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2016 Last Tactical Tues - Early & Late

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  • [AAR] 2016 Last Tactical Tues - Early & Late

    I had a great time playing last night. I had a nice surprise when company showed up but it was great to get back to the games after a couple hours too.

    We had a nice time playing a little TvT but what showed is that there needs to be a lot and I mean A LOT of testing done prior to running TvT scenarios. There is a reason that there are mods dedicated to creating all the content required to keep a scenario balanced. I'll be putting some more time into that soon.

    We also ran the Player vs AI Coop Sector Control scenario and there are some bugs in the triggers. I will be adding some new scripts to that mission which will handle the events I think a little more smoothly. Kudos for Dimitrius(corrected) in leading that mission and we held the AAF back from 300 degrees of advance on 4 different strategic zones. It was fun listening to the radio coms as the mortar gunner. Even had a hair raising moment when infantry spilled out of the Kaslo Castle and started raining AT at the Marshall APC beside me. I know the fix for the mysterious "mission ending" so that will be fixed by the end of the day.

    <insert visit with company>

    Then I came back and you guys were still gaming strong. Stayed up way way too late & now running on 4 hours sleep at work. I remember a great version of B's Motorized Negades which was overwhelming as we ended up in the bottom of a fishbowl with enemy attacking from all sides. Eventually Alpha-3 I think my team was ended up sacrificing our Strider's safety and just bowled our way out of there with the vehicle knocking down infantry along the way. The sector control elements in that are working very well & I'll be peeking under the hood soon.

    After that, we ran Cody's Abdera Manhunt. We were under manned and suffered many disconnects during the evening as it was getting really late. But wow, we had great communication, great restraint and moved methodically through the terrain. We also paid dearly for our mistakes! LOL. We engaged a little to early and snipers from outside our effective range just about decimated our entire team. We had a good discussion after the fact and there is one thing I learned from that mission. As leader, you need to take the time to explore the assets. We desperately needed a mortar team to help us deal with the long engagement ranges on that mission. And, we are a small squad sized element going into enemy territory. Fire support is necessary or CAS I think. I didn't look in the available gear to see if mortars were available.

    Thank you for playing last night everyone it was fun. Looking forward to a great 2017.
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    As I recall Dimitrius lead the mission in Kavala Sector control. I would also like to thank:
    - Dylan (of the irregulars whose forum name I don't know), for leading the the defense mission on Tanoa against some brutal Nato assaults.
    - DMZ Scout for his leading the hunt of crazy speed boat. That was a pretty crazy mission.
    - |TG| B and Daniel for being by FTLs on the Kavala night time commando raid against Syndikat forces. Gotta love the night time CQC :)


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      Also thanks woesterudolf for Zeus control!


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        Ooh awesome night of gaming marathon. I came in at the start around 4pm New York time when everybody was just starting. The number of showing was pretty strong form the start with 10 already waiting to join. We were in for some good stuff for the night.

        Admins versus Players Take 1

        We started off right away with the admins versus Players TVT mission that Unkl cooked up. The new player marker system was built with just COOP in mind. When the BIS revive was adapted the markers would be invisible when somebody go down because their side get changed. So the player marker system displays all playableUnits allowing for the markers to be visible even when somebody is down. I have not invested time to make it TVT friendly, thus we had a bit of a hickup by everybody being able to see other team's positions on the map.

        We really went admins versus players and players showed up with numbers while only 3 admins were present. I think we had 3 versus 8 or so. If you have played Battlefield Domination gamemode, this is very much like that. 4 sectors that sides fight for. 3 admins started out very strong as they captured initial sectors faster than us and started to take out vehicles to eat up tickets.

        But once the players started to take sectors the bleed of the tickets was a bit too much. During this game I was a medic with Chichco and Dylan as a fireteam assaulting and defending sectors. We did aright most of the time. I do remember one time while we were defending Delta sector it was assaullted by Unkl and Rudolf. I heard their vehicles coming in. So i climbed over the Hesco barriers and tried to flank em. Dylan went down and I was in a pretty good place right behind them. All I had to do was climb up on the H-Barriers and I should be able to take down at least one them. I climb up and see Dylan's bleeding body and Chichco peeking around the corner. Chichco sees me on the barrier and I see him, I try to scan when Chichco opens up on me killing me right away then and there. Unkl kills him and finshes off unconscious Dylan by putting a few more bullets into him. Dylan exclaimed "aww... That was brutal." as he was killed off.

        The game was fun for me because we were on the winning side may be. The rockets might have been used a bit more as tickets were associated with respawning vehicles.

        Admins versus Players Take 2

        So the players discussed what happened during the last playthrough while Unkl quickly made some adjustments to this mission. This time we had one sector only and two sides racing to capture it. No map markers meant we needed to have much more communications on where we are and navigate our own positions.

        This time I was medic again and Noyava led our team. We had 6 vs 6 balanced sides. Noyava told me and Ninja to go right away to the sector and capture it and hold while the rest of the team geared up and caught up later to help us. Apparently this was not the agreement. As soon as we captured the only sector Unkl let us know that he was expecting in-game-go and we jumped the gun.

        We did not move out though. We held and let the tickets bleed. The rest of the NATO teams came in with their heavier equipments and started to mine the desirable approaches. AAF showed up and started their assault. By this time we had a real firefight. NATO - our team - was already dug in and an exchange of fire started. But alas the tickets bled all the way down and soon the mission was won by us.

        This was short but satisfying for me. Since the rush and take incident happened I was down for another try.

        Kavala Control

        So we moved onto COOP sessions and Kavala control was chosen to be played. Dimitrius took the lead on this action packed mission.

        I was assigned as Red team leader with Snyder and Chichco. We were ordered to move out right away to the closest sector and capture and hold it. Me and Chichco moved out right away and met AAF soldiers right away upon arriving. Chichco and me fought some onslaght of baddies trying to take the sector. Snyder finally caught up and started helping us hold the sector. We had quite an intense firefight trying to keep the sector. But Chichco goes down eventually followed by Snyder. I was out of FAKs and requested medical assistance from CO. Meanwhile enemies outnumber me in the sector and captured the sector while I was still in it. I try to venture out and eliminate their numbers when I also gets shot up by ever building enemy forces in our sector.

        With our sector gone the AAF had all of the sector and the timer for loss condition was on. Luckily Noyava's heavy AT team captures Bravo sector which is the Kavala Hospital and CO - Dimi and his medic finally arrives at our sector Delta. They get us back up before bleeding out.

        We held defense there at Delta for a while while other teams moved forward and capture sector Alpha and Bravo and Charlie. This alleviated some pressure from sector Delta and we had much quieter few minutes. After some time we were ordered to move forward and help hold Alpha sector. Once we arrived we had a few contacts and the mission was won.

        Bravo and Charlie sectors must have had some serious action. This mission is pretty intense. I commanded it once and played as a TL once so far. Both times I had a blast.

        Operation Bad Luck and Trouble

        I started this mission out as an ammo bearer because I knew I had to step out to get dinner in the middle of it. The night time on this mission was very interesting and challenging. But I kept going unconscious as enemy were some serious shooters. I left the mission to get some dinner and rejoined just before this mission was about to finish.

        Zeus COOP mission by woesterudolf

        Rudolf wanted to do some Zeusing and Scout took lead of the mission. We had an influx of public player during this mission. Some teamkilling and some alright which joined our TS and worked with us. The mission was a developing narrative of us taking and assaulting a roadblock, and then chasing a boat and finally assaulting a mortar position.

        We geared up with all black gear which looked pretty sick and headed out. I was stuck with Chichco and Noyava as a medic this time. We moved out and waited for orders as Scout planned his approach to the first objective which was the roadblock. Assault on the roadblock and a sudden appearance of a boat went all good. Mortars fell and another team went to hunt for it while I did a long run back to recover our vehicle and enemy boat attacked us from the beach. Anyway all fun.

        During this mission one time BadBlood came on and was trying to join us and another dude called badboy also came on. Multiple TKs happened at base and both BadXXXX were kicked off. BadBlood used to play an awful lot of Domination back in the day with us in Arma 2 along with BuB and Zap. When TFAR and First-person-only became part of our requirements they all went to elsewhere to play. I finally added him to steam. Hopefully he comes back around. They still play Domination type of missions from what I gather.

        Zeus COOP mission by Noyava

        This mission we finally used the modded weapons with a full arsenal. The following is my loadout. HK416 (GL) with Laser/Flighlight combo on top mount and a sight I have seen only in videos. I also had flash hider to keep the flash to minimum while keeping the shots loud.

        I was assigned as the FTL for green team this time. The mission was that we had to travel through Kavala to destroy enemy weapon cache. This was a night time CQB galore. We moved well together and used the Enhanced Movement mod to death. One time I remember thinking, this is kind of cheating as we no longer had to think or go around compounds. Just climb over it without much trouble and go through compounds like it is nothing. By this time though I had rebinded the key to my vault and unbinded the default vault. It works very well with these settings.

        The mission was very fun as we had some intense urban fights and extracted out. Noyava's red team and My green team stayed close enough to support each other and overcame all of the baddies in our way.


        Noyava was on his way out and I requested this mission to be started before he signed off. This is one of my latest and I wanted to see how it played. We had good number of people. Daniel took over as leader and I was one of his FTLs.

        The mission also uses sector control module on top of a couple of custom objectives like assassination and cache destruction. Ticketed respawn and time limit.

        I had one public player named riley in my team so I used VON quite a bit. We rolled out after sorting out channels and frequencies.

        The playthrough was very tough and overwhelming as we drove right into the nest and parked ourselves in a position that allows the whole town to engage us. We just could not recover from this initial placement. We used our GMGs and fought quite a bit as we were surrounded and casualties mounted. Not to mention the public players eating up the tickets everytime they go unconscious they would respawn without waiting. I know my guy riley was doing this multiple times.

        We finally tried to push into one of the sector from low ground fighting uphill. Cody and Bond was on my team and we tried to breach a construction site. There were like 2 guys inside and another baddie was covering them from a nearby road. We tried to breach and all three of us were down within a second of gunfire. Bad stuff.... Respawn tickets ran out and the mission was lost.

        Abdera Manhunt

        I did not play this one. By this time my eyes were worn out and the screen was a bit fuzzy. So I had a bit too much arma for the night and decided to call it a night before the mission was underway.


        I am very glad that we figured out about how to setup same frequencies for TFAR now. Mission developers no longer have to add bunch of code in their missions to make them TFAR compatible now. This usage of CBA settings from TFAR team was pretty recent. But it also broke the old working codes to make these things happen. I gave up on trying to make TFAR work and all my new missions have no code for TFAR anymore. I was reading the forum thread and they kept mentioning something about CAB server settings but I had no idea it was soooooo simple. All those months of making 100 our normal frequency must be changed again. We have to start thinking in Channels again instead of frequencies.
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          Last night's Taco Tuesday was fun and frustrating for me. I've been having a lot of connection issues which has caused regular disconnects. Takes a lot from the game's enjoyment. Hopefully I'll get this sorted out. Before my disconnect, last night, we did the first TvT event. Scout assigned me to lead a small fire team to take Objective Alpha and Bravo. Alpha went smoothly and my team was directed to Bravo. At Bravo I was directed to leave a man at Bravo and move to Delta. However, my team had been hit by a couple of disconnects so it was just Chichco and me. I held at Bravo and sent Chichco to join with Bravo team. I could hear Bravo engaging with the admins and suddenly heard a Strider approaching my location. The pucker factor went up quickly. I peeked out of my bunker only to take fire. Next thing I know there are smokes grenades being thrown at my bunker, one even in it. Glad they weren't HE. I tried to make myself one with the floor of the bunker and knew that whoever was there was trying to get as close as he could to my position. Another shot at me and I just let loose with a full auto burst. I then heard Unkl moaning nearby. I still don't know how I hit him but I did make sure he was dead. Shortly after I received reinforcements from CapShawn and Ninja. From that point on, the admins avoided Obj. Bravo. The rest of the night was played on a high from taking out the Game Officer. lol.

          I like the TvT missions and I think we should do more of these scenarios. Again, fun night. Happy New Year, Everyone!
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