happens, we all get it. Don't beat yourself up over it.

            Besides, you made up for it by blasting away all the bad guys on that isolated island as one of my gunners.


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              Re: Old Meets New - Sat Sept 17 2016

              C.O. |TG-irr| Shoomfie

              Operation Clean Green: Part 1 Old Meets New
              Operation Date: 9/18/2016
              Time ((in game)): ET. 06:45Hrs

              Mission: Secure old WWII bunkers on Sosovu and Yasa islands from Sindikat forces.
              MISSION STATUS: PARTIALLY COMPLETE. sustained heavy casualties.


              Initial equipping at base went smoothly. Our heavy weapons squad (POSEIDON), loaded up a UGV Stomper with extra MMG ammo, and a recon element of ARTEMIS squad deployed to the north edge of the island just south of Sosovu to scout the area. Command utilized a Falcon UAV roterwing, for aerial surveillance. Initial number of enemies were underestimated. Foliage was dense on the eastern half of Sosovu.

              Poseidon dropped off Artemis onto the south end of Sosovu and disengaged to provide fire support. Artemis sustained heavy causalities on the beach from the jungle. Command also provided support from the armed UAVs. The air detachment HADES dropped the UGV loaded for bare, into the sea. Shortly after, there was a critical engine failure, as the Huron crashed on Sosovu island during it's landing sequence immediately killing the pilot, injuring it's two passengers.

              After capturing the west half of Sosovu, including the town itself, command RTB'd to bring back ammo for Artemis and Poseidon. Hades 2, dropped off the ammo as Zeus (command element) acquired a Marshall from base. Poseidon attached to Artemis. Artemis and Zeus pushed onto the eastern half of Sosovu and managed to capture the north-east and eastern points. The front four tires blew out on the Marshall and Zeus disembarked to join Artemis.

              During our assault of the dock on the south-eastern dock, our entire team was destroyed by unknown infantry forces. Hades began a bombardment of Yasa Island with a blackfish resulting in varied effectiveness. After Artemis was destroyed Command called the mission.

              no paper intel was discovered. however, it was should noted that there were confirmed CSat special forces on the island assisting Syndikat forces.

              ASSETS LOST:

              1x UGV Stomper
              1x Huron (recoverable via dive team + special equipment)
              1x Marshall (abandoned in neutral territory, heavy wheel damage. Advise immediate demolition of vehicle, as Huron is inaccessible for recovery)

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                Finally got around to do some video editing. Here is me flying ammo in.

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