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Drug War Episode I - Dec 17, 2016

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  • [AAR] Drug War Episode I - Dec 17, 2016

    Drug war Episode I was brought to you by our own Cody.

    I was set to watch the "Rogue One" on Saturday Morning and was not sure if I can make it on time for the event, thus the late sign up. Once I was home, I thought I was late because the usual event time is 1pm Central. But this event was an hour later. So I signed up and was requested to lead it.

    Backstory of the event is that there is some kind of drug epidemic in Tanoa supplied by local gangs. We play as police officers with some high powered gear to raid one of these drug factories. The beauty of the mission is that we can insert via several different options. Boats? slingloaded vehicles? Helicopters? You got em all ready for you at base.

    I chose two Hummingbirds as our choice transportation for the raid. We had about 9 guys. Split em up and loaded em in to the helicopters with BadStache as one pilot and Unkl as another pilot. Unkl murmured something about he has to setup his control before being able to fly. I loaded up everybody anyway. Before we lifted off he said he has to check his controls before we get too far into the flight. He dusted off and immediately crashed the helicopter with everybody who was with him.... Now this mission is no respawn mission. Once you die in a vehicle explosion there is no chance of revival.

    We scrubbed the raid for that day and started it up again in another day. LOL. Second attempt was much better. Two hummingbirds full of police officers flying into the LZ I chose, As we approached a jeep full of gang members tried to intercept us. Unkl stayed in the air as we shot at the Jeep from the air disabling it. Apparently I have chosen a hot LZ. Once on the ground we moved in and fought our way to the surrounding camps before entering the town for the raid. The whole time, we had contact and even some mines.

    This playthrough of this mission felt very much balanced yet quite eventful and full of action. Thanks to those who participated and kept their discipline, we also successfully raided the factory as well RTB with full roster without losing one person to the spectator mode.

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    This event was well organized and the leadership was disciplined but kept it loose enough the allow input on the fly. I enjoyed the second run through despite the the third degree burns from the earlier helicopter crash. The movement of the teams was well orchestrated and I iked that care was taken to keep the teams spread out but close enough to support each other with fires when the need arose. Nice hasty attack on the fuel depot. The communication within the teams during individual movement was better than usual. I was noted that members of the team took care to move from cover to cover and communicate with each other before moves. I liked that the team leader did not place himself as point man.

    This mission rocks and I think it is because the force ratio is balanced and the multiple options for insertion allow for decent replay ability. The presence on civilians is a nice touch to add challenge to the ROE.

    The only thing would change is with BIS to the extent that cylinders with a flammable placard to be explosive so that you could level the whole ville with one charge. Boom!




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