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Unforgiven II - Hardcore Coop - Sat Dec 3

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  • [AAR] Unforgiven II - Hardcore Coop - Sat Dec 3

    Here is the recap for the mission:

    Alpha team:

    Alpha Leader: Wray
    Alpha Marksman: Bedamichl
    Alpha Medic: ZachA
    Alpha Explosive Specialist: Bright Colours

    Bravo Team:

    Bravo Leader: MPL TRACE
    Bravo Explosive Specialist: DMZ Scout
    Bravo Medic: FiniFelix
    Bravo AT (PCML): Unkl

    Bravo moved to RP1 that was 500m to the East of Kamloops, on our way there we found one enemy infantry inside a house, as we cleared it, we received info that Alpha team had been spotted, in which case both teams had to rendezvous close to Regina to take the objective together.
    As we started to move back we tried to contact Alpha but there was no answer. After a few minutes it was clear that Alpha's team had been wiped.

    Our mission was to destroy the refinery's power transformer. We moved west to a church to try to spot enemies inside the compound, once there we had no more sightings than a 4 man patrol, so our only choice was to get closer moving east to west through the tree line hoping not to get spotted by the enemies inside Halifax.

    We were able to find a good set of rocks about 150m away from the refinery with good view to the enemy's static weapon and most important the transformer. It was well guarded, so the idea was to take down as many enemies as possible before moving in and setting the charges. Our plan was interrupted by an enemy squad moving to our location, thanks to our medic we made it out alive. The enemy knew we were there so we started engaging all we could, we even had another surprise when a CSAT fuel truck drove right into us so we had to take care of two flanks at the same time. Once that was dealt with it, it was time for our move.

    Scout and Unkl moved in as Felix and myself stayed as overwatch. They made it into the site stealthy but just as Scout was about to set the charges Unkl went down, on that moment Scout made the hard choice, fully knowing neither he, nor Unkl would be able to move away from the explosion's radius in time, he set the charges anyway(40 second timer) saving the remaining of Bravo team members lives.It is better to go out with a boom, right?.

    After that, we moved to the extraction point at Thunder Bay. The mission was completed.

    It was a good mission, I like the no respawn idea, I hope we have more missions like this in the future.

    Thanks Unkl for making the mission and everyone that participated.

    Everyone that was part of the mission, please add you point of view, thanks in advance.
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    Trace- nice job leading. I liked the cautious approach but you adjusted as the situation changed. Even when I was itching to get in to the transformer area, you kept us together on the hill overlooking the AO and ensured we had the upper hand. Feliz you did a great job of keeping us going and avoiding complete annihilation. Smooth operator. Unkl, had my back while planting charges and I repaid you by blowing us up. You go, we go.

    I failed to set the timer on the charges for a longer det time. This may have helped me patch up Unkl and get us in a position to exfil as a team. I missed the opportunity to use the advance movement stuff and vault over a wall that i originally planned to blow open with a planted charge. In the end, keeping better sit. awareness of key bindings would have helped me do better.

    I really liked the way we handled the contact on the hill over looking the AO. It was sketchy but we prevailed due to steady leadership and player abilities.


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      I enjoyed the hardcore format. The night vision tweak was in my opinion the only downside. I liked the two team concept of separate tasks but working to support one or the other. The diversionary attack adds options or unknowns. The enemy to BLUFOR ration wasn't bad but with one team down early it was quite the challenge.




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