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Serpents: Episode III - Nov 19

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  • [AAR] Serpents: Episode III - Nov 19

    This was the last part of the great Serpent's trilogy.

    We had an almost full roster to start with. I was the SL, leading Alpha 1-1( Wray , Knowledge , FiniFelix , experiment626 and |TG| B ). Alpha 1-2 was lead by BadStache ( DaViking , Biggs , -MIK- and Hummel ) Xorilliz was the pilot and Dimitrius the gunner for the Xian

    Our first objective: Destroy several ammo shipments on Tavu.
    We approached carefully from the North side of town, scanned and took down statics and snipers, we then divided and clear the town. Once all the boxes were destroyed, NATO send a Pawnee and and a Hummingbird with reinforcements that never had a chance with our X'ian VTOL on their tale.

    Second objective:Destroy enemy assets at Bala Airstrip.
    CAS proved to be useful once more here, taking an UGV before we reached the airfield .infantry moved to the gas station where we encountered heavy resistance, we pushed trough and clear the airstrip, destroyed all the assets, got back to the Vtol.

    Third Objective:Raid the compound and investigate Keystone
    Until this objective we didn't have to deal with heavy casualties, I've gotten confident and we all payed the price. The plan was to attack the compound from the West and East at the same time but after the first bullets went by Alpha 1-1 went down and Alpha 1-2 was a 1 men team. They did a great job, first taking care of their team and then getting all wounded up. but we managed to get the intel we came for.

    Last objective Capture Keystone
    We landed on the West side of the island, moved closer to the Resort, we couldn't see any enemy forces, in order to avoid an ambush we divided to cover more ground, and just as Alpha 1-1 was moving to the main house , Alpha 1-2 encountered what it turned out to be Keystone location. It was a fast firefight, it was the end

    Thanks to BadStache for leading Alpha 1-2 and to everyone that participated, we had good communication and team work. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

    Thanks to |TG| B for making the trilogy, it was well balanced with close combats, infantry, vehicles and the audio features were a nice addition.

    Please everyone that played, I would like if you could make a comment about your point of view. thanks in advanse.

    P.S: screenshots:

    Conclusion :

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    I take full responsibility for that last screenshot. But, in my defense, when I shot the guy it said, "Keystone Captured" and "Mission Successful". Yes, I shot Keystone but I entered a room, saw movement, and fired. I guess that Move and Shoot practice worked too well. Had an absolutely great time. Thanks to Viking for being an excellent marksman, Mik for being an awesome medic and saving the entire mission, and Biggs for being in the right spot at the right time with an RPG. Wonderful coordination from everyone involved. Most of all, Thank you, B. Great mission!
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      Well written, trace. Good job.

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        The mission started off a little bumpy when we lost our JTAC fro Alpha 1-2 almost immediately. Hummel was having some bad FPS issues that made the game unplayable for him. He did try to fix the issue but had no luck. So Alpha 1-2, already without a demo spec, was now only 4 strong for the mission. We may have been under-strength but we worked well together and covered each other very well. Communication was great and it helped up persevere.

        Objective one went very smoothly with Alpha 1-2 moving in first to get eyes on the village of Tavu. We immediately spotted numerous enemies and began marking the map. When Alpha 1-1 was in position we quickly took out all visible targets and moved into the town. As I crossed the street to our first objective we starting taking fire. I continued across to cover and the rest of 1-2 help position and engaged the enemy. I located the first weapons crate, placed a charge and moved back to my team. 1-1 had also rigged their first objective and we blew them simultaneously. Both teams continued to our next targets, engaging enemy as we went. 1-1 was able to find their second cache and moved on to Alpha 1-2 second cache as we the bulk of the EI seemed to be on our side of town, slowing us up. As we approached our second target a blufor Pawnee came overhead. Trace called in out our support to deal with the threat and both teams started to exfil. The pawnee dealt with, the Xi-an started to move in for a pick up but a little bird came in with troops. Xorilliz and Dylan were able to deal with this threat and a fire team moving in on us. As we boarded we started taking fire from remnants of that patrol and a short firefight ensued. The last of the enemy now eliminated and we left the area for Objective 2. At this time Alpha 1-2 had taken no casualties and 1-1 had only taken one.

        Objective 2 was a bit more challenging, as fog had moved in and the sun was setting. CAS eliminated one ugv for us but we still had to deal with an armed prowler and one or two more ugv's. We took a couple of casualties as we started our move to the gas station but, Mik did a great job helping to suppress and then getting out wounded up. As we moved into the gas station, one of my guys (not sure if it was Biggs or Viking) went right as I stayed in the room I entered. I saw movement across the street and opened fire but they got me first. Mik and my other man were able to spot and kill the enemy and then moved in to revive me. I then moved right, into the garage, looking for my other team member. Turns out it was Biggs (AT). He was okay and I joined him as we started looking at our route to the uav's we were assigned to destroy. Suddenly a ugv came from our left and I excitedly called for Biggs to get his AT in operation. I opened up with the .50 cal on my Type 115 to disable the turret and then Biggs destroyed the ugv. I then called for my team to join and move to our targets, only to find out that we were missing someone. It was Biggs. He wasn't answering calls so Alpha 1-1's medic and Mik started looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen so I went ahead and asked him where he was. Turns out, when he got shot, he glitched into the floor. This required him to respawn and make his way back to the AO. That would be Alpha 1-2's only mission death. Objective 2 went smooth from there on and both teams made our exfil and headed to Objective 3.

        As we were leaving Obj. 2 I told Trace I had a bad feeling that our next target was going to be rougher. It was. We landed, dismounted and 1-1 took point into the jungle. Trace had me move 1-2 through them and move toward the east side of the target village. As we were moving, Biggs had some navigation problems and lost contact with us. I was able to get him moving in the right direction and I moved to the first house to get ready for our assault. Mik and Viking were behind me and with horror I saw Biggs approaching very fast and moving past me. He called out contacts close and starting taking fire from the porch of the house I was staged at. I quickly moved to cover him and engage the enemy. Our coordinated assault from the east and west was now out the window. Biggs continued his forward movement as he was engaged from his right. I opened up on his contacts and saw 2 drop and then began firing on a third contact on the porch. I think I hit him but my mag went dry and I tried to take cover and reload. I wasn't fast enough and went down. I could hear heavy fire from the other side of the village where Alpha 1-1 was located. Mik and Viking were working hard to eliminate threats to them before moving to revive Biggs and myself. Mik pulled me into better cover, revived me and the search was on for Biggs. Mik had thrown smoke but as it started to clear I saw fire coming at us from the other side of the village. I opened up and took out that enemy and Mik was able to get to Biggs as Viking provided cover. Alpha 1-2 was back up. I moved into the house were we had taken the most contact from and found electronic gear. I attempted to call Alpha 1-1 about our situation and found that only one member of their team was up. I ordered Alpha 1-2 to move to them immediately. As I arrived at the first member of 1-1 I was engaged from my rear and went down. I think Biggs and Viking had also gone down, as I no longer heard them calling out targets. I then heard .50 cal fire and knew Mik was still up and engaging with the enemy. Mik called out that he had taken out the remaining enemy, who was hiding in a bush. Mik quickly starting getting us up and they in turn would move to another downed team member. Mik gets a medal for his actions in that village and saving the mission.

        Our final objective, to capture Keystone, started off very smoothly. Again, Alpha 1-2 had point and we moved to get eyes on the target compound. As we moved I reminded my team that our goal was to capture, NOT KILL, Keystone. Our first observation of the compound revealed nothing and we were ordered move left and come in from the east of the compound. As we moved toward the eastern most building, my team come under fire. However, I was separated from them but a large rock and didn't see any of their contacts. Mik, Biggs, and Viking were holding their own and handling the situation nicely. Knowing they were okay, I approached the building and opened the door. As the door opened I heard a voice calling out "engage that enemy". In front of me I saw more electronic gear and then saw movement to my left. I turned and fired. An onscreen message came up, "Keystone Captured" and "Mission Successful". I wasn't sure were Keystone was or who captured him, but I had killed the guy in the room with me. The screen faded to black and what we all saw next was Trace's last screenshot. "MISSION FAILED" I had killed Keystone. Ah crap!

        Thanks to a great team in Alpha 1-2 and thanks for being a stellar leader, Trace. Hummel, we missed not having you. Maybe you could have kept me from killing Keystone.
        “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”


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          I played as the medic for team 1 under MPL.Trace.

          The first objective was executed very smoothly. We were super stealthy and when guns went off we were very efficient. We had one KIA in that town. I think we rigged the dock and then we breached the CTRG site. That breach went surprisingly well. I expected at least one Viper to be down breaching and fighting in that warehouse. But all we had was some scratches which would be healed then and there.

          Now when the dust settled and we blew stuff up the Pawnee showed up. Pawnee circled above and even at one point shot at us. VTOL came in and the gunner on that VTOL had his finger on the trigger like he wanted to shoot that gun for a long time... I would hear constant BRRRRRRRRRRRRR without any pause. Weirdly the Pawnee survived for a long time even though the gun going non-stop. I think they had to strafe him at least 4 times.

          The pawnee goes down finally and more ammo caches blew up. The first objective is done. Suddenly Trace talks to the HQ in Australian Accent reporting about an intel found. Experiment freaks out over his sudden change in his voice and accent. LOL. While all of this is happening a Hummingbird loaded with CTRG operators is flying in trying to land nearby to counterattack. As they hovered over us I hear that BRRRRRR again. VTOL is engaging without giving the Hummingbird any chance to deploy his troops. Hummingbird starts to descend uncontrolled as it took catastrophic damage right onto team 1. I thought it would crash right on us killing a bunch of us. But it crashed about 50 meters from us engulfing in a blaze of fire; satisfying to watch.

          So after all of that we gathered in an open field as the VTOL lands and we were loading. Shots rang out and Felix is down right outside. Everybody dismounts and lays down suppressing fire as I work on Felix. Once Felix was back up we load back in with haste and take off with some guns going off to cover our extraction........

          That was just the beginning and guys were satisfied with their performance as the operation was starting out smooth yet full of action.

          Second objective was to assault a UAV base and destroy some drones stationed there. As we approached that island the VTOL engages something on our LZ before landing. Vipers dismount and head into the base for assault. As a UAV base this was a tough fight. UGV RSCWs were patrolling the base and engaging us with their grenade launchers. We engaged back with our RPGs. The whole thing was a big mess as we were close to wiping a couple of times. I think usage of the VTOL would have made this fight a lot easier.

          We managed to overcome all that defense and blew up bunch of bad stuff. By this time it was night and the fog was setting in. We boarded up went for the last objective - a mysterious and hidden small compound right in the middle of the jungle. CTRG camp was occupied with british special forces and the fight there - I have no idea... The lead buddy teams went down as soon as they entered and Trace and I tried to save them and we went down with the one burst of fire from a deep vegetation. The BadStache's team brought firefight to the enemy which lasted under 2-3 minutes and his team who was attacking from the other side saved the day by clearing out everything and getting us back up.

          With all three objectives completed and intel uploaded to the HQ, we got another intel on the location of Keystone. We loaded up and flew there. We were ordered to capture him alive. Team 1 positioning above the hotel resort while team 2 was breaching a building which turned out to be the building where Keystone was working in. Shots rang out and the mission ended.

          A few words as the mission dev:

          The trilogy started when I discovered the Viper Team gear. I like their look and the highly advanced helmet that they had. Full screen night vision and thermal imaging was very cool. Not to mention their standard issued rifle with their underbarrel 50 cal. Helicopters would not be around a few of those shooting you up.

          The first episode came about when I wanted to use these guys to do a beach assault onto a small AO. I knew I wanted to do a series and I wanted it to be a Trilogy. After the playthrough of the first episode and it reception I got the idea for the second episode after finding a tutorial on how to use the new interaction system. Also, after recon-ing for the AO and finding sugar factory and its intricate stair system I was excited to bring it to life. Now using Text-To-Speech to do the voice over came about after watching a Armaholic video promoting a mission which did just that. I was curious and downloaded the said mission and found the whole thing quite simple. This is when the voices were added. Although Episode 1 has just one line at the start, I went a bit crazy on Episode 2. Now another thing that is heavy on Episode 2 is the usage of the LSV.

          I was really not sure how I wanted to end the trilogy, but I knew I wanted to use the CSAT aircraft. To justify that I spread out the objectives much further such that they have to fly everywhere. But the trilogy needed like an ending, ending. Now Keystone is the codename for Capt.Miller the CTRG operator from the main campaign (Sorry if you have not played it and I just spoiled it for ya). So I thought the trilogy can serve as the prequel to that and have the players capture Miller as Viper teams. If he was not killed the episode ends with him saying "Do not Shoot. I am unarmed." and and in my mind the Vipers surrounding him with guns drawn as he surrenders with his pistol on his desk. His location is revealed after Vipers complete all three objectives. The intels from each objective gives tiny details about his location and put together, they can be deciphered I guess.

          Episode 3 played quite well and I had a lot of fun mostly because of the players who showed up with their positive attitude. Thanks for participating in the event. I plan to do a little bit of work and get these ready for everyday playing and also will release on Steam and BI forums.




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