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Operation Dragnet Enemy Assault (09-25-2016)

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  • [AAR] Operation Dragnet Enemy Assault (09-25-2016)

    I had an absolute blast for this event I must say. Came in at start time and I slotted in as an SL with Unk in CO chair. First objectives popped up and we already had Armor team, Air team.

    Rifle-Alpha squad had about 6 guys in it and we got a ride from thee armor squad in an IFV to the first objective. Some minor engagements later we were right outside the military compound in which a radio tower is to be destroyed. Upon entering this compound we spot a tank guarding that tower. First, the air does s strafe on it with his Pawnee. The enemy tank shrugs it off shoots back at him. We had a PCML but PCML against a tank always ends badly. Then Armor team deployed to us with a tank. They made it to us but got destroyed. Then I made a decision to sneak in there and ninja a satchel. As we crawled in we got wiped out a machine gun turret. I deployed again from base to find the tank still residing over the radio tower. By this time, armor team was operating an artillery piece and was sending in HE rounds. But these were missing. Through some crazy communications I finally remembered how arty works. I asked Browna where the last splash landed in terms of the tank. He said "10meters East of it.". I get on long range and say "Armor, adjust 10 meters West from last splash.".... BOOOOOM. Right on the money. That explosion also destroyed the objective radio tower.

    We headed to a designated LZ for an extraction. Right around the time the helicopter showed up, gunfire erupted and we performed a hot extract... Exhilarating stuff. Back at base we geared up and had a TGU moment about what to do in contact. I like this delivery method much better than classes as we get to play right afterwards.

    After the TGU moment, deployed to the next task of destroying a truck with a device on it. As we flew in, the helicopter took a fire and we crash landed. Everybody inside was in one piece but the helicopter pilot and its helicopter had to be rescued and recovered. I think Logistics team handled this. As we located the objective and engaged some light resistance with relative ease I said to the team "This is gonna be an easy one.". After a few minutes, we get rushed by an ifrit who was hiding in our blind spot and almost got wiped. Second deployment by HALO and we destroyed the enemy ifrit and destroyed the device successfully. We got an order to push through and enter the town for the last task of killing an officer.

    The fighting in the town was pretty rough. Before entering the town itself we got bogged down by infantry troops who were firing at us from multiple directions. The firefight to overcome was very contested and intense. Logistics team then deploys to us with an IFV to support us. Their firepower helped us big time. We got into the town encountering sporadic resistance as we approached the suspected location of the commander. I lost my keyboard functionality suddenly as I got revived while placing a marker in the map (<dev>Our revive script takes away inputs during the unconscious state and gives it back once they are revived. Never seen this bug before the last update with the whole map marker overhaul.<\dev>)

    After disconnecting and reconnecting I came back to a well progressed advance to the objective under Browna's leadership. Some fighting later we found and executed the enemy commander completing the task and the AO. A full RTB order was issued. But alas, a JIP player named Lewis trying to get to us got himself shot up in the middle of the town. Operation "Saving Private Lewis" started. We loaded up into the IFV and moved to his location. Upon arrival infantries dismounted and got mowed down by a well placed ambush. A massive casualty situation occurred even though we had a gunship overhead and the IFV with us. "Saving Private Lewis" became "Saving Everybody". Now I wanted to mention Lewis because I would like think that because of our efforts in saving him and returning to base with him, he ended up playing with us until the end through all of the AOs.

    We RTBd on a convoy of IFV, Hunter MATVs and a giant Truck. CO Unk retired to his dinner and CO Browna stepped up for the second AO. I became a medic.

    So we tried to insert via helicopter twice, first time getting shot down by enemy helicopter and the second time getting hunted down by enemy jet. Finally we HALO-d into the AO. We sneaked into the AO under fire and contested. Once in the town we encountered enemy IFV which was almost the end of us. I have less recollection about this as I was either reviving and bleeding out. One thing is for sure, as hot as this AO was we never got wiped once we got in. We accomplished all the tasks in the second AO and got extracted by Shawn and RTB-ed.

    Third AO came up. I lead again. I think Trace was supposed to be an arty supporting me. But he was enjoying his access to Zeus too much. I saw some zeusy behavior as we marched onto the objective. Even our DZ was hot from the start. By this time the server was full of public players and VON usage full on rampant. The squad was unmanageably big and I was having a hard time effectively leading. But we managed to get into the AO and destroy two ZSU vehicles, one by Titan from a distance and one by a satchel. We bugged out the way we came in and the Zeus has arranged a Huron helicopter for us to take for the RTB. A couple of dudes were lagging behind so we sat inside the helicopter waiting for them. Then an enemy jet strafes us with his gun, killing private Lewis. We bail out and spread out, and the stragglers finally catch up. We did not see the jet anywhere, so we mount up and dust off in our Huron - a giant target. I had a little hope we might be able to escape as we left the area. I think I said "Say your prayers, pop those flares and use the miniguns" as we trusted in Badstache who was piloting and heard flares popping non-stop. But the jet found us and gave us a couple of missiles. We screamed to our fiery crash and deaths................

    I think played about 6 hours yesterday and had a great time. Good games all, and hope to see some of those new faces make their way here.

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    I was having a blast playing this mission again. I ended up playing as a helicopter pilot.

    I started off using the Pawnee Light Attack Helicopter supporting the ground troops in their first objective. I performed two strafing runs one on a ditch about 200 meters in front of "Rifle Squad", which they laser designated. The second run was on a T-100 inside a military complex. However, I am pretty sure the tank crew looked at each other asking, "Did you hear something? Ehh probably nothing." I ended up having to repairing the Pawnee after taking a AA rocket, but landed successfully. I was asked to switch to a Ghost hawk transport helicopter to pickup Rifle and RTB, after they completed the first objective in the first AO.

    The most exciting and nerve racking moment was when I was ordered to fly the AH-99 Blackfoot attack helicopter. LowSpeed had joined the mission and was asked to be a gunner in the attack helicopter. It was pretty calm at first, as LowSpeed and I just hovered at around 1.5 to 2 km away from the AO providing fire support. Which turned out not as effective as we had hoped, as the ground crews thought it would be funny to put blanks in the 20mm cannon. The most nerve racking moment came as Unkl ordered us to escort the retreat back to base, after the objectives were completed. We hovered about 50 meters above the ground team, LowSpeed attempting to rain as much devastation as he could. I was trying to keep the helicopter steady, periodically looking out the port window attempting to visually acquire any hostile targets. I was a bit too comfortable, as I had figured there wasn't anymore threats to the helicopter. I was completely wrong. I looked out the port side and immediately heard an alarm go off. I looked at the display to see the warning of a missile lock. I ended up forgetting what my button was for the countermeasures until the last moment. Dumped flares and watched a rocket fly right over the cockpit not 5 meters in front of us and crash into the buildings on the port side of the helicopter. LowSpeed later asked, "what's wrong?" to which I replied, "You didn't see that?"

    This event was full of excitement and can't wait for the next time!
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      Yep, didn't even notice the said missile. Too busy looking through the FLIR pod

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