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Operation Trojan Horse - Oct 8 Event

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  • [AAR] Operation Trojan Horse - Oct 8 Event

    The premise of this mission is an interesting one and Thanks to Unk and DMZ Scout it has come to fruition as an event and as a playable mission on our server.

    Trojan team started out as tourists looking around the rebel city. CSAT and rebel forces were occupying the city and we sneaked around to identify the enemy commander and a WMD. Trojan had four operators and we found the objectives in the town fairly quickly after a brief stroll. We even conducted recon on our escape plan which was the airstrip.

    With all the intel gathered Horse team started their diversionary attack. Ambient combat noises afar was actual player in contact. Pretty cool to hear. CSAT in town reacted to the attack and left to reinforce their outpost. Some of the technicals also moved out giving the Trojan team a window of opportunity to gear up and start our own raid.

    From the get go at one point while trying to clear bunker Trojan got flanked by a single enemy and almost completely got wiped out. Luckily Browna3 was in the house and rescued everybody. One cool thing about this was how booby traps and razorwire fences were blocking our entrance into the objectives. We had to blow a hole in the wall to gain access.

    Through careful movement and crazy amount of contact, we made it to the rebel commander's position and eliminated him. We tried to blow up a razorwire fence spent one explosive charge... The fence was still intact... So we spent another one to blow up a wall. After eliminating the rebel commander we made our way into the WMD site. But our explosive specialist only had 1 charge left.

    So we backtracked to our cache to get some more ammo all the while under fire on the way. With more explosives we made it to the WMD site again while under fire. Disabled all the tripwire mines around it and Browna planted his charges on the WMD device. Out of nowhere a rebel showed up. I report him and start engaging him. Scared Browna puts a timer on his charge in case he goes down. The rebel takes me down. Medic wants to get me up but the time is ticking on the explosive. So they abandon my unconscious body and takes cover. Explosives blow right next to me........

    In the meantime Horse team took down the CSAT outpost and have moved into a position to assault the airstrip which is our escape. They are already fighting and Trojan team made their way in support of them. Both trojan and Horse teams assault the airstrip and after some heavy fighting we take the airstrip... We then simply extracted back to our FOB.

    Great games... Thanks to MPL Trace for sharing the leadership as I gave him a lot of freedom of operation. Of course mission makers Unk and DMZ Scout for a great mission. Thanks to all the participants for making the experience possible.

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    It was a great mission, I led Horse team, which was Unkl, Dylan, Biggs, Rudolph, Frodo and Bastache.

    We started West of Selakano, we had a truck with supplies, after getting ready, the order was to move close to the CSAT base without being noticed, holding fire until Trojan team gave us the green light. We couldn't move far because there was little to no cover and the enemy had the higher ground advantage.

    After Trojan gathered enough Intel and gave us the order, we commenced engaging the OP towers, It proved to be a hard task, CSAT forces were well trained, plus less than 5 minutes into the fight enemies technicals, that were in town, diverged to our location. We managed to take down the technicals and started suppressing the base, in the meantime we got reports from Trojan team members that they were taking heavy casualties. It's important to mention that even tough there were a couple of close calls, neither team got wiped, we had great medics.

    After holding our ground we took out most of the enemy presence, without a really good approach to the main base due to the lack of cover(funny story: we took refuge on one of the disabled technicals and to our disbelief it got destroyed in the middle of the fire fight, so we ended up having to run back to cover for our lives .)

    We went back for the supply truck in order to relocate it closer to the city, 2 minutes after that a CSAT transport truck was dropping reinforcements at the base, in an instant, our good driver reacted, taking us behind a house for cover. Before the last man could dismount our skilled AT destroyed the transport truck. We got the report that all the tasks on the town were completed so it was time to move forward on to the last objective, the Attack Helicopter on the airfield.

    It was well guarded, our priorities were the bunkers on the entrance, after taking those, we moved in from the west side while Trojan moved in from the southeast.
    Both teams cleared the airfield and without giving the enemy any chance for a counter attack we got into the helicopter with FOB Derby as destination.

    Thanks to B for squad leading, DMZ Scout and Unkl for making this mission possible, it was fresh and fun, I'm looking forward for more missions from you Scout .

    Thanks to everyone that participated on the mission. Special thanks to horse's team members for making leading easy for me ;)


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      This was a lot of fun yesterday and this was amplified by having a well coordinated group of players that were not subject to any distractions during the event. Another big factor was the difficulty of the mission made made for a real challenge for leadership.

      Trojan team found the fortification and booby traps forcing them to traverse through the enemy occupied town. With a small team, this takes discipline from every team member and a squared away leader!

      Horse team found the enemy outpost to be made of two separate firing positions that were both well fortified and heavy with guns. Then the reinforcements came from every direction from the east from north to south. Once they arrived they began to flank us by moving across our south to the west side too! The terrain at this location is a series of rolling valleys and most of the time the outpost has a clear shot 500-600 meters out. So movement is difficult already without taking fire from 300 degrees. It is a great challenge. We began to run out of ammo and a resupply run saved our bacon as we did park the truck in an accessible location that had good shelter.

      Scout had done a great job with this mission and the heavy work of the concept and placing enemies and briefing was all very well thought out and considered. I did help with figuring out some of the locality issues with using setCaptive and to be honest, I was still crossing my fingers that it didn't glitch. But with two full runs now it appears to be working. So any of you mission makers that look under the hood, there is a few things I'll clean up on version 6 that are left over from previous versions.

      The other thing I worked on was that if anyone in Trojan spawns in late or respawns, they are automatically issued a uniform and weapons and moved to Horse team. We didn't want a late JIP who could be stuck in the middle of town with no weapons! This will preserve the core of Trojan team as it is on mission start. So when replaying...fill Trojan first!

      Great leadership fellas, great playing all!
      |TG-189th| Unkl
      ArmA 3 Game Officer
      Dean of Tactical Gamer University
      189th Infantry Brigade Member
      "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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        TROJAN Medic-

        Thank you for the good times and comments regarding my debut Event Mission. Unkl made it happen by squaring away the finer and important details. Much appreciated, you guys rock.

        brownA3 saved Trojan Team from complete elimination within moments of accessing the cache left by civilians. Nice job securing the immediate area and then using the Medkit to get the team operational.

        I thought our movement was solid through town and we engaged several fortified positions from carefully selected positions of cover. We fell back and regrouped when the positions were becoming untenable.

        The four man team did well maintaining 360 security for most of the mission. However it is noteworthy that during breach operations, with one man focusing on mine diffusal and charge setting, we were down to three to pull security. This led to a weakness in maintaining the full perimeter security and I believe led to two or three contacts were we took fire from two directions or contact from a blind side and resulting casualties. With that being said, it was unavoidable because troop strength and mission dictated that one man had to focus on breach operations and not security.

        We did a really good job with buddy team movement while bounding across open areas and used the available cover and fires to the best of our ability.

        Communication between team members was solid and not overbearing. You could tell all members were tuned into the surroundings and their sectors, being that we were in the thick of it within enemy lines.

        Cody is a quiet and steady professional. Stating what needed to be stated and picking up my slack when I went down. He might have healed members as much as I did.

        B made some good decisions with regards to our operation within the town. He did not put members needlessly at risk just to force getting the job done. He kept the team together when we had to move back across town to rearm. This was done under pretty accurate sniper fire from an unknown position. It could have been easy to just send one or two back but then the team would have been split and unable to support one another.

        On a side note, the action HORSE Squad was getting sounded real good from our position. I really enjoyed seeing a steady stream of tracer fire down onto the airfield while as we approached from town.




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