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Serpents: Episode II - Sat Nov 5

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  • [AAR] Serpents: Episode II - Sat Nov 5

    Here is a recap from the mission:

    We were two 5 men fire teams with 2 LSV at our disposal.

    Our first objective was to meet the Syndikat informant and buy the Intel(enemy´s communication devices location). As it turned out Syndikat forces are more than willing to help our cause so it was for free.
    On our way out of the meeting we received information that a Gendarmerie patrol had discovered our LSVs so we had to take them out and destroy their truck before they could reach NATO forces at the Tanoa Sugar Company. Once we took care of that we use the LSVs to relocate NW of the Tanoa Sugar Company, where we had to download the communications log from 6 devices.
    On our approach we used the jungle to avoid detection before moving into the compound , we scanned carefully for enemy statics, snipers and patrols. Once it was clear , team 2 moved in, as team 1 stayed as overwatch. There was no entry so we put explosives and made one. After we breached, we split up so each team had 3 devices to download Intel from.
    The enemy hold firm and every time we completed a download more enemies reinforcements were send, we managed to complete 4 downloads without heavy casualties but the locations of the devices were on the enemies advantage, resulting in team 1 getting wiped,
    After we rendezvoused at the compound we finished all the downloads, we then received orders from HQ to exfil quickly as we were going to be overrun, so we exit the AO, but not before taking down an AH-9 Pawnee, I loved watching that thing coming down so fast to meet the ground.
    Moving back to the NW, where we had left out LSVs, completed the mission.

    Thanks to everyone that participated on the event, congrats to |TG| B for this great mission. The audio features worked perfectly.
    Looking forward for Episode III.

    P.S. few screenshots:


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    This was my first mission in a while and it was a nice one to come back to, I enjoyed all parts of the mission from the beginning to the end, the fight in factory was a lot of fun with the two teams moving around to find the intel, there was some good shooting and climbing up ladders to be done :). Any who thanks for the mission B and to everyone that played it was fun.


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      Great mission B. Looking forward to the next one!

      Canadjun, eh?


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        The mission played well I thought. Thank you TRACE for stepping up to lead us and all those showed and played the mission with near full roster. I was glad that the voice acting achieved a sense of immersion and guided you guys through the process. Happy that comments were made in regards of that. This is my first time adding extensive voice acting to my missions and I must say now that I will probably make it an integral part of the mission dev process.

        Oh some trade secrets:
        • IVONA is a text to speech software company that has invested the most in terms of research towards perfecting text to speech to sound more natural. Their website has several voices which can be tried out. Put any text in and they will read it out loud.
        • Audacity is an open source, cross-patform, audio manipulation program which is what I used to record my computer audio.
        • Putting these together, I can generate .ogg files which Arma 3 uses for its audio format. Then using some triggers I call these audio files to be played at certain times.
        • For more details, feel free to open up the mission file and take a peek inside. I can also guide through PM.

        Now the sugar factory made for a great platform for a very complicated fight. I tried to utilize the ultra complex stair system available in that compound and all the accessible roofs and high points. The players had to find the way up while trying to fend off attacks from buildup of enemy reinforcements as they progress.

        Finally, the new "hold Space" interaction was used to simulate the downloading of the intel, which means an adequate security is needed in duration of the download.

        So all these coming together is what Episode II came about. I will tell you one thing about how well the team handled that police car. That car did not even have a chance. Although I think somebody got killed from the guy in the trunk. What I was envisioning is either what happened which was hail of bullets bringing to a stop, or a full on car chase.

        Ok one final note. Everytime I entered and exited one our LSVs I would have crazy low FPS and TFAR would disconnect and connect again. This was something that was weird for me in the mission.

        That is my AAR of the event. I envision the play-through of Episode III to be another fun affair.




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