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Operation Trojan Horse - Dec 20, 2016

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  • [AAR] Operation Trojan Horse - Dec 20, 2016

    As part of the Tactical Tuesday this mission was played twice. The mission consists of a great premise which DMZ_Scout came up with and did a lot of the groundwork and Unkl helped make it a reality by filling in the detailed nifty scripting. First played as an event mission has been revisited on a Tac Tuesday.

    An undercover team (callsign Torjan) is surveying an enemy held town to identify key objectives. This team does not have much equipment and acts as a sabotage team. All in civilian clothes they look and act like special forces operatives. In the mean time a much heavier equipped team (callsign Horse) is staging nearby to create havoc and diversion pulling most of the forces from the city towards us. This should give Trojan team some breathing room to carry out the key objectives inside the town.

    I led Trojan team when we played this mission as an event. So this time I had the chance to expeirence the mission from the perspective of the Horse team as a Team leader. Slotting in as the Team leader I was given a MK-1 marksman rifle with an Advanced Marskman scope. I hardly play as a marksman but I went with it.

    First Run:
    Horse was led by Noyava at first. He maneuvered us close to the heavily fortified outpost. I mean a bit too close. In the meantime, Trojan who is supposed to be undercover and inconspicuous tried to look the enemy commander in the eye challenged him to a staring contest up close and personal. They got suspicious and opened up on them. Multiple casualties on the Trojan side, so Horse started engagement. Trucks with infantry and technicals bum rushed us along with several enemy CSAT squads and we were toast within minutes. Admin called the mission in a note of epic fail.

    Second Run:
    CapShawn took over the lead of Horse this time around and Noyava was demoted to Trojan medic. This time around, we discovered the mortars in the truck. Ninja and I was assigned to carry it around and setup fire bases as we moved as well as I was retasked as a marksman, engaging at much larger distances (800m). CapShawn setup the fire line pretty far back. Ninja sent 4 x HE mortar rounds into the enemy outpost, annihilating it to rubble while I and infantry forward engaged infantry and trucks which responded to the mayhem we brought. No idea what Trojan was up to, as I was enjoying the company of Ninja and shooting baddies from afar.

    We quickly retreated after handing out some major damage and proceeded to reestablish ourselves from a different perspective. Ninja and I ended up nearby a chapel inside a valley. By this time Ninja was listening in onto the command frequency and providing indirect fire support at Trojan's requests. Fire missions were going out constantly. I setup shop nearby him on a higher ground sniping into the enemy outpost downing infantry one by one leisurely. After some time though, my sniping and Ninja's mortar sound attracted way too much attention as we started to get several enemy infantry teams flanking and getting too close for comfort. I tried to keep em off of us but, I go down after some intense exchange. CapShawn and his men come to our rescue but that valley was simply crawling with enemy infantry and we were being flanked from the beach behind us also.

    After quite a bit of fighting, smoking, dying, dragging, and reviving we finally got out that killzone with our mortars and retreated back to our MHQ truck. Getting some much needed resupply from the truck as well as a brand new mortar tube from the truck we received new orders from Trojan lead (LowSpeed) for us to reposition on the west side of the airfield. They must have completed their objectives inside the town and was assaulting the enemy held airfield to steal a chopper for their extract. Mortar was setup and left nearby the truck and I moved up with the infantry to setup an overwatch kind of position nearby the airfield. With us holding, we had several sporadic contacts including a pesky sniper who gave us some trouble. But we endured and held while Trojan moved in to the airfield and stole the chopper and flew home without incident.

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    Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
    Trojan who is supposed to be undercover and inconspicuous tried to look the enemy commander in the eye challenged him to a staring contest up close and personal. They got suspicious and opened up on them.
    I just did a spit take! Thanks for all the AAR's B! I regret falling asleep on the couch suddenly!
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      On the first run I lead my squad with so much stealth that the enemy had no idea we were there until we had capably surrounded ourselves on all sides! :) I would like to point out, in my defense, that the briefing did not mention that the enemy Outpost was surrounded by additional outposts (out-outposts?) :| My apologies to everyone who had the misfortune of being in that horrible death trap.

      The second run, as a medic, was amazing fun. I was impressed at how well diversionary attacks worked in this mission. Even at the airfield at the end (where I assume less scripting was in place) the enemy focused so heavily on the Horse team's assault I was able to walk within 100 meters of several enemies without being spotted and take them down silently to clear the path to the Helo. We made the last push under cover of mortar fire and smoke, which was exhilarating to say the least.

      Thanks to CaptainShawn123 and LowSpeedHighDrag for excellent leadership on this excursion!


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        I am really happy to hear that the mortars worked out well. I threw them in their to provide the option and glad to see they were used but not abused. Great stuff!




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