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Kavala Control Sunday Dec 18, 2016

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  • [AAR] Kavala Control Sunday Dec 18, 2016

    Once I joined the server, a mid progress mission HotLZ was switched over to another newer mission called Kavala Control made by Unkl. This mission uses combination of two modules to put together something that is very easy to setup. I have been interested in how Sector Control module works myself and seeing it in action renewed my interest.

    We started on the beach in Kavala and must control 4 sectors for some time to win. We started and maintained about 6-10 players for this mission which the player count cap is 21. As soon as we made our way to the closest sector a truck full of infantry was there to also capture that sector. Everybody opened up on the truck and killed the passengers before they could dismount. Then once we captured th first sector, I tried to split off the force to have some of us attack the next sector. But enemy forces were insanely aggressive and took that sector back even with some of us defending. After fighting to keep the only sector we have, I knew we were in for some awesome time if we pull it off.

    Unkl, Chihco and me finally was able to stabilize the sector that we had and moved to the Kaval hospital which was another sector. After clearing the sector we ended up fighting in and around that hospital for quite some time to keep it and take it back multiple times.

    The main sector in the Kavala square was fortified position which also had an arsenal in it. We used the anti-personnel mines we found in the arsenal to create choke-points and secure flanks in preparation for the the push on the final sector.

    It took us a while before we were able to move on the final sector as there was endless stream of enemy reinforcements trying to take all the sectors back. We had to fight in defense for a while. When there was a little bit of breathing room, BadStache pushed on and captured the last sector and was holding it. Then the hospital sector was taken back by the enemy again, it seemed to be endless cat and mouse chase.

    In the meantime, Chichco and me were planting mines on a bridge and headed back to help Badstache hold the frontline. We accidently stepped into one of our own minefields knocking out Chichco. I survived thanks to my Heavy carrier rig GL which had more explosive protection.

    When we finally won, it felt like a a challenging and long fight. The mission itself gives that feeling as your scramble to capture and hold the sectors as well try to resupply and secure flanks. I am gonna keep the mission as a template and use these two module in my missions also.

    Quick shout out to Xorilliz and Bond for staying on defense and keeping the rear sectors intact and taking on the more boring job.



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