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InfCas_Maxwell Sunday Dec 18, 2016

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  • [AAR] InfCas_Maxwell Sunday Dec 18, 2016

    This mission story is that CSAT is landing on Stratis and a truck full of infantry moves in to intercept. 10 tickets and a Wipeout which does not respawn to provide CAS. The truck is the mobile respawn. We played this one twice and failed both times.

    First go
    BadStache took over the pilot slot to hone his CAS and fixed wing skills. We moved up to the first point of contact and started to engage. When we have almost taken the first objective, an PAC came up with fully loaded infantry and we had to fend with it. Although there was AAA in the area, as we were pinned down big time, I called in BadStache to engage that APC. He strafed once but no dice. I called in the truck to be driven up closer right before the APC showed up. Our mission critical respawn truck was about 100 meters from the APC. One of our infantry AT guys engaged the APC, destroying it. I was down so I could not communicate that the threat was neutralized and call off the CAS request. BadStache is coming in for another run and locks onto our truck and lets off an ATGM.......... Direct hit and mission failed.

    Second go
    This time, similar stuff happened and I still called in CAS even though AAA objective was not cleared. Upon first try BadStache takes a anti air missile and tried to land back at the airfield with badly damaged aircraft. Landing was catastrophic and the Badstache joined us on the ground for the remainder of the mission. We pushed in and took most of the objectives and was pushing into the last objective of destroying the enemy ammo caches on the beach. After this long battle and my officer uniform (minimum protection) causing me to be unconscious most of the time the organization was a bit loose. Several public players who wanted the action also joined in getting killed and eating up tickets also did not help. The time was running out also as we had less than 20 minutes to successfully attack and assault the landing party as well as destroy their ammo caches. I might have chosen the wrong approach as few of us had scoped optics and our engagement range was between large hills about 400-500 meters. This and spread out infantry with one medic trying to keep people up, we were stretched thin. This attempt on the mission failed with running out of the tickets as we were about 100 meters from the caches trying to fight our way in.



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