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  • [AAR] Op Mercury I

    Operation Mercury I.

    "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast". That is the line of thinking when I was chosen to lead this operation. It is to my knowledge, the players signed up to lead was a no show.
    After figuring out command, and checking our comms. We practised dry drills, order of march, and any other pertinent information being disseminated.

    Orders were very vague to start with. However, it was slightly clearer that we were strictly on a reconnaissance mission to get eyes on the points of interest.

    Prior to boarding the zodiaks (there were 6), few of our players with super human eyes picked out movement to the direct north-east of our island on the mainland. (marked as '7xRifles, Patrol, 18:48'). Shortly after, we also spotted a RHIB with only the driver. On what seemed to be moving on a clockwise direction, at 18:50 (refer to map).

    We then boarded the zodiaks (3 in total). Then proceeded to cross the water on the preplanned route. Upon landing, each of the fireteams were holding their assigned sectors. We gave it about few minutes then pushed further in. But not much into the island since I wanted to stay off the roads. We had limited but enough defilade to use to move around the terrain to push into the village of Blerick. That was my 1st point of interest. I figured, if anything out of ordinary. We can get eyes on the locals activity, location, and any threats to pass on to command.

    We proceeded to push towards 'RP1'. Followed by pushing up further north about 400m, then switched on the easterly direction to gain elevation. Also, the decision was made so that I can, if lucky get eyes on first and have advantage of higher ground then the spotted 'Patrol4xfootmobile' (don't know who placed that). We also, bounded across any danger areas on routes made.

    Upon reaching the dirt path in the thick jungle. What I originally thought was a building structure, was a picnic table. Pays to get eyes on, than relying on the map. A lesson, that always rings true no matter the advancement of technology. The picnic table was enough trigger for me to not loiter. So we pushed on. So far, we have not encountered any problems. We heard explosions, and small arms fire coming from the village. Our mission is to not engage, but to collect information. We pushed on. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

    I decided to get us to what seemed to be a relatively good cover position, looking at the map. Which gave us some line of sight into town, with some natural cover for the team. Once there, we halted. Gave a task of security to third in command to setup security, and took the 2nd in command with me to eye up the village.

    There we spotted activity. Few civilians, and non uniformed men. All with small arms, and RPGs. We also spotted on the eastern side of the village, the compound that was facing north-west road. There were 2 semi-circle sandbangs facing opposite us towards north-west, and an armed unknown kneeled facing the same direction. In the same compound, we also spotted 4 x armed men, on guard, at 19:30.
    We also spotted various locations within the village buildings, manned by armed unknowns. I did not located them at this time, since I heard through the radio "We have contact...". So I switched off from my rangefinder back to assessing the threat. Luckily, it was only a sighting. To the T-junction north of the village. 8x Armed unknowns 1x RPG, on patrol moving west to east on the road at 19:33.

    I decided to egress from our position to our east, to flank up to north-east of the village to get a better angle. Our route was decided and we pushed off.

    As we approached our limit of advance marker. We switched direction to our north-west. At that point, we all heard rotary vehicle overhead. We took cover, and were able to verify that helicopter was a CSAT attack rotary vehicle. Heading east into the limit of advance marker and probably further ahead somewhere.

    Once, we finally approached. I decided to push further west. At hill 44, we continued our mission to gather intel on Blerick.

    Reported to command, and it was mission complete.


    The method used to mark. Which I found most succinct and informative is this format.
    Size, Activity, Location, Time. (i.e. 8x Rifles, 1x Rpg, Patrol, W-e, 19:33)
    If you have more time SALUTE is good too, but over informative for scenarios that doesn't fully utilise such information.

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    Please feel free to post your own experience on that day. More the better.

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    Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

    "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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      Mercury 2 was conducted. AAR as witnessed by the Squad Leader in charge of the operation. Total participants: 6.
      Squad Leader B
      Fireteam Leader MPL Trace
      Assis. AutoRifl BadStache
      Grenadier Xorilliz
      Demolitions B_Wilco
      Medic Biggs
      Phase 1: Make contact with a local informant and gather intel. The team got on some zodiacs and moved to the village of the informant. Intel acquired from the informant hinted at a chance of how we might be able to disrupt enemy communications. We decided to chase the intel and moved to the informant's brother's house. Moving through the jungle we encountered some contact with the local bad dudes.

      Phase 2: Made it to the brother's house which he told us about how the local bad guys use the radio towers to communicate each other by hijacking the signal. He also had a bunch of intel lying around his compound. We knew there was a radio tower nearby which, according to the brother, occupied by a sizable force of bad dudes. We decided to assault the radio tower and may be destroy their jamming equipment to disrupt enemy communications.

      Phase 3: On approach we made contact with a fireteam sized force and quickly eliminated them before moving up to the radio tower. Began the assault and encountered somebody who looks like a commander. He is dead. Found the satellite equipment and gold mine of usable intel. Enemy did try to reinforce a couple of time but blue team repelled each attempt while the demolitions guy setup the charge on enemy communications setup. We quickly bolted out of there blowing up and making the island blind.

      Phase 4: Finally it was time to assault and clear the town of Blerick. We setup just outside and prepared for assault. Once the shooting started we took out a camp and went in to find some intel and was clearing houses. Unfortunately enemy patrolling units converged on us fast and took us out of the game. The attempt to clear the town has gone down like that. The town is still occupied by leftover forces.

      Appendix: The following are the intel acquired during the operation. Turned into the command for analysis:

      Misc: The mission was a very fun playthrough. Thanks Solo for putting it together for us. I enjoyed leading and going down the rabbit hole.

      Revive worked well. One thing about medics with medikits being the only role who can revive is just that. Once the medic goes down we might as well call it. We had one medic and him going incapacitated made sure nobody else got back up during that last fight in the town.

      The drag worked alright. I was being dragged by Trace once.

      A small nuisance for intel gathering that we encountered was that Wilco lost his ability to put down a explosive charge after interacting with the intel. I also could not place down his explosive since I interacted with the intel as well. But I could do other action menu stuff like look into somebody backpack etc. One way to deal with this would simply limit who interacts with intel. One or two people can gather intel on next operations. Good thing we had Trace who was almost always staying back and covering, who came up and planted the explosives for us.

      If I missed any intel, I think Wilcoe said he had all screenshots of all the intel we gathered during the operation.

      Excited to see how this series develop. I will definitely try to attend the next installments.




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