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Deliberate Attack Drill-11-26-2016

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  • [AAR] Deliberate Attack Drill-11-26-2016

    I thought the first run through for the drill went well. We wanted to keep it moving with more shooting and less talking. A lot was touched on and overall I think we got wheels turning and did a good review of the basic concepts. I led the BASE of FIRE TEAM. We were light on personnel so the first through was with just to MG's. Mik and Biggs did a good job keeping a sustained rate of fire on the OBJ. I do think we had any lulls in fire during reloading. I think 3-MGS for the BoF Team is optimum. The third can fire less and pick-up when one gun is reloading. The second run through we had four shooters. 2 MGS 1 AT/Rifleman and 1 FTL (LIM5.556). Again pretty good sustained fire. The highlight was B's sniper one shot one kill with RPG on the technical. The smoke on the OBJ worked better than I thought it would for being 330 metes out. Good stuff!

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    So we rolled out another tweak in our TGU model with this content. We are very curious as to what the first impression was. Some of you may not have attended previous TGU content to compare to but that just means you can give us another perspective.

    Scout has done this lesson up with a lot and I mean A LOT of detail. I've been quite impressed and it is really a great teaching tool to help our leaders consider much more than who is going to go where, but this lesson puts the tactical back into a deliberate attack.

    This attack is something we really should be doing a lot more of. We attack known and fixed enemy locations all the time but rarely with the sense of planning a deliberate attack.

    The next lesson is going to get into those details much better.

    In addition, and aside from the content of the mission we rolled out a new teaching model. The details were broken up to bite sized and broken up by using multiple instructors and a more casual use of language. What we didn't do was allow for a lot of back and forth discussion due to being rushed.

    How did this work out? Did you prefer the old "lecture" type TGU?

    We will struggle a bit with the next in this series because the leadership lesson will be full of different contingencies. For that there will likely be some text material and more visual aids.
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      I'm really glad that reading above, it went well. I have every confidence in DMZ Scout's abilities in pouring lot of information.
      Regretting not being there, had something come up.

      Thanks for the AAR gents, something that we should all strive to post more.
      As well as encouraging our regulars (and the new) to use the forum more often.

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        I sat thru the Fire Team Leadership lecture in the spring and I have to say the new format is much better. Not because I'm an instructor, either. It got everyone on the firing line quickly and we saw the results on the Unforgiven mission that followed. People seemed more comfortable with each other and with their roles. I think the new format will give newer players the confidence to step up to lead positions more readily.
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