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Unforgiving Event Mission-11-26-2016

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  • [AAR] Unforgiving Event Mission-11-26-2016

    I was the on the Dive Team with Wray. I really liked the mission, the concept, and the hardcore play through. I thought we did a good job at taking our time and communicating during the RECON portion while ID'ing the target boat location. Once disembarking the SDV, we had a decent plan but things went south due to the terrain, troops available and time available (METT-T). We had three shooters approaching the target area that had a Squad strength enemy force in the AO. We were in water and thick marsh. We approached using the marsh as cover and concealment but ended on top of the target area within danger close range of two enemy shooters. Unable to engage from the position due to the water, we were faced with flanking left or right. Because of the time constraint, falling back further into the water seemed at the time not an available option. Left would have exposed our three man more than right. We went right and ended up at the wrong location and engaged by one, maybe two shooters. Fortunately B was able to take down the most immediate threat and due to time (the boat was escaping) we made the decision to take a civilian boat and try to cut off the escaping boat. No dice, we were with an explosive UFO. Wray, too hard on yourself regarding leading. I thought you did a good job with the given situation and the decision making when things got hot was a team effort. I like that the team leader did not expose himself or the medic by being on point. A map might have helped for the point man, but it is debatable. The map would not have shown us a clear path through the marsh. It might have helped me realize I was moving towards the other (wrong) dock when we flanked right.

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    Alright, Dive Team lead report. The mission itself was incredibly well planned and made, can't wait to get it into the regular rotation without a Zeus! On the whole my team performed exceptionally well, including dodging a hail of bullets from multiple shooters despite being unable to return fire, and culminating in B successfully storming onto the dock and taking out the shooter that was the greatest perceived threat to our egress. Little did we know that there was an RPG waiting for us somewhere unseen in the brush but with both teams taking contact and the water levels playing absolute havoc with the dive teams comms, we never even had a chance to hear the rocket that killed us. Scout has already addressed the main errors and constraints that led to the failure so I'll cut straight to what I consider to be my biggest mistake which is leaving poor B with nothing to do in the back seat of the SDV with no map or way of seeing above water. I should have had him driving while Scout manned the periscope (he did a fantastic job of that by the way, great "scouting" I swear I'm funny) which would have left me free to focus more on inter-team communications and strategizing. But live (or in this case die) and learn. As Scout also said, I should have issued him my map when I realized he should be on point and not me but I failed to consider that while I had spent a great deal of time staring at the map and getting a feel for the target location, he had been doing his job and trying to spot an extremely well hidden enemy position through dense brush on the periscope. Closing remarks are that my team performed admirably, as did the Recon team. My only suggestion for the Recon team is that they work just a bit on their ability to track the direction that gunfire is coming from since it is only by the grace of God (or more likely Zeus) that the lone auto-rifleman who flanked to your left didn't kill everyone. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for me moving forward, please let me know!


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      This was my first "hardcore" mission and I was mission lead. Now that's throwing the lambs to the wolves. I also lead the recon team with a goal of spotting a delivery truck and tracking it on its return to its base. This was aided by Mik, on UAV, who very professionally tracked every target coming into the AO. Early on, I was pretty confident about which truck was our target and set about finding the boat coming in for the pick up. Bond was Recon's medic and I had him covering our six. Biggs was my AR and I had him scouting the SW to West. I spotted enemy troops guarding a boathouse in the mangrove swamp but then, armed patrols were everywhere. Luckily my eyes caught movement at the boathouse and I confirmed wooden crates being delivered to the dock. So, now we needed the boat and to catch the truck leaving for its home. I spotted a fast boat coming in with a driver and armed passenger. This was our target boat. Shortly after, Mik called out a truck leaving the town and he tracked and marked it. It was not the truck I thought it was. Score one for the UAV operator. As soon as we received word that this was the correct truck Bond called out close contacts to our rear and opened up. We weren't supposed to be discovered, as this was a condition of mission failure. There was some confusion when a message popped up that we were spotted and mission failed. A quick update from Zeus telling us that some triggers were wonky and we were back in business.

      With the truck and its base identified we only had to disable the boat and capture the driver. This is where things got sketchy. We kept tracking movement around the boathouse and boat as the Dive team moved in for a ground assault. All we could do was watch and try to take out targets of opportunity to assist them. I suddenly realized they were be engaged from a target hidden from our view and that the confusion of the mangrove swamp had them concentrating on the wrong boat. The target boat, alerted, started moving out of the mangroves and Dive was not in a position to stop it. Neither was Recon. We did try to disable the boat with long range fire but had no luck. We continued to track the boat in hopes of Dive grabbing the civilian boat and going in pursuit. Suddenly an explosion. I turned to see the commandeered boat covered with smoke. The dive team had been taken out by an RPG. I called for an extract for recon and as soon as we started moving out, came under fire from a 4 man fire team to our front. I went down without firing a shot. The rest of the team suppressed until Bond could revive me. When I got up I asked it the enemy had been dealt with only to be shot again. We now had fire from our front and left. I laid there watching an AR to our left that my team seemed unaware of. Finally, Mik located the shooter and I saw him drop. Gunfire died off and Bond revived me, again. We then started our hasty retreat to our pick up on the shore. Enroute, we encountered more enemy contact to our right and opened fire while continuing to move to the boat. The boat came under GL fire and its crew was killed. Recon was able to reach the boat and start a positive suppression of the area as we pulled away. From my perspective it was a failure. Only one objective successfully completed with the other 2 failing. Only during our exfil did I find that the boat had been destroyed by our exfil boat, but the driver had been killed. I'll take 2 out of three on this one.

      What should have been done differently: I should have ordered recon off the OP and into a close support position for the dive team as soon as the truck objective was accomplished. This could have helped clear out or at least suppress the enemy in the mangrove swamp, allowing Dive to complete its objective.

      Communications were some of the best I've seen in a mission, even with the underwater issues that the dive team was dealing with. Everyone knew what was happening and what each teams plan was. Good job to Wray, Scout and B for working short handed, in difficult terrain. Recon, you all did well but we do need to get better at directional awareness of contacts. Trust your ears. If you hear something to your left or right or front or rear, look that way. Sometimes when you have a lot of guns shooting at one time it is hard to tell direction but don't get fixated on your front. If you think you hear something, speak up with a direction. Get other ears in on it. Other than that, your actions and reactions were pretty darn good. At least we got out alive and that matters for something. Thanks to you all!
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